John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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Pls, help me out
Thank you sir.

1. A man told me that my boss that did ultrasound scan for his wife supposed not to do something & the man started pressing my stomach as an example. My mind was telling me that the man was pretending to be caring to his wife. The wife was old & she told the man to let them go home without fight. My boss was angry. A boss forgot his notebook where he was charging it & seemed I forgot something too.

2. I was following some women & we bought clothes. I detected the clothes have more red colors than I wanted.

3. A driver do take change from a passenger's bag when she wasn't around. I found a bottle of dettol in the bag & the driver would have taken it if he has seen it.

4. My sister fetched water for me when I didn't need it so that I could help her pick her son in school. In reality, I have made up my mind not to help her pick him any longer.

5. The other building in my compound appeared neater. A lady poured the water she used to wash clothes on the floor & the Landlady didn't react to it. I saw one cashew on the tree because its season has almost gone. I plucked the cashew & the little girl with me said she knows where it dropped. I later saw another cashew or mango on the tree but not ripe. One of the children with me wanted to pluck unripe fruit & I curbed her.

6. A man I know wanted to host his club members, I saw some pictures in a magazine where there are group of snakes & the man & his friends were swimming in water.
1. Refuse to be use as a cover up or manipulated by any of your bosses.

2. You should avoid too or any extreme reddish outfit or wears.
In essence, I see one who knows what she wants and doesnt especially when it's to do with what you put on your body or wear.

3. Always stand firm for the truth and remain steadfast against corruption wherever you might be or go.

4. She will try to please you or humble herself before you to change your mind against your decision.

5. Holiness breeds prosperity,attract fruitfulness of the spirit and life while sin empowers witherness and chases away blessing that house or building.

6. You'd better be careful. The lord warned , consciously or unconsciously the club doctrine and it followers are satanically demonic and under serpentine powers. In a nutshell, they consciously or unconsciously operates under marine-serpentine powers and kingdom. Everything they do is inspired by serpentine- marine powers/kingdom.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Thank you sir.

1. A woman do call me about a secret to be btw the two of us. She later came to claim 2 children from me & I told her it's no longer a secret & she can't claim my children. A man also came like it's a set up. The man & woman ran mad & walked out, it remained me and a woman in the room like we were to share the children & the boy goes to me. It was my nephew's bag of clothes I picked while leaving as if he's the boy & looked like my sister was the second woman that remained with me. My sister asked for her phone charger.

2. A classmate said my ex boyfriend was dating a lady that is bleeding through her private part one day and he was proposing to the classmate @ the same time.

3. A colleague bought different provisions & pointed @ a dog sitting under them. She bought JIK & said she deposited #200 out of 1k.

4. A lecturer called an innocent guy who came to his office & asked two ladies to offer him a cake or so & sing for him. The guy was very happy & looked very tall. I was asked to present a cake & a speech to same guy again or someone else but the person I saw when I called the name was a celebrity. The teacher in the classroom didn't allow me say what I wanted to say but seemed I will still say it during something that is about to be done.

5. We were to queue up & write our names in my place of work. I told those already there to help me write my name but a neighbor said she might not remember, I was thinking if I would be able to remember such too. I was with a bowl of sugar or salt which made me to wanted to form another line so that the writing of names could be faster & there is time for it.

6. My nephew was touching the alphabets on the computer keyboard as I was saying the alphabets. I was surprised because it's too high for his class.

7. I was watching football match in a neighbour's house. I left when everyone have slept in the house. Not very clear.

8. A lady poured vegetable oil on herself in a canteen & they didn't want the woman that owns the canteen to know. Water was coming out of the soil.

9. Someone gave me many maize & one is almost dry which I wanted to change, a colleague was expecting me to give her out of the maize. The tree of the maize later looked diseased.
1. I see great manipulation,conflict and or contention over the custodian of your nephew. But you must be wary of manipulation,deceit and false agreement lest you lose the battle.

2. Always be thankful to God and for his mercy that you didn't end up with him. I see an unfaithful and wayward man.

3. Debt and captivity have so much in common.

4. Pray the lord to oppress whoever among your lecturers that to oppress,frustrate or disgrace you for no reason.

5. No one can do your business than better than you can,nobody can help you better than you do,nobody can run your things better than you...

6. What an intelligent boy.

7. You must always do the right thing at the right time. Know when to call it a quit or stop when it's due.

8. Lies,deception are like a smoke that can't be hidden or covered for so long.

9. Be wary of unhealthy or strange gift or gestures. All that glitters is not gold.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Greetings sir.

1. My boss was telling me that I must buy our union's clothe but I insisted that I won't buy since I have the one I bought in the past.

2. The type of insects that comes out in large quantities from the termite hill (I don't know the name) which is also edible was in our compound. I was sweeping the wings & remnants. My father wanted to kill a big grasshopper for our dog to eat but he missed it & I also missed the one I wanted to kill.

3. I was thinking if my sister would get where to check the time so as to go pick her son in school because her phone is off.

4. The same thing that was written @ the back of some tin were put in it by children or my siblings. Some of the tin has orange seeds and spoilt mushrooms.

5. I was considering if I should allow a hairstylist I know to make my hair.
1. You should never be forced against your will and financial calculation. That is, don't give in to any form of intimidation,manipulation against your will,just to please the crowd.

2. I see fruitless and unprofitable efforts. It's called " witheredness ". You shall cry out to heaven to restore your household harvest and cast out every unproductive, unprofitable and wither effort.

