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Random Quiz ; Can You?
Can you answer this without opening your Bible? ?

Quote:Lets have some fun together

1). The Lord of host rained ​manna​ for His people on the wilderness for...
A. 70 years
B. 50 years
C. 40 years
D. 30 years

2). "For where your ​treasure​ is, there will your....also be".
A. mind
B. heart
C. body
D. spirit

3). Who said, ..."where you are going, I will go; where you will lodge, I would lodge; your people shall be my people, and your God, would be my God".
A. Mary
B. Ruth
C. Abigail
D. Sarah

4). Which Prophet caused an axe to ​float​ on the surface of water..?
A. Elisha
B. Samuel
C. Elijah
D. Isaiah

5). Our Redeemer ​entreats​ us to forgive our neighbour...
A. 77 × 7
B. 70 × 7
C. 17 × 7
D. 7 × 7

6). Who ​slew​ the giant who had six fingers on each hand, and six toes on each foot..?
A. Samson
B. Absalom
C. Gideon
D. Jonathan

7). Blessed are the ​pure in heart​, for they shall...

A. see God
B. obtain mercy
C. be called children of God
D. overcome the world

8). God did ​not​ permit King David to build His temple because...

A. David would soon die
B. David was not good at that
C. David was not ready
D. David shed too much blood

9). The wise men who gave gifts to baby Jesus, ​came​ from the...
A. west
B. east
C. north
D. south

10). Christ says; " ALL THOSE who are heavy burdened should come to me, and ​I will give​
A. a promise
B. abode
C. territory
D. rest
11). At which pool was the man with 38 years of sickness healed
A. Siloam
B. Bethesda
C. Jordan
D. Bethsaida
12). Which country did the Eunuch come from
A. Egypt
B. Jerusalem
C. Syria
D. Ethiopia
13) Which prophet prophesied about the dry bones
A. Isaiah
B. Jeremiah
C. Lamentations
D. Ezekiel
14). The rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem was done by whom
A. Sanballat
B. Esther
C. Nehemiah
D. Tobias

15) How many daughters did Job have
A. 1
B. 3
C. 4
D. 2

Just for Spiritual check up.

Enjoy the fun.!!!!!!!
Prophet Ebankole

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  • Gracemohau
Let me try...

1. A. 70years

2. B. heart

3. B. Ruth

4. A. Elisha

5. B. 70 × 7

6. C. Gideon

7. A. see God

8. D. David shed too much blood

9. B. east

10. D. rest

11. D. Bethsaida

12. D. Ethiopia

13. D. Ezekiel

14. C. Nehemiah

15. B. 3
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Wow !!!

1. C.40 years
2. B. Heart
3. B Ruth
4. A Elisha
5. B 70*7
6. C Gideon
7.B obtain Mercy
8. D .David shed too much blood
9.B East
10. D Rest
11.D. Bethsaida
12.D Ethiopia
13.D Ezekiel
14.C Nehemiah
15 C 4