John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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Pls, help me out
Obedience is better than sacrifice. Thank you Jesus.
Good morning man of God.

1)some men gave me smth like a long bead. I collected it & said in my mind dat i wont use it but throw it away. When i was leaving something like heads of crayfish pour down & i assisted them to pack it.

2)when something doesn't pay somebody & desists, the Lord rewards him/her in double.

3)somebody got mad because of dreams.

4)me, my ex & a woman was staying in a place. I thought they were dating but the way they were communicating made me believe they were not. The lady was washing my ex clothe. My ex touched my underwear through the clothe i wear.

5)an old friend was passing by and we exchanged greeting.

6)i passed in front of a room of a neighbour that just packed out of my current house. There are 3 pairs of black shoes @ the entrance. A lady i dont know gave somebody that entered the room her phone. When they gave her d phone back they have exhausted d credit & she said she just bought d credit. She told me to give her my phone to check something but i said no cos my mind told me that she may want to implicate me or do evil.

7)it is like my brother cracked the shell of a snail so that it will die.

8)me & my family were in a place like farm weeding. The place that i weed looked pressed.

9)we on gen in my parents house & suddenly it gave a sound as if d fuel has been exhausted or light has come. I was now thinking of buying a smaller one since it doesnt consume much fuel. When i got outside to off it i didnt see the gen again & there is electricity in some houses but we didnt have. I began to wonder if it is not our street people that caused it because physically no love among the landlords. My dad was sitting outside angrily & sending my sister on many errand. When my sister sees me she wanted to give me #2500 to buy fuel as if i dont have money to buy another & doesnt want her card to expire. I looked @ the time & it was 9:30 pm & nowhere to buy fuel again. I later looked through the window & see the generator outside. Physically i am the owner of the gen.

10)i was charging my phone when i on the gen. I discovered that i am pregnant, though not obvious. It is like my ex now come to marry me & already pregnant for maybe another person. I was now thinking of what to do & i say i will marry him & when i deliver, i will say it is pre-term baby.

11)when i sat in front of my parents house i saw that woman that mocked me & fought in front of another woman's house. The face changed to the person she went to her house. She was making some body languages as if i should talk but just snubbed her.

12)a girl in my parents' street came to me in a uniform that resembles the type that my sister uses. she told me she needs a skirt cos the one she wear has torn at d back. I told her i dont have since i'm not in sec. Schl again & asked her why she has not amended it since yesterday.physically she is still in secondary school but not the same with my sister.
God bless u sir.
1. The lord is please. Yes, you must embrace this wholeheartedly, none must influence you life and walk with God. Most importantly, as you continue to obey the voice of the lord. He's continue to abide with you and contend with them that contends with you.

2. Meaning : knowing you wrongs and repented, making amend and obeying the the lords instruction to the latter brings about true deliverance, freedom from shackles of the enemies and total salvation.
Meaning, is better than sacrifice!!
What a proverbial revelation.

3. Grace isn't for everyone.
Many are called but few are chosen.
jesus! Jesus! Jesus is here but not many will belief or accept him as their personal lord and saviour.
In fact, many don't belief in the reality of dreams and interpretation. This is a path to HELL!

4. Be thankful you parted way with him.
The lord said, he's a playing and only take advantage of ladies or his date.

5. You are connected now and many shall see you and acknowledge your presence.

6. There are evil influence,persons dwelling in this environment and indeed this house.
Your spiritual and physical, your access to grace of God and man, your connection was almost robbed.
Thank God they didn't succeed.
Pray against every grace hijackers and in that house against you.

7. To be continue etc

Bless u
7. Wow! . Deliverance from household stagnancy, crushing powers of household stagnancy.
Congrats as snails signifies, stagnancy.
Crushing it means: destroying household stagnancy.
I see you,your mum,this family making progressive now.

8. The lord is about to bless this family.
You sowing season is here, your harvest cometh.
But I see 'pressed'' harvest.
Pray God, you land shall be green,you harvest delay not. As the word pressed'' signifies, delay or dry/unyielding harvest.