3. It was indeed a touch decision leaving the responsibility of her son upon her shoulder ( knowing the kind of mother she's been to her son) because you care so much for the boy. And despite the seemingly cruel decision you long for the boy safety even more than ever now that his mother isn't living up to her responsibility.

4. I see wastage,I see famine in your Father's house. Indeed, the further confirmed the number two (2) revelation.

5.if you,your spirit man doubt it? Then don't until doubt is no more. This goes to whatever you want to do or aim to achieve. Holy spirit must be your guide always.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Thank you sir.

1. A mentally ill lady asked me to give her something & I wanted to give her my jewellery bought by my fiancé but I didn't want to give it out @ the same time. A colleague told me not to give it to her because of its quality but I should give her the bad ones.

2. The same insane lady in the first dream went to empty someone's water & she denied she didn't.

3. My father saw the dream I had about my sister titled theory or essay. He said my sister will be pregnant again in the presence of my colleagues or people I know. She walked out murmuring.

4. I was hearing what 2 men were saying about me despite the place was noisy. They said I am beautiful but short but will become taller if I become pregnant. I can't remember the rest of the dream.

5. I noticed a fair complexioned girl has been sleeping or sitting beside me where I slept in reality @ work. I told her she's not entitled to sleep there.

6. A new born baby's diaper has been removed & his mother wore skirt for him even though he's a boy. He was hungry for breast milk.
1. The enemy came to rob your marital virtue through your humility and generosity but to the glory of God they failed.

2.indeed, this further established the agenda and mission of the enemy at number one ; to steal,kill and then destroy you. But to the glory of God they failed woefully.

3. Hmmm.. Can another pregnancy be averted ?

4. Your beauty is well known and acknowledged among men and many.

5. Some privileges are meant for the staffs along and some for few special staffs which you are among.

6. You've learnt and perfected the act and wisdom of motherhood and a mother which many women even the married lacks.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Greetings sir.

1. I wanted to buy a baby bouncer but I was contemplating to buy it.

2. I called the guy I was told my sister is dating in real life and asked for my sister & he said she's with him and I hanged up.

3. My sister put her head on the guy's chest while he was drinking alcohol and being guarded by his boys. Seemed my nephew was there. I caught her red handed.

4. 2 neighbors were fighting & the male neighbor asked where he knows the female one. I saw my sister's menstrual pad wrapped there & picked it because it might be used for evil thing. I said my sister must be foolish.

5. A classmate (maybe former), asked me about the progress of my research project and I did not reply her. A lady said her supervisor wanted her to do more work. A colleague dressed funnily.

6. A lady wanted to make her hair though I thought she had just made it & she didn't understand the style she wanted to do. I corrected her. Seemed the hair was natural hair without attachments though it looked like one initially. I was a hairstylist or apprentice & I was supposed to join my friend/boss in making the hair but I wanted to update my dreams or write a note on my phone. I removed the sim card & it didn't show any application. I put another sim card & the application showed, I didn't have time to make the lady's hair.

7. I was told that a woman I know was dating a man who has used her for rituals & have to be menstruating twice in a month & must also be raped by the man. My mother said sorry speech to the woman. I wanted to tell my mother to tell my sister about the story so as to learn from it. Later, the woman was fetching water with her children and other people's children. I felt like this scene happened before she started dating the man that used her for rituals.

8. My friends brought eye shadows for each person so I added mine to my face and I appeared bad which made me to neglect the remaining. I was supposed to allow a former classmate to finish tying my headgear but something distracted me and the former classmate continued with my married colleague's headgear.

9. A man said he's no longer eating but later asked for noodles which I forgot cooking it on fire. The friends above have brought food.

10. A woman was calling me as I wanted to cross the road & became angry because I didn't give attention. Another woman was telling me about a business idea. I was called to come and pump water in my tank but I was frustrated by distraction.

11. A elderly colleague almost fell from height because he wasn't concentrating & talking. I was careful with the place and got what is used to descend from the height. A colleague had argument with my former classmate on duty roaster in my place of work. While others were rushing to descend the place I was careful & a male former classmate overtook me but I landed safely.

1. Your marital settlement is secured but by faith.

2. Nor you neither your spirit approve of the relationship. What a great disdain you have for such union.

3. This is quite self explanatory as it also further establish your number two interpretation.

4. Foolish is indeed an understatement as the lord warned that she's dangerously ignorant and foolish. She's so vulnerable.

5. The lord warmed , do not share nor reveal your project progress or secret with anybody.

6. Congratulations. You chose God/the forum above worldliness,the things of the world ; worldly hairstyle.

Indeed, you are a child of the kingdom of God and not of this sinful and fading world.
Halleuyah !!!

7. If your sister continue like the these the lord warned that the fate of the woman might be hers too.
Pray for her always and don't give up on her case no matter what daughter. Don't ! Especially in prayers.

8. Daughter , the lord called out ; things of this world , makeups,wordly adornment et al are not meant for you. It doesn't go well with you nor with your spirit man.

9. Your humity is second to none but don't let no mam abuse or ridicule it out of pride.

10. Distraction empowered frustration and frustration the mother of distraction and confusion.
Be wary of these two if you want to be happy and have a soul free of troubles and worries.

11. You know your way at your work place hence you'd avoid anything that causes you to fail,fall and you'd refuse any form or give in to distraction which others have failed to. This is how you stand out and wiser than most.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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