John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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Pls, help me out
Thank you for d interpretations sir.

1. My brother and I were killing mosquitoes in our house with insecticide. My brother didn't want to stop d killing when i said it is alright. Later, he received a phone call from our late pastor's wife and he told her he's travelling dat night.

2. A male colleague gave me uncomfortable goggle dat was touching my mouth, seemed d male colleague changed to a celebrity which was kissing me, seemed he has had sex with other ladies but i didn't agree with him and he was such a person dat people were afraid of.

3. A woman gave me vegetable oil like she supposed to have given me a long time ago.

4. My father gave me five hundred naira with cut edge, i later saw d missing edge. There was rough two hundred naira which i wanted to deposit with some money in d bank. Seemed my father also put peeper in my bag which he wanted me to use where i traveled to.

5. I wanted a man to help me deliver something at work but i didn't understand d excuse he gave. I also wanted to give him my phone to charge but i changed my mind bcos it still has full battery.

6. A woman put d plate rack she use at home in d shop and displayed some things in it. D woman and my neighbour was coming from somewhere with a wooden chair. I heard my neighbour mentioned my name and i asked her why she called me but she didn't reply. My neighbour appeared pregnant.

7. A man didn't want to interact with me bcos i didn't treat somebody for him. We told him part of d road isn't good and he later fell into a pit with a wheelbarrow. He came out with body aches.

Thank you sir.
1. Indeed, the termites that destroys a tree lies beneath it. Infact, it's not far from you.
I see household witchcraft enemies crushed but you must be wise and have a discerning spirit because, the enemies you killed/destroyed lies within.

2. All that glitters is not gold. Don't deceived, let no man take advantage or manipulate you with worldly things,material no matter how influential, rich or popular he is.
Fear no man and refuse to be intimidated especially when he's only after your body.

3. I see your long delayed benefit / blessing released.

4. Indeed, whatever you touch is blessed, come alive even on behalf of your father.

5. Your valuables must be kept far off from people that your spirit don't agree with or struggle to trust.

6. Indeed, many envy you and find you intimidating in your environment,among your neighbors.. Therefore, don't be surprise when/if they act strange to you or appear envious.

7. Any man or woman that ridicule you or despise you for no justifiable reason shall fall into a ditch/pit.
Without any doubt? You God, guardian angel doesn't take nonsense, at all.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Thank you sir.

1. My mother shaved my nephew's hair very low, i was angry about it bcos it might cause rash. I was thinking in my mind dat i should av left my nephew's hair unshaved till now if he has been cooperating.

2. I saw cake and shoes for my nephew's birthday, i said i prefer buying new shoes to used ones.

3. My neighbour wanted to use my phone for something, i wondered if she hasn't checked my inbox for salary alert.

4. I told my neighbour about Eekine as if it is in her marriage.

5. 2 women dat married same husband lost their husband to dead. D women struggled to make ends meet. D younger wife put a snail beside d fire to cook.
1. You must never leave the boy vulnerable and must learn not to over pamper when he does wrong but him discipline lest his glory is attack or become manipulated.
In essence, this is a call that the boy glory has been tempered with, manipulated. Pray for the recovery of his polluted and manipulated glory, now !

2. Just like you, he's a glory child hence new things are meant for him especially shoes.
In essence, the lord warned, don't invest in his stomach but future.

3. Don't leave nor lend out your sensitive valuables especially your phone out to anybody at all especially to people you can't trust or your spirit doesn't agree with. Be warned! Don't expose yourself nor leave yourself,valuables vulnerable.

4. Yes! That's because " Eekinè " was sent into this year to destroy homes, marriages worldwide, and indeed it's just settled down in your neighbor's marriage. Meaning, nobody is exempted hence you should spread the message, warning to as much as many people you can. Eekinè is worldwide and it's about to torment that home as it's already destroying homes,marriages worldwide already. If you are all observant and follow the trend of recents you'd know a lot of marriage worldwide, around you are falling and failing.

5. Well, he who commit abominable act should prepare for uncommon or abominable regrets, failure and disappointment. These days many people go against the word,will of God and instructions for marriage,and their life's decisions and yet they expect such actions not to have consequences,or endeavor to stand,last,stand the test of time?

What we sow is what we reap!

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Greetings pastor.

1. We were divided into groups for exams in my school. Lecturers were at d entrance of each class of group to stop whosoever that has not paid some dues. One of d lecturers gave a student money without letting others know. I was walking around and time was going, seemed i haven't read my books. Some places looked like my former place.

2. I was in a compound where i saw a former neighbour, d compound has just been fenced and they were also chasing people not to continue d fence for a reason i don't know. A man i knew in d past entered erosion and couldn't come out himself so he was assisted. I saw eggs laid by hen and tomatoes. Some of d tomatoes and eggs were not perfectly good.

3. I was running from an old woman that was taking her bath in a room. I removed my slippers so that she won't notice me when i passed by but she knew when i dropped d slippers and she said ''this year''.

4. A car didn't take us to our destination because it got spoilt.

5. My neighbours were checking or cleaning where they keep their chickens at night.

6. My sister wore a ragged and dirty clothe for her son to sleep at night. I removed d clothe and changed it. Somebody wanted to take something from my sister and d person who i am not sure if it was a man said if my sister hasn't thanked d person that gave her, he won't take it.

7. My sister put a guy's picture beside hers on social media.

8. My landlord's water tank which is above mine in reality looked somehow as if sun affected it and i was thinking hope it's not mine that affected it.

9. I gave d last meat and food in my pot to a boss that is being rumoured that she has left my place of work. I also gave her 3 types of sot drinks. My father gave my boss food which she ate with mine, i didn't expect she could eat it. My boss do go to work very early and she hardly have time for herself.

