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Terrible Health Risks You Take Daily
Quote:Terrible Health Risks You Take Daily

1. Leaving your phone in ur pocket for too long. Some will even hold it in their hand close to their joystick. Hmm. The radiation is cancerous, & it weakens the immune.

2. Avoiding the heat of the sun. The sun has always been known as a detoxifier since ancient times. Ask old people.

3. Not drinking at least 3 litres of water daily. You are overheating. Drivers know the consequences of overheating.

4. Eating microwaved food. Radiation again.

5. Eating frozen food. Its dead food. Very little to no minerals. Micro antibodies looking for food & shelter in ur body will be celebrating.

6. Not eating fruits or raw vegetable at least thrice a week. No alkaline, no strong immune.

7. Alcohol consumption. You are attacking ur liver. If the liver doesn't function well, toxins will enter ur blood, and enter other organs too. Because the liver is the chief cleaner, all the toxins/poisons that enter d body, will b stuck in d liver because it is weak thanks to ur habit.
Prophet Ebankole

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