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100 Keys On How To Remain Poor
Quote:100 Keys On How To Remain Poor”

By Dr. DK Olukoya

This Message Titled “100 Keys On How To Remain Poor” Was Shared By Dr Olukoya During a recent worship service.

Below are some of reasons people remain poor according to Dr. Olukoya;

1. Sleeping Sickness – Love sleep, keep turning on that bed, don’t wake up, once it is 12pm, continue turning: poverty is guaranteed.

2. Vagabond Spending – Spend money anyhow without making plans on how you spend them. Don’t make plan at all. Why should you buy things you don’t need in credit? It reminds me the story of that vice principal who before the end of the month would spend all his salary. It even got to a stage that she would go to his junior teachers to borrow money. So one day, she heard a message, this was even before the mountain of fire started. The message was titled “Know your self”.. She went home that day and prayed for 4hours, then God spoke to her and said ” daughter, you are complaining of poverty, what is this at the back of your house? Start to plant vegetables. ”

She heard this and was a bit annoyed, so she said to herself, “this can’t be the voice of God, I rebuke that voice ” God now answered, “daughter, it is I speaking, you can’t rebuke me.” … After all these the lady started planting vegetables… This was how her life changed to good….

3. No Savings – In those days, our parents used to train us to save, they will buy Saving Bank for us to be keeping our money, Unfortunately, that culture has died now.

4. Being An Arrogant Fool – Don’t involve in any educative business at all, keep saying; how can I , a graduate be selling rice, how can I a graduate be sowing clothes. ‘ I am a graduate, therefore, I want a graduate job: When there is no graduate job, then you remain poor.

5. The Cemetery Spirit – ( Desire To Start Big) – The only place where everything can be started big is the cemetery. If you have 20naira and you save 1kobo, you have saved something.

6. The Grumblers – Complaining About Everything… Complain about the government, complain about the way people does things instead of blaming your laziness.

7. The Spirit Of Dead Sea

8. The Key Of Vanity Candidates – Where is it written that every December, you must buy new clothes and new shoes? Show me where it is written. Because you want to be on top. You buy a phone of 150,000naira, whereas the only thing you know how t do on it receive call, send text messages and also make calls. Vanity; There are even some of the old men carrying phones that is higher than their ancestors.

9. Buying A Vehicle That Is Riding You – Instead of you riding the vehicle it will be riding you .

10. The Spirit Of Father Christmas – Give your children everything they ask, don’t say NO to any, and when those children grow up , they will become lazy.

11. Be A God Robber – Do not pay your Tithe , don’t give offerings, don’t pay First Fruit, Nothing At All. (Story shared….)

12. Be Visionless – Don’t have plan for your future at all.

13. Be A Prophetic Slave – Allow Prophets To Enslave You. Keep going to prophets that will tell you to bring this and bring that all in the name of prayer.

14. Invest Your Money In Things You Know Nothing About.


It was in those days, when people were putting their money in what they call Money Making Machine (possibly MMM). A man, after he had invested all his money into what he knew nothing about, now remembered that there is a place called PRAYER CITY. He came here crying; I want to die, let me die. They brought him to me; so I asked him, ‘you want to die?’ He said ‘Yes’, I now answered him ‘ There are many ways to die, there is no need of you coming here infact, you don’t even need to tie rope on your neck …….” When he heard me saying these things, he said, sorry sir , are you the G.O (General Overseer) ? I said ‘Yes’… He said ” am not dying again sir, give me prayers …… Investing your money in what you have no knowledge of..

15. Waste Things – Waste Food, also waste Time, waste everything, poverty is guaranteed.

16. Be Lazy – Don’t even go to work, while others are going to work in the morning, remain on your bed. Poverty is sure.

17. Invite the spirit of poverty – Poverty is a spirit , so you can decide to invite the sprit of poverty through many ways.
Prophet Ebankole

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