John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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Pls, help me out
Greetings sir.

1. My sister bought new shoes.

2. A friend packed little money denominations to be taking bike like she isn't ready to pay for anybody's transport fare.

3. I can't remember d beginning. We were in d church and d pastor has prayed for my nephew bcos it remains few days for him to clock 1 and half years. I was touched for how far i av nutured him. We wanted to buy cooking pot but we didn't see early enough and thinking of going back to d church bcos d pastor might want to call my nephew out for celebration but he wasn't mentioned. Seemed my sister uttered a word dat pained me & i reacted.

4. My nephew did something & a lady said something like my sister man's semen was collected in a nylon & some other talks like that.

5. I saw a very tall person with a long hair like an attachment.

6. A local bathroom was constructed with a very giant fan there. I was trying to adjust d fan and d bathroom but d original space for both bathroom & fan was left there. Little children entered d bathroom & i told them to go out bcos they might not be able to come out. I didn't know wen my father took his bath and wen he came out i said 'i didn't know wen he withered' which was a mistake & i changed d 'withered' to bath. No one could see someone's privacy in d bathroom even if d person bends. A neighbour's son wanted to remove one of d things used to construct d bathroom. Something was related to my parents' pastor.

7. My brother & i was entering a very deep hole with steps. I told him to let's go back which we did.
1. I see something new in her life, before her.

2. I see the spirit of selfishness ascend upon your friend.

3. You'd do anything to make the boy(your nephew) happy, you will go miles just for him. Infact, his happiness is your joy.

4. Pray for the boy that he will never have anything in common with his father both spiritual and physical.

5. Marine agents are everywhere now looking for whom to devour, destroy and lead into hell fire.

6. I see redemption and resurrection of your father from witheredness through/under your spiritual watch,efforts and endeavor.

7. He needs your guidance and word of wisdom as he's one who care less with his life,possess deadly fearlessness and embargo on dangerous endeavors.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Thank you sir.

1. I lifted a car with some pple. I was later with a basket of tomatoes.

2. A friend was encouraging pregnant pple to be delivered by her. My male former classmate and his wife was pregnant at d same time but d wife delivered normally while d husband is being planned for C/S.

3. My ex bf and his wife were passing by, he waved to me. His wife & i was in d hospital where pregnant women were. Not very clear.

4. My sister saw a carpet and liked it so much dat she wished it was d type my brother bought. I was just looking at her.

5. A colleague came to my house. I later saw dat my sister & i av arranged and kept some of my belongings. Not very clear.
1. I see hand exchange hand such that will yield something profitable.

2. Heaven frown at homosexuality.

3. I see fruitfulness in that home.

4. Her expectation are not being met. She need to draw closer to God because? The expectation of true righteous shall not be cut off.

5. Your sister(if) living with you is a discipline and learning process for her.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Greetings sir.

1. I was writing something like exam with my classmates. A guy moved closer to my friend but she resisted him. I told her some men could take someone's advantage. She stood up with the thought that her dress would stain but there was no stain.

2. I went to submit my exam script and my name was marked in a small paper. D woman that marked my name said it was only my name she saw bcos we were 3 in number that bears same surname.

3. Maybe continuation of d above. I heard my "hanging blessing".

4. We heard our lecturer wanted to mark d assignment we thought she won't mark. A classmate didn't write his and d exam we wrote last bcos of his mother's burial.

5. I was scratching my hair and my fingers were removing d dirt.

6. A young man dig a pit where he throws people as a sacrifice to renew his money rituals. Some pple i know were there. D father of d young man accussed him and d young man was trying to make eye contact to me not to reveal his secret but i didn't agree.

7. I wanted to buy foot mat.

8. We saw an edible insect in our class and killing them but a lady didn't want some pple to share in it.
1. Some, if not most men, are only out to stain your garment of honor, pride, dignity and glory as a woman. Be wary of them they are everywhere now.

