John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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Pls, help me out
Thank you Jesus for these victories.
Good day to you man of God

1)a dream you interpreted for me was going to a woman.

2)a man was praying for me but i couldnt remember d details, but likely prophecies. When i woke up, i was saying amen.

3)some people were in a house, they av finished up d food @ home & still looking for more. I was saying all i need now is food. I went out & saw 2 women in our street. I also discovered d place is our compound. I moved down & i saw abt 3 mango trees that has been set on fire but despite this, they are still very green.

4)i wanted to cook & a boy wants to buy smth. I told him dat i can only sell it if he can wait & i began to set my stove.

5)my slippers got damaged & i wanted to to go somewhere. I joined them together but still doesnt make sense. I was now looking @ a new pair of slippers & another type that i have physically which is still ok.

6)a neighbour brought out a juice & pour it in a cup. I asked her if she diluted it water & said yes. I kept the one that i poured in my mouth & poured the remainin in her son's mouth. I now use method to spit out the one i kept in my mouth.

7)some people were saying they want to shift the national flag from where it was & bring it to another place as if it is a kingship or chieftain title. They were now erecting a big pillar.

8)i have yams in a sack & was planning to transport it to my place of work.

9)i was using kerosine to kill millipede.
Thank you sir.
1. Pray fire of God should blind every evil eyes monitoring you. You spiritual progress.

2. Yes, I was the one. I did for you and for you all daily.
In essence, you are enjoying the LORD presence and grace. Be thankful.

3. Matt. 7:7

"Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.
What a grace!!

4. Favour, blessing and honour. You are to go into buying and selling business. The lord assure that many shall troop to patronise even when what you are selling has exhausted for the day. This is grace,honour, grace and open heaven/prosperity. Wow!

5. New path : blessing, opportunity, open doors.
Something new is here and for you alone.

6. You shall not die of poison and watch goes into thy mouth.
In essence, the said, diluted /half blessing wouldn't be your portion.

7. The foundation of this country is shaky and I see, separatist gaining strength and or advocating for war/separation. This is serious!! Very serious.
May the lord save this country from splitting.

8. Start from little, start buying marketing and selling a product.

Buying and selling it is where your destiny/greatness lies- says the lord.

9. Destroying, disposing spiritual termites.
They are blessing eaters, opportunity eaters. Wow.
Thank u jesus for this life of this one and family.
Bless u
Thank you man of God for your prayers. Truly, this is not my first dream about this. More anointing sir!
happy sunday man of God.
1)i was charging my phone @ my office & gave my second charger to a colleague that needed it. A woman co-worker sent her daughter to us to help her charge her phone too. People were saying her front teeth has removed & she talks somehow. I collected the phone & said i know the reason why she brought the phone here to charge. She didnt bring charger, i am not sure if she was d one i gave charger. She described who they will hand it over to.

2)i prayed on my dad's behalf concerning landlord's meeting he wants to attend today bcos something happened there that made him not to attend it again despite several apologies. But someone close to him has pleaded. I dont know if this has anything to do with it. : "do not relate with anybody till dawn & i will give you the wisdom to apply".

3)this one also: i was doing something in our house that i couldnt remember & "focus 99% "

4)i was inside a room alone & some people were knocking the door. I didnt want to answer them before. I did & they entered. I saw a colleague that has resigned & likely a man, 2 co-workers were now going out & rain started as they stepped out. I was not ready when they were going. It is like it remained me, former colleague & a man there.

5)a colleague was charging her phone where i am in my place of work , seems she forgot it there. I told her & she sent a woman to help her pick it. It is like the woman wants something from her & began to press the phone. I also saw an empty bag there. It is likely i slept and woke up late in this dream but not sure.

6)it is like after i left the above place i was going home with somebody, rain was about to start & i went back to likely my office as if i wanted to go and take an umbrella. When i got there, i saw a former school mate but we still see, erosion was carrying her away. I saw a man rescuing her & i joined, her hubby was inside & didnt know what has happened. A lady wanted to rub her body for her & exposed her private part a little & man that rescued her was there, she now used her hand to do her clothe well. I also see a phone with her.

7)i was amending a basin in our bathroom that leaks.

Sir, some of these dreams were not clear to me. I prayed after some of them.
Thank you sir.
1. Be wary whom you render help, do not join in malicious discussion ,always remember none is perfect.

2. The lord answered your prayer actually. This is how he wanted it and so it did. Worry not much about your dad reaction. There is more to his decision, it's for the best of all.

3. It's a repeated numbers actually.
What is the lord saying?
Biblically the word '9' signifies...

NINE - Judgment, finality. And it's repeated again, NINE - Judgment, finality.
So, what do we have now? 99''
The lord is about to finalise/destroy completely :
Judgment and finality has come every power inflicting you with retrogression/stagnancy.

4 I see setbacks,many be disposed/sacked, and challenges,financial changes, poverty manifestation and infliction of various challenges tormenting every body in your place of work except you. Congrats.

