John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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Great is He
For months,its always been easy for enemies to attack but I am thanking God today for he had uprooting the evil root and load in my life that's making it easy for them. I give God all the glory. Hallelujah ! ! !
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  • Abby, gracefilled
I am here to thank God and give him all the glory for delivering me from act of fraud,yahoo to be precise.Although I have stopped doing it for a long time but just find it important to testify reading one of of my dreams interpretation that talked about bad life I was living then and how many like me in the game have like perished along with it. .

This is actually true.There are people who I know and have died while still in it.There was a brother very closed to me,we both run this together for sometimes. He was the one that received money on my behalf then.later,i heard that last year he died of tumor.He was in the process of raising money to leave for USA as he just got visa with his family. Thinking about it, I realised it is really worth giving testimony and I appreciate God for his mercy, love and grace upon my life. I too was seriously sick and admitted to the hospital years before his but God healed me but he could not make it...

God I refuse to take your grace for granted and I really thank you for delivering me and forgiving me totally and will forever be grateful.May you be exalted forever Lord Jesus
God is indeed merciful and faithful. Glory be to his name.
I appreciate God for his love and for saving me from frequent urine.It been happening past weeks and was obvious was not ordinary but I thank God for He gave me victory over it. Plus other victories over issues I never thought of or know they exist.... Like recovering of my blessing which was manipulated by someone long time ago as the result of assistant given to him.He is a wonderful father who knows what we need and see to it at any point in time without us asking...just as the scripture says he can do more than we ask and have in mind.Bless is his holy name forever more.
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  • gracefilled
I thank Jesus for his mercy and protection over me today again. On my way from where I went to this evening, there was a sudden sharp pain around my leg....the pain somehow felt like pricking of pin and as if something is stinging. The pain was much but thank God it eventually left even before I get home. Hallelujah ! ! !

Also, I appreciate him for exposing a scorpion which was not too far to where I lay my head in my room in the night.I got to see it just as I stood to go and urinate....I glorify you Lord.
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Thank God for divine guidance and protection. Hallelujah!!!
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Waoo it's last month of the year ! I thank God for the grace to see in good health and victories. It's been a year of battles and of course a year prayers are answered. I bless the name of the Lord for all,his grace, patience, faithfulness, mercy, favour,protection,teaching and provisions.
Above all, I thank him for new beginning both physically and spiritually.I give you all the glory father.

And ofcourse I thank God for the life of pastor bankole for all he has been using him for in my life and others all these years. Thank you sir you are doing a wonderful work here and it's just the beginning. I pray for more of God's annointing,blessings and protection for you and your family.

I thank God for delivering me Overnight today.Like few mins into the prayer I started having some pain round my body that made me so uncomfortable.I find it hard to utter the right prayer but God help me to keep my cool. It was much that I had to lie down to continue praying.I initially thought it was as a result of fasting I was having but it seemed to be beyond that but eventually God delivered and felt good again.Although I did not pray as I would have wanted but by the time I woke up this morning, I was full of energy that I didn't feel I was fasting. I bless the name of the Lord...give him all the glory. Hallelujah !
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  • gracefilled, Stephen
I give God the glory for saving me from blood sucker and also given me victory over another attack.I had a dream something is biting me around my anus woking up,thats exactly what happening and it was painful.Its like insect bite but invisible.I prayed over it and God took control.Thank you Jesus. May your name be praised forever.
Glory to the king of kings,lord of lords,Jehovah nissi for his protection...saved me from okada accident on my way back from church yesterday. Hallelujah !!!!
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