9. Once there is light/presence of God in this family but it was stolen by the enemies or as a result of spiritual weakness.

Now, the lord has returned his grace and presence back into the family. Congrats.

10. Your God won't be please cease from the past and don't give in when it come knocking.
Most importantly, the lord detest lies and pregnancy before marriage- give in not to such.

11. She's merely a mocker no spiritual attack attached. In essence, the lord is please as you 've made up your mind to cease and or not give in to every/any form of anger against. You've left your battle unto this lord. He's please.

12. And I heard/saw you saying good bye to stagnancy, retrogression and every form of delay.
You obedient has paid off, at last.
Bless u
Good afternoon man of God & thank u for your interpretation.
1)me & my sister was somewhere likely where they sell food stuffs. A man came & gave us huge amount of money without knowing he has a motive. When we were leaving, he wanted to take us home but we didnt accept, he then wanted to collect d money but i didnt give him, we beat him & ran away.

2)a voice was telling a former colleague & friend dat a spirit or soul is crying against her. She looks as if she is in bondage or hell, it is as if she is recieving judgement. She asked me of another reason for her suffering, i took a bag & show her, i dnt know if she is d owner but it looks like my mum's bag physically & i opened it. I saw a red biro, phone, wristwatch, pant inside a black nylon & some other things i cant remember. She wanted to collect it & look inside but i didnt answer her & ran away wit d bag, she ran after me too & woke up. I cant remember all d details bcos it terrified me wen i woke up as d place looks like hell.

3)i went to an office & i saw a former school student but we are now colleagues & another man dat my mind told me his name & dat he is a doctor. The one i know asked abt my name & hostel. When i was leaving, i heard the doctor call my name & d one that i know told him to leave me & that i have left. As i was going, d hostel looks as if i have visited the place before. This man came out & i could hear the sound of his car keys, though i didnt look back. As i was going, i met this guy i know again & a woman in my office came out of d office dat i left & call dis guy dat i know standing beside me & said she has arrived, likely she wants to call me but changed it. The guy beside me collected my phone & pressing smthg.

4)i was in a place dat looks like a primary school @ d back of my former house & d same time changed to hospital settings. I was cooking & a woman in my office came & took me to a place where she introduced me to some guys she knows one by one. One of them bears a name dat came to my mind in my number 3 dream. A guy there dat isolated himself said how are u my sweetheart & i answered mayb dat would happen in his dreams. When we left d place, i got to a place where i saw a co-worker working in d mortuary with a socket beside him. I also see a former schl mate & her mum sitting together, now married but i dnt think there is a child. I left d place to go & look @ wat i'm cooking & a woman i know came to ask abt a patient from me & i described her ward. It looks like night now & i saw a wallgecko on d ground wit red smth in its mouth & i passed beside it.

5)i saw a list of my former school mates & it looks as if it is the names of those that are married that are there.

6)i was in a place where i saw my co-workers & my secondary schl mates. A lady dat was my secondary mate came & evrybdy was greeting her as if they wanted to b identified wit her, i greeted her too. One of d guys now said it is the shoes that she wear dat made him to recognise her easily.

7)my mum gave me money & time to cook soup. She told me to cook 'EWEDU'. I wanted to ask if i should put okro but i said Okro is not good to eat. I now planned to put something else but i considered that it may purge my dad.

8)in my former house i wear a primary school uniform on my former neighbour's son body & i also gave him the reminant of my food after finishing cooking . As he was going, i could see dat d uniform is rough. Physically, he is in d university.
thank you sir.
1. Isaiah 45 :3

3 And I will give thee the treasures of darkness, and hidden riches of secret places, that thou mayest know that I, the LORD, which call thee by thy name, am the God of Israel.

2. Indeed, the lord judgement cometh, is here upon her. She committed something terrible, detestable before God and man.
She needs deliverance and salvation if she must eschew this punishment/judgement.

3. I see disconnection here as your phone 'being taken'' signifies that .

In essence, I can see the that lord is about to connect you maritally, I see being blessed maritally.