5. You honestly, truthfulness ,shall safe you from this hovering implication.
Most important, be wary of what you involve yourself between two people in order to avoid implication or accusation.

The number 4 dream is repeated again.
In essence, many shall be confronted with shame,challenges etc but you, will only observe with your eyes. None of these will come near you.

7. Blocking every loopholes, vulnerability against. enemies invasion or penetration.

Bless you
Thank you for your interpretations sir.
1)some of my teeth are shaking
& i used my tongue to remove them. I cant remember if i spit it out.

I was now chatting with my ex but couldnt remember the content of our chats, but immediately i sent the message i went offline as if i didnt want him to reply me. It looks as if my mum was also there.

2)my pastor was saying something but when i woke up i didnt remember. I prayed and i slept again, i dont know if this has anything to do with him: i saw "prayer" written down & pepper in a bowl.
1. Spiritual weakness, the grace to seek and received is under threat/manipulation.
You mouth, tooth etc are your spiritual grace and or open heaven. Once removed? It signifies block heavens and this renders your spirit grace/strength powerless. You must recover it back.

2. Yes. You need prayer for spiritual recovery.
You are presently, spiritually vulnerable.
Pray for restoration of power and open heavens.

Seems you are given in you past, hence this spiritual vulnerability? Time will tell.
Bless u
Good day to you pastor.

1)a colleague was telling me how she got pregnant after looking unto God & what she has faced.

2)i and a woman was standing by the roadside as if we were waiting for a car. A trailer came & she joined it. She told me to help her bring her bag when i am coming i told her i am not branching anywhere & i am going straight to my destination. A former neighbour helped her to put the bag beside the engine of the trailer, it was moving slowly @ first & was speeding later. Some people were saying this former neighbour has 2 wives & he is lying about it. Another woman was at the roadside & called some people if she could join their car but a woman said her sister has been waiting since.

3)a colleague that is about to wed was passing by the road and we exchanged greetings. I now passed between a woman & the very ripe bananas, oranges & mangoes as if she is selling them.

4)a woman was untwisting something.

5)a paper was used to shock my door & it is like my brother opened the door.

6)a former school mate who is married is a tailor. She wears a clothe that looks promiscuous & i said i want to sew a clothe. She said i cant wear her own style & i said no i cant & described the style i want. She now on her generator.

7)it is like i just got married and the man was saying it is like there is no way here as if i am a virgin. I met myself in the toilet, i urinated & i also see tissue paper with blood stain. I dropped it in the closet, i was trying to do this before this man comes back. I said no wonder this man said there is no way.

8)i saw my secondary school mates, co-workers, neighbours. I saw my landlord that lives in another state sitting in my veranda which has never happened, cars are outside the gate and i saw vegetable beside my house likely planted by my landlady which she can never do for a tenant. I told them that a wedding comes up on March 2016. They were happy & i said it is near.

9)my neighbour was checking something in her private part in my kitchen. The hairdo of the baby she carried was very rough which has never been like that before.

10)after i attended to a patient, i dozed off. She was discharging some dirty things from the ear which filled her face. Her baby also have dressed wound on her chest. I saw Milo on her drip as if some children put it there. I also challenged her that she increased the drip & said she didnt. I told her to place her hand well, despite this, she still continue with what i said she shouldnt do.
1. What he say he'd do is what he's do.
With God all things are possible.
Sorry may last for the night but joy cometh in the morning. The lord is talking to you. Do you belied is time is the best and, he'll never fail?

2. The lord is please, and as you continue to wait upon the lord in spite of these lust,temptation going on around you. As refuse to follow the short route of life. You reward cometh. As per your marital expectation, and yes, sugar daddy, sin, desire abound but u will overcome and joy it is you latter.

3. You time, season has ripe for marriage.
The lord said, he remembers you!! You ve not been forgotten.

4. Loosing/setting the captive free. Letting the captive free. Is the lord referring to you? Congrats.
You've just been set free from another pack lock of
The enemies.

5. Pray against spiritual ,most importantly physical hostility against you,your family.

6. The lord is please with u indeed, you've made up your mind to follow jesus to the latter and accordingly.
Continue to embrace christ-like attitude and refusing to follow the path of worldliness. The lord said, he's please with you'

7. Whether you are still a virgin or not, the lord said, he's made u whole and have restored you spiritual virginity. In essence, every embargo, infliction inflicted in your womanhood have been removed totally. Congrats.

8. Wow!!
Favour before your landlady and more, the lord has granted you.

You must note this date down as the lord has fixed this date the day of your joy' wedding' he guaranteed.!!!

9. It's called 'hidden' but destable sin. And as a result of this, she secretly been tormented and traumatised by this detestable sin secretly.

10. Be diligent in you work. I can see you do take your work serious and very dedicated to it.
But be wary of such patient that frustrate your efforts, implicate you in directly. Hence and for this reason you must be firm,conscious and embrace strict measure couple with love and caring attitude while attending to such patient.

Bless u