John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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Great is He
I bless the name of the Lord for his grace,faithfulness and mercy.After years of battle,He won and eventually led me out of my parents house. May His name be praised forever. Hallelujah ! ! !
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We serve a mighty God. More blessings brother.
I want to thank God, the king of king and lord of lords, the creator,our loving father for His constant deliverance from all sort of afflictions enemies are firing since late last year. If not for him, I might have died but in his mercy He kept delivering me.....proving himself God as He is. What he is doing in my life is beyond my understanding.He is truelly God....He is incomparable.I thank him for my salvation.... I bless Him and appreciate Jesus's death for me to live. May his name be praised forever. Hallelujah ! ! !
I bless the lord for another deliverance.I woke up yesterday with kind of issue with my throat to the extent it's not easy for me to sleep.I prayed but seemed stubborn but eventually God took care of it for me this morning. Thank you Jesus !
I dim it necessary and important to testify to the goodness and grace of God in my life. It got to a point in this spiritual journey that seemed like I was the only one/christian in the world as the result of the ganging up of evil agents against me. In my street,in commercial bus,in churches, anywhere I go I met them trying to attack and frustrate me.It looked they are the only one in existence.Anywhere I want to buy things I met them or something related to them and most of the time I was scared until lately.They use things that get me scared against me to frustrate me and sometimes attack when they sense am scared but God usually deliver me.He is truelly a loving God....always overlooked my short comings.Because of my spiritual ignorance and little or no knowledge of word of God,i used to get scared of somethings that I shouldn't be and this really cost me a lot.How they got to know that it's only God that can really say. If that thing is visible, the next thing I will be coming across it on my path whenever I go out. It was really a hard time for me. In the house war,outside unrest.But today,i thank God for He had help to subdue the fear and evil agents.Fears do knock sometimes but God helps me to confront and it's always peace at the end. Glory to the most high.Hallelujah ! ! !
I will advise us to be always conscious of this things call fear. It's truelly devil's great weapon. May God help us all
I am testifying to the greatness of God and his grace upon my life.For some months now,have been experiencing attacks in different dimension. I am not talking about attack in dreams but physical whereby I know the attackers and they are so desperate that they didn't care if I know they are doing this or not but to God be all the glory. He keeps saving me from all miraculously.

There was a particular experience whereby sometimes my mind speak along with whatever someone is saying or what I hear on or on TV but today I can thank God for the healing.Hallelujah!

An incidence happened during prayer in one night, there is this insect that was disturbing me. I prayed and to my surprise,i saw as it began to get weak until it couldn't move. After this, have had like another 2 or 3 experiences.I would hear movement of things during midnight thing in the morning, I would see croakroach on the carpet at the point of death.

Lastly, I bless God for always creating ways for provision of my needs.I thank him for he making sure I didn't lack.

Looking back,I realised how good He had been to me in all area.He has been a loving God and father. To say the fact, I usually concentrated on the battle.I am not too good or take thanking Him seriously as it should be.Its always how the battle will be over but in his mercy and grace overlooked this and keep being loving father. I can't thank Him enough. I thank you once again Lord Jesus.
Hallelujah ! ! !
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It's another month Hallelujah to the most high !
I appreciate God for sparing me to see the new month in good health,victories and all good things I have in Christ...vcitories over manhood affliction and others.
Also I thank him for rendering my enemies powerless....He made their devices ineffective and punishing them.
Now I believe I have no more problem because He said so. I thank Him for I am free from all problems.
Above all, I thank Him for delivering me from fear.He had taken away cup of trembling from me and gave to my enemies. Hallelujah ! !
I want to thank God for the victory over environmental and house enemies for he has subdue them.Since I got to the house is being battle.although I wasn't surprised or cought unaware because I had forseen it the very first day I went to the house.One of the neighbor gave a look that say," I will show you".I would not have accepted the house considering what I am going through back in parents house and in the street/city but I made up my mind to face whatever it is.
I didn't just suddenly made such decision but just had to trust God since things didn't work as I want and God has ordered my leaving of parents house. Since I started searching for apartment in this city devil had been trying to scare me away. There was no single day I went to search that this won't happen.

In the city where I stayed with parents, I had issue with those evil agents whereby they kind of trying to frustrate me and this extended to the new city to the extent that all estate agent I met belong to this category.This slow down my movement cos I was trying to avoid getting house with people like them.My thought was that they were actually the one ordering my step to them but the more I tried to avoid the more I keep meeting them so I had to accept my fate and put my trust in God.
I paid for the house and since I got to the house, it has been attack always in the night and morning.This is not dream attack but physical witchcraft/evil ones. Almost all the neighbors are at it but God kept saving me. It wasn't easy as I got worried most time.One day as I was kind of worried about the situation,God said, he wanted to show me how great he is. At the back of my mind, I know God wanted me to trust him totally but found it difficult to.And the attack continues every day I asked God to stop them.God told me until I serve him with all my heart. I was like waoo cos during this time I was still battling with fear to the extent all these people know this my short coming and even sometimes use it to mock me for real indirectly.

But, here I am today.God in his mercy found a way to help me through his words both personally and in the bible. He caused me to know how great he is as he said and this has given me peace of my mind.The fear of witchcraft have gone. I can now sleep peacefully even when I hear them going about thier evil activities...trusting that God is there to help me and He does always. He cause fight between these neighbors of mine just as pastor bankole interpreted a dream for me.

In fact, God is truelly God.I have really experience great power of God.I will not deny it. We are truelly serving God of Abraham,the one that parted sea, the creator of all things.I bless him for this priveledge he gave me to know him. Although the journey was rough,scary and full of doubts. I mean it was not easy at all.Even when it was hard to hear from him.when the battle got worse,He still find way to let me know what I need to know and caused me to trust him. He saw me through it all.

I want to urge us to trust God wholeheartedly no matter how hard is what we are going through.This is one of the lessons and the important one, I learn in this spiritual journey. Just as Israelites God what us to trust him completely. He wants us to know that he is the one that created all things including the evil we may be facing in our challenges and has power over it at any point in time. As a matter of fact, according to Bible, God has ordered our safety and evil/devil must's written that He commanded and it stand.His righteousness upon us through Jesus Christ has made us truelly saved any time. In any situation we find ourself his message to us is to be at peace, we shouldn't worry at all. I pray God cause us all to trust him deeply as he wants in Jesus name. Amen
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God just saved me from scorpion in my room today. I wanted to sot down on the bed to eat. I was like let me first sweep the floor. Then, there was this scorpion not too far to where I wanted to sit. I give God all the glory.Thank you Jesus !
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