There is this hiding but reality before you maritally but seems someone, if not this friend of yours' is blocking you and disconnecting you to this potential man that God is about to connect you with.
She isn't your your friend but a fiend .
Why would she be doing that, what have u done to her, why is she trying to hijack what God has blessed you with, maritally? You must cry out to God, he must fight for you.
Actually, there are two of them, this friend and a brother. I see conspiracy to block you and this hiding but reality potential man.
Ask the lord to fight for you!! And trust none, be on alert among these ones/persons.

4. Indeed, the lord has delivered you from the powers of retrogression,stagnancy.
Indeed, the lord is connect you as many and potential men shall come round about the to seek.
Now, the lord said, there is this irritation or habit of being selective when it comes to choosing a man for yourself within you.

Hmmm, this isn't ordinary as there is a presence of witchcraft influence, blood sucker in your working place contending with your grace to see the right/good side men. You must break away and cry out to the lord to destroy them all over your life without delay.

5. You shall be listed among them. Maritally.

6. Unless the lord build the house it builders labour in vain. Unless he watch over the city the watch men stand guard in vain.
When the glory of mount Zion is returned and the lord honour you, make your path smooth? The lord shall make that path straight/smooth and all thy expectations shall manifest without delay and the world(everyone you know,around you) shall have no choice but rejoice with you and honour.
Pray God to make your path smooth and increase your grace the more.

7. EWEDU ; vegetable.
OKRO : veg-
Not the abbreviation I used on 'okro''
OKRO, signifies witchcraft or draw soup. Which means, sluggishness or stagancy.

While EWEDU, signifies blessing,greenness, good health and harvest.

8. You've just bid Goodbye to inflictions of retrogression/stagnant. Wow!
It also means; disposition of stagnancy,retogression and sending back every arrow/infliction of stagnancy to the sender(s). Wow! Wow!

Wow, your obedient has set you free.
Indeed, if we follow his words and obey him to the latter he'll come to our rescue.

Indeed, obedient is far better than sacrifice.
I must consulates you, as I see you progression now and moving forward.

Bless u
Good evening man of God & thank u. The Lord will surely fight for me.
1)i was commenting on a facebook post of a former school student. It got deleted & i cant remember if i commented on another bcos i was thinking of doing so.

2)i saw smth dat i cant describe but it has an oven & fridge. Smbdy likely a colleague which i cant remember d face put her hand across it & i bite her hand, she removed her hand & said she didnt block d place. It is like a woman that has retired in my place of work dat owns it. The oven has a full smoked chicken & the fridge/freezer has so many things. I began to describe d functions of d oven & d fridge for a co-worker. She was very surprised as if she hasnt seen an oven & a fridge before.
Thank u sir.
1. Hatred towards you on social media.
This is no serious dream but a possibility of being ban temporarily as a result of what you comment online. Similar scenario offline/online? Well. Time will tell. And yes it's about anger/hatred towards u but it's nothing serious actually.

2. You shall inherite peace and the lord shall honour thee with rest of mind.
Peace in you place of work and within you.
And remember? Where there is peace and rest of mind? Prosperity abound.
..and the lord shall silence/trouble any who want to contend with your peace.

Bless u
Good afternoon man of God. Thanks for your interpretation.
1)my sister was killing almost every tick on a dog's body. I now tell her to stop.

2)i was doing something @ the back of my parent's house, i was hearing the voice of dat mocker but didnt look @ her side since i am not interested in her. She came towards my side, when i saw her i was afraid cos i didnt expect her in our house she was begging me & that she is sorry & also return something like a head pan as if she collected it from my mum. It changed to something smaller which has ash in it. I pour it in front of our uncompleted building cos i wanted to take it inside before. I also saw termites at the base of the thing. I pour hot coals on them & wanted to get an insecticide to kil the remainin, there was one among these termites that is big & has wings & flew.

3)when you connect with Jesus, he will connect with you. A man now gave me a phone.

4)my mum was washing clothe in our former house. Me & a child was helping her.

