John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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Pls, help me out
Thank you sir.

1. Seemed a particular political party (name withheld) has bought the drinks they wanted to use for their election victory after they announce.

2. A man cleared a bush with fire. He was complaining about paying his son's school fees & I told him I don't have too. In reality he has duped me once.

3. I went to my landlord's house to fetch water & the water was overflowing. I still have rain water in my tank.

4. A neighbor has sent someone to me to ask about a drug prescribed for her @ the hospital. I didn't see anybody to send back to her & I called her phone number when I got to work. She lamented that she has not eaten since because she hasn't seen my reply. My phone fell and I switched it on again but the battery capacity has reduced. She was saying a medical jargon written for her by her doctor and the doctor said he would explain to her later.

5. I was traveling in the evening & a woman stopped by me but I wasn't going towards her route, another woman joined her. I thought she's not collecting money but she did.

6. My sister gave her son egg or something to eat & left him on the road, the boy was also eating water melon and my sister said we should look at how pink the water melon is. My sister went to peep @ her son through another side.

7. I saw some shops where clothes and shoes are sold. I entered into one of the shops and the lady selling there was someone I knew. She packed all her goods and kept them away from me as if I will steal them. She saw many fried fish with me & asked about it and I told her about keeping her goods away from me. I locked the door of the shop and she told me I have locked the remaining key in the shop. There was a little entry below the door where the lady passed inside.
1. I see the said party celebrating her victory.
But is this legal or devoid of manipulation or Not? Time shall tell.

2. Be careful. Don't fall victim again as he's been punished, financially for his sins now.

3. I see this in abundance among others.

4. Your service and expertise is indeed highly and very needed in your locality and round about as many are being destroyed by whack do doctors.

5. There is no trust worthy person as money has bought the people of the world conscience. No more love,care in our society.

6. She's often distracted and lack focus on what matters or important for her son.

7. The lord shall humble whoever want to ridicule or rebuke you for no reason. Whoever despite you shall be overwhelmed with reproach and humbled before you.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Thank you sir.

1. I can't remember what transpired between me and my mother that we didn't relate well. Looked like our former house. We were later talking about something that happened even though I was not ready to talk.

2. A boy came to sell okro in my place of work and he said it would spoil soonest & people need to eat it immediately. I ate the good part with my mouth but spit everything out and throw it away into a bush in my office.

3. Some people has been foreseeing the outcome of the election and the majority are supporting a party (name withheld) & just one person spoke about the other party. A white man was in a polling booth and I said the election would have been rigged if not for the involvement of the white men. My sister said she saw that those with the majority wanted to celebrate victory even before the election day.

4. A guy that has been tracing me came to me & I told him I hate it when a guy touches me anyhow & I said I am resolute that he could be wooing me for 5 years and I won't accept his offer & he shouldn't even try to set me up for a rape. He was shocked by my words.
1. I see great misunderstanding between you and your mother. But wisdom, patient and prayer may avert it.

2. I see arrow of stagnation fired into you on the altar of witchcraft purged out or dispose immediately.

3. Ofcourse, majority always win the vote. That is, the will of God and the will of the people will prevail.

4. You are way above him and he may be disgraced or humbled soon if he refuses to desist or let you be.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Thank you sir.

1. I can't remember well. My brother & I was paying for something related to blood in the hospital & the dream also related to my nephew. We've paid a particular amount & it came to another point that we needed to group and cross match blood to know which one is compatible with that of my nephew. Seemed I didn't mind about the amount we spent.

2. A friend's eye glasses fell from my hand but it was only the case that broke a bit. The friend changed to a colleague with a baby that his face looked like a monkey's face. Someone was telling me that I have time for something. I didn't expect the colleague to come to work.

3. A coworker told me to let's do something together for a patient as if she wanted to learn how to do it. The person that want to take over from her came before we could do the thing for the patient.
1. Truly, you care so much and love the boy dearly that you'd give anything to see him healthy and live.

But in essence, this is a call t prayer : pray that every health complication, attack on his well being capable of demanding blood, looking for DNA blood should not be his portion. Fast and pray.

2. You take reponsibilites for your actions, mistakes and error even such that hiden from the pub. That's indeed true God-fearing and humility.

3. Resourceful and intelligent to your co-workers and in your profession, at your work place.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Greetings sir.

1. My nephew and other children were in a place where it was raining and the erosion was almost reaching their bodies.

2. I was assisting a neighbor to mix rice very well so the ingredients would mix well. A woman I know came & packaged the foods so as to distribute them to people. I told the woman it's not meant to be but she said that was the order she was given & I kept mute. An online female doctor I know came in anger to search for those preparing the food but I pretended.

3. The female doctor above wanted to take a bike with a woman but the woman said she wants to go with her daughter, the doctor found a bike that wasn't attractive.

4. A former colleague called my name but I didn't wait for her. A present classmate asked me about our resumption and told me about 2 people that read very well and performed excellently. Not very clear.