Thank you sir.
1. Leave no room for laziness, already prepare for your academic season/period mentally, financially and otherwise. Don't be discourage by the level of manipulations and corruption therein among being perpetrated by some lecturers.

2. Dwelling and living in the past yields no good fruits but downfall and pit of destruction.

3. ◄ 2 Timothy 1:7 ►
For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline.

4. Wage war against breakdown and sudden failure.

5. Nothing hiding, unknown to you under the sun within that household,among your neighbors because the holy spirit and your discerning spirit is always on alert.

6. Your sister is still naive hence still have lot to learn from you. For truly, no one, not even your sister know what's best for her son that you.

7. Hmmm.. I see her falling in love again but this isn't just right.

8. You are indeed considerate and God fearing. Keep it up but be warned,wise that no one take advantage of your humility. Humility comes with wisdom.

9. It's more blessed to give than to receive, a hand that gives never lack.

Keep it up but with diligence and wisdom.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Thank you sir.

1. My father has a deep cut in his thigh and my brother has too.

2. I was pouring water when a guy did something for me, i poured water on him and something was related to bean cake.

3. There was a ceremony going on in a house, my fiance called me on phone and asked me if we should continue to build our house that is being built on d land he/we inherited from his family. The foundation has been made before and d building was movable. I av said yes to his request but i changed my mind and told him i need to pray about it. I was thinking if we start to build d house now people might mess it with faeces. A guy and some people were there, a woman told a guy that i am d owner of d house bcos i am going to be married to d family and inherit it. D guy was surprised because he has rated me low before.

4. I was eating rice and salad, my boss asked me to give her out of it which i did.

5. I went home and saw dat my brother has made another socket to bring light from his generator as if he doesn't want to have anything to do with my father and they all cooperated about it at home. It got to a stage where they said they wanted to check my nephew's private part as if he's a girl, they said there's yam in my nephew's anus as if he was raped. I told my siblings that they should have told me about my nephew's incident.

6. My neighbour untwisted her hair she just made and i was wondering if d hair is rough because she was just making d hair or made it not long ago. I told myself that she might have been waiting to know d type of hair i will make.

7. I was sweeping dirty floor and d banana flower that has withered. Not very clear.

8. Looked like this dream is among one of d dreams above. I didn't like how d vegetable that i wanted to buy looked like, another woman has taken d vegetable by d time i changed my mind to buy it.

Thanks sir.
1. Pray for both of them, I see physical,spiritual infliction.

2. I see provocation, harassment on your person but wisdom must be applied. Above all? Pray it doesn't come to pass.

3. Those who look down on you before of your humble, meeky personality and marital status? Would be made to swallow their words and humble before you, soon.

4. Indeed, it's more bless to give than to receive.
For, I see the lord raise you up and bless you above your boss and many through the power of giving.

5. Homosexuality,sexual abuses has reached alarming rate. For, a house that divides against itself can not stand therefore, the lord warned, pray for peace in your household, family, and never you compromise your nephew's safety at the altar of inharmony in your household.

6. Many envy you in your neighborhood, household et al. Truly, your life is a living testimony and inspiration.

7. Holiness, don't compromise it. The lord is pleased with you.

8. Always prepare, plan yourself, journey and whatever you want to do before you embark on it.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Thank you sir.

1. My sister and i stood somewhere dat we saw a neighbour passing. He waited to carry us with his bike thinking we are going home but i told him not to worry. I carried my nephew and i was wondering who he will think d mother is.

2. There was a place like schl and at d same time like an amusement park for kids. Smth was going on in d area as if a little child is being given an award and like he was also punished. An older boy was massaging a younger boy's breast area and d younger one didn't know what he was up to. I looked at d older one somehow and he stopped. My sister said smth like it's a curse dat made them do such.

3. I was with my mother in d mkt and a woman was praying to collect money from us. I didn't wish to say amen to d woman's prayers. She said smth about her C/S church. My mother wanted to buy okro and i told her she should av told me to buy it where it is plenty.

4. Someone said i will soon leave my present house.

5. My present & former schl mates were processing to enter my present schl. They were many and i doubt if they would be admitted into d schl. Seemed i wanted to ask a colleague i owe money if i should transfer d money into her account.

6. My nephew was playing with another child.

1. There is a question in heaven,and the question is ' who among you two (you and your sister) truly deserve to be consider,called the mother of that boy?
Well,one thing is certain the heaven could ask such question despite not being the mother? Then it means that truly :

• You deserve to be a mother.
• You more like his mother.
• You are indeed the mother of that child before God (heaven)and man.

2. A lot has gone wrong with this generation,among the children of today especially in school places. Therefore, every child must be discipline both in the way of the lord and in mannerism. Don't spare the rod, teach them and discipline them when need be.

3. I can see you've learnt from the experience I had and shared on the forum a regards the false,demonic prophet? Keep it up.
In essence, the lord said, you are spiritually more incline and conscious than you mother as she's vulnerable and spiritually blind to these false prophets and demonic prophetess but I see you coming to are rescue. Truly? You are wiser now and can easily be sway by those false prophets. You're indeed alert and conscious of them when you come across them.

4. ◄ Matthew 19:5 ►
and said, 'For this reason a wo/man will leave his/her father and mother and be united to his/her wife/husband, and the two will become one flesh'?

5. You're more blessed and gone far beyond your pairs acedemically, financially and otherwise. Truly? Your life is a living testimony, you are blessed and privileged.

6. I see him exploring life and growing, developing in communication and emotional,mental activities.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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