5)in my former house, my mum, dad & his friend that i know was sitting @ d veranda. I saw that my mum's clothe has stained wit blood. I gave her tissue paper but wanted to use it in d presence of my dad & his friend. I insisted she must not, she now put it by her side. I told her to stand up there so dat she wont disgrace herself cos the longer she stayed, the more d blood stain. There was a small tissue paper with blood stain that i think it dropped when she wanted to insert it & i said no. I picked it but i'm not sure if i throw it away. I left d place & entered d room we were living then, i was singing & still had it in my mind to pray cos it is night & at d same time doesnt want anybdy to know when i want to pray. I was closing d windows & i saw some clothes that were washed on d window. I saw my mum sleeping but didnt want her to know wat i'm doing. I was surprised to see her in d room cos i left her outside, her dressing has changed & i thought mayb her body is somewhr & her spirit wit me. She woke up & asked abt my dad & what he is still doing outside since.

6)i was complaining abt my salary that they are deducting some money in alternate month, i was worried bcos it seems i'm d only person.

7)it looks as if i'm in haste to go somewhere @ my office. I got to a place that looks like i'm watching TV. A lady , a woman that i know & likely somebdy else were there. It is like d lady said smth that pained the woman dat i know, she walked towards a place & i noticed dat d shoe she wore has a rubber attachment, physically this woman is rich but likely she doesnt av smthg mayb a husband or child.
She walked back again wit tears in her eyes, though she tried to control herself. Then i saw d other lady wit a baby & smiling.
I saw another scene where d lady with a baby has a house maid, d house maid said where is d husband of her boss now & didnt he know she is waiting for him. My mind told me no wonder she looks beautiful more than a house maid since she is dating her boss hubby.
Thank you sir.
1. Yes. She is spiritually weak/vulnerable.

As What she was doing means,; nurturing spiritual wolfs/attacker,enemies or sin.

While (you)asking her to stop Means, spiritually conscious and knowing the implications of her action.
You 've grown, indeed', spiritually and in consciousness.

2. Wow! It's over!! It's settled!! This is an over all victory.
The hunter is being hunted. The lord has subdued your contenders and she's been rendered powerless and evil arrow has went back to the sender. What a mighty God.
You may not understand this but be sure that, right now? What ever evil/infliction or curses laid on you is back to her/the sender(s). She's in trouble!!

Wow thank you jesus.
Who say jesus isn't real, who thought he's might and that, at the mention of jesus every knees must bow?
Who thought obedient isn't better than sacrifice?
Thank you daddy for the life of your daughter- than you for the /this victory. Congrats.

3. Wow!
This is beyond what I can elucidate.
Yes, phone, spiritually/physically, signifies : connection,networking, access,grace to connect beyond your location or limitation.

It means, open heavens, open opportunity, to connect, to cry out and your voice/prayers would be answer without delay, to seek and find without embargo.
It means, connection between God and man, it means, connection/grace to explore and opportunity abound now.

Wow wow wow!
Now, the statement ' when you connect with jesus...''
Means, when you give you life to jesus, when you obey God and or serve him wholeheartedly. Follow is instructions et al. He will never forsake you'''

Wow! I love testimonies!!

4. Deliverance, freedom from the powers of retrogression/stagancy and sin of the past of your mother, you etc. Congrats again.

5. Her past sin(abortion etc?) are forgiven now, the lord used you to cleanse her from every hold of powers,sin and infliction, disgrace, shame tormenting her. Old things shall/have passed away and old thing shall/have become now.
No longer shall power of death hover over her. He that the lord is set free is free indeed.

6. The lord heard your voice and whinning and he's here now to destroy this embargo standing/manipulating your benefits.
Pray, ask the living God to arise and destroy every embargo on your benefits/blessing by fire/without delay.
With psalm 119,1,122:3.

7. What an irony of life!!

Matthew 7:5 â–º

New International Version
You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother's eye.

Meaning, many had condemned,criticise, disgrace and judge this rich woman while their life/home is as delayed as they judge or criticised her.

Now, the assured that he's answer the cry,tears and the supplication of this woman and shall cause her to smile soon.

Bless u.