5. My uncle was like my parent's late pastor @ the same time like my former boss (doctor) & his wife that visited my family. He spent so much time that anytime he's ready to leave he would stay again. He was told about my school fees and he wrote #200, 000 and also wrote it there that he will inform his accountant to send it to me immediately & will send #100,000 later, he said we should kneel to pray. I told my uncle that I don't know how to thank him than to keep quiet because what he did was unimaginable. My sister told me about her school fees.

6. I was among some people distributing soft drinks like the number 2 dream continues. Someone tasted the food cooked by a former colleague & condemned it & I told her to let me confirm by tasting it. I & some other people didn't see anything wrong with the food. I wanted to ask my neighbor about my food but I changed my mind.

7. I was following my classmates to somewhere I felt is around the house of a classmate that lost her husband in real life. There was an erosion running fast like that of an ocean which I escaped. A lady went to ease herself in the bush, a man came out of his house before she was through and the lady couldn't pick her slippers again.

8. I wore my mother's purple slippers.

1. You need to keep an eye on your nephew these days and his move lest his life be in jeopardy.

2. Human being are often complex dealing with therefore, 'You must continue to be wise among many people and In your dealing with people,daily activities.

3. The journey of life is more beautiful with ones children, or when one is fruitful.
In essence, he who walk with God? Never fail.

4. When you walk with the present? Your life moves forward. When you walk successful people? You share in their successes. But when you walk with your past, failure? Your life become a failure and remain in the past. Surely, I see you rebuked failure and retrogression

5. I see uncommon favor, blessing but this won't come with a sacrifice or price tag. That is, for it to be in your possession your patient, endurance and humility would be put to a great test.

6...indeed, it continued here : lead wise among people. I can see you are quite a reserve kind of person and careful. You surely detest being insulted or ridicule unnecessarily. Keep it up.

7. The said deceased was wiped off the face of earth and untimely. Surely, he could have lived if he was spiritual conscious as what killed him you've escaped it time and time because you are in Christ Jesus!

8. I see you walk in honor with your mother. That is, honor earned by your mother I see you walk into it, share therein.

In essence, I see a journey, walk of honor.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Thanks sir.

1. A lady was used by a popular Nollywood artiste for rituals through sexual intercourse. The lady has died but she woke up during the intercourse. The lady went to her family like she's alive to tell them they will see someone she will send money through as if they have planned it before her death. The lady didn't appear sad.

2. My sister put clothes in the washing machine such that part of the clothes came out from the back of the machine & water could also pour away. I told her about it and she tried to adjust it.

3. 2 men were trying to woo me when my husband traveled, seemed it was my husband that brought them home.

4. A snake swallowed lizard beside my house & I told people around me about it. Someone that rode bike beside me told me to leave where I stayed on the road because of my nephew.

5. I told a pregnant colleague (former colleague) to help me take soap to wash my hands. I didn't know my boss was in the office she took the soap, I said thank God it's just soap.

6. My brother was harassed by some people and he said one of them swallowed meat & took my mother away with wheelbarrow as if she was the sinner. I was wondering who my mother must have offended that reported her.

7. I was in a neighbour's shop on Sunday where there was no sales though there are sales on other days.

Maybe continuation of above, I wanted to go to the area the above shop is in order to pluck ripe mangoes because it's Sunday & people might pluck it on Monday. The place is a market area & very far. I can't remember other things that happened.

8. A birthday party was organized for me beside my house & the decorations was very beautiful. I don't know who planned it. I just came from the town and swept the house because of visitors. Food was brought from another town and my father shared some immediately to be taken a place that is hilly in my former street. I wondered how I will pay the bills but I said I will inform my fiance about it.

9. A woman delivered of a baby while I and some people were watching. The baby was very tall and already has about 16 set of teeth. Looked like you were there though not sure. A nurse said the new mother made it look as if some people came to peep @ her. People fetched water & some bought petrol because of the newborn.

10. I told a guy living in my compound to see or do something on TV/remote control but he was reluctant to enter my room. I forced him & he brought a chewing gum I didn't know was there while I took out another. I was already chewing one before I saw those ones.
1. The love of money steal one's soul and fornication/lust leads one's to early grave.

2. She must learn the act of discipline and orderliness before it grow beyond control that you or any may not be able to help her mend even in marriage.

3. Don't be deceived that men will stop wooing you when you are or eventually married. O yes, they may not be able to resist your beauty even as a married woman.

4. That environment isn't quite safe for toddler. Keep your eyes on your nephew,his movements.

5. What a envious, strange boss you have. Be careful.

6. Parable : ' When a child goes about causing troubling directly or indirectly he brings it home and his parents suffers for his foolishness or sin.

; Pray that your brother will not bring home trouble that will make your mother suffer on his behalf.

7. Sunday isn't meant for working as the lord frown at it, his words. Therefore, prosperity, favor may be far from such or any business exercise on sundays.

• Sundays is only meant and preserved as a holy day,for God ,and a day to gather your harvest against working days.

8. Something done in your honor or to honor you. But pray, should such be done soon on your behalf that you won't be found trying not to run into debt nor have reason to lament. Surely, I see a surprise for you anyway.

9. When my son was born, he was unusually tall indeed. Mind you, it was divine.

10. Even in your weakness or when you are not at your best you are secretly, openly and well respected about.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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