2. You shall find favor in your academics, at work.

3. It's a call that one of your blessings is hanging in the heavenlies. You must command it to be release and unleash terror on these powers/demons in the heavenlies holding onto your blessing. Yes, this is the handiwork of " prince of percia".

4. I see something gone wrong but it shall be for, in your favor and to find favor before one of your difficult lecturals.

5. I see ,limittions, afflictions and sins overwhelmed your glory being removed.
But there is more cry out!

6. The lord will and shall use you to expose the works of darkness, evil men and the wickedness of manking against human like him/her or them.

7. You might really néed this one of this days, or as a matter urgency.

8. Free the lord gave us but receive without giving back.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Thank you sir.

1. My sister was trying to ask a former neighbour how he was admitted into school.

2. I was feeling horny and wanted to masturbate but I resisted d urge to masturbate, I said it's the handiwork of marine powers.

3. Someone wanted to fetch water and my landlady told her to go fetch from my room.

4. A lecturer told us to submit our research projects but there was none for me to submit. D lecturer was a former teacher and very strict. I left d class when I know I can't cope with d caning.

5. I was among my classmates doing what I don't remember. I av carried a cushion chair different from others chairs but I was looking for a way to change d chair. Not clear.

6. A woman i know followed my neighbour home, I was doubting if she's actually d one bcos I didn't want her to know anything about my sister.

7. Our dog was using its head to open D door.
1. I see her thirst for education, to return back to school.

2. Indeed, the act was designed from the kingdom of marine.
In essence, I see you conquered the spirit of lust,masturbation call but watch it as the devil might come knocking.

3. Your landlady heart isn't right before God, infact it's far.

4. I see walked out of failure, academy retrogression.

5. You are unique and difference,and one of a kind among mankind hence whatever life hit at you overcome it by his grace do not seek a short route of escape.

6. I can see a new love for your sister : to protect her and watch over her against potential enemy or household enemy.

7. The dog seems to be more stronger now,these days.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Thank you sir.

1. A man came to my house and bought fuel for me to use gen. He later left. A friend came with her books and searching for a particular one which i asked if i should give her (in reality i wasn't offer an admission in my present schl wen she was admitted but for some reasons we are graduating same year now). We were using d generator to type our research.

2. Some colleagues came to my house and asked what happened to a small phone i use, i didnt want them to see my other phone bcos it was my fiancè dat bought it. They challenged me for not inviting them wen i switched on gen but i didnt tell them who bought d fuel for me,

3. I bought pepper and wanted to add tomatoes.

4. Not clear. I said something which made my sister removed her pant and i saw some fluid. I expected her to remove d pant inside.

5. My sister sat for UTME. Not clear.

6. My nephew wore a green pant and was a little taller than he is in reality.

7. I carried fat child in my place of work. I was praying dat my child shouldnt be as fat as that.

8. 4 women came to my place of work with 3 babies. I wondered how d one without baby would feel. One of d babies is sick. Seemed a colleague was doing smth with a patient's hair.

9. A colleague was with his family in an office and seemed they wanted to change their family name.

10. Some people came to carry a corpse to bury. Abt 3 women wore white garment church wear and likely they served as angels. Plenty people were following d corpse for d ceremony.
1. The race isn't for the swift but to whom found favor before the lord.

2. The lord is please with you as you live in humility and low key even though you have so much to flaunt or boast about.

3. It's called " whole ". Meaning, having the whole of your expectation--feeding well.

4. She still needs some grooming and understand women etiquette.

5. I see her heart craving and longing to return back to education.

6. The boy will grow/develop faster than his pairs or age mates.

7. You are definitely not a lover of fat...children.

8. It's the lord that blesses one and brings another down. For, he'll have mercy in whom he would.

9. There is so much confusion and inappropriate decisions going on in that family.

10. Such church only bear the name church as some of their practices is unchrist-like.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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