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Strange Vulture Dreams
Good morning Prophet,

Pls help interprete the dreams below

1. Dreamt I was on a journey in a bus with some people that's how we got somewhere and the road was blocked by some men who were cultists. As the bus was blocked, i was in the air watching everything from above and was wondering what type of nonsense this that these ones have the audacity to block a whole highway.. it sha happened later on that I was now acting like part of them then a guy within them now told his story of how he joined them. He was a good guy when in the university till he was caught up with and initiated by force..., on that day he cried bitterly as the scene was playing to my view like a movie. I really felt for him because I understand how he was feeling as my case was somehow similar but I never got initiated. I now saw that I was in their mist and they were having a meeting somewhere and as I entered the place, I saw a familiar face and touched his back but he kept on talking then told them i'm a correct guy too. They now started showing me all types of hand signs which I was meant to reciprocate and I was just doing anything and they were excited till I left there. I was now still with them and saw another guy whom I suspected was a killer, then I told him that I know him from a day he went to kill someone that I was there(even though I was not, just wanted to confirm whether my suspicion was right) then he now say 'ooooK' that dayyyyy then he was like chaaii he has killed so many people for his oga oo then he walked away. I was just looking at him and shaking my head in my mind.. I now saw myself in another scene like we were abroad and I was somewhere where they wrote 'Irobe Cult group' but I didn't enter the place as I just stood looking from a little distance that these people are even establishing abroad also.

2. Dreamt It was like i forgot to do something then I was with two women and one of them said I should just go and bring the paper and leave the rest to her. She was now saying that how can I forget to do such then I left and I think I came back and the same scene played out again but this time as I was talking to her, I was removing some small pins and syringes from my palm and throwing them away..

3. I also remember dreaming that a female senior colleague of mine was telling me something and as I went somewhere and came back she now left for where she was going, she does not have a car in real life but I saw her driving one to where she was going on a road I am kind of familiar with.

4. Dreamt I saw my ex gf that I dated abroad, can't really remember what happened but I saw that I was passing a familiar road in like an estate after I left her where I was coming from and I now got to a place where I was wondering whether to pass one short cut or use the normal route within the estate to get to the gate...

Thank You and God Bless as you interprete..
1. Indeed, you've truly departed from the path of destruction,world,and repented of your evil ways,sins.

2. I see self inflicted but subconscious evil arrows fired into your life/hand to limit your prosperity, growth and frustrate the work of your hands removed now.

I must say, congratulations!

3. She'll relate with your path, follow your path : experience & record a similar success like yours : materially.

4. Don't be tempted, don't even give in nor follow the path/route of your past.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Good morning Prophet, pls what does it mean to want to write an exam, start writing an exam or sit down for an exam in one's dream???? I just had the dream below now and woke up 2:58am. Pls help interprete..

1. Dreamt i gathered with some other people at the back of our former place where we lived to write an exam. As we got there and people were trooping in, I was now trying to plant myself somewhere favourable so I can co-operate with someone brilliant. That scene now changed and as I was going up a street not far from where we wanted to write the exam, I saw two brilliant male friends that we also went to the same lesson before entering university, they were discussing and then they bade themselves goodbye to see later. then I saw that I went up a hill to a mallam to buy biro and as I was collecting my change from him, it was like I was now with a friend of mine that we grew up together.
It was as if my change was not complete and the mallam was trying to complete it but my friend was interfering. That's how another mallam now came and he was with a gun and wanted as he was discussing with the other one in hausa, that one said he should shoot my friend but I was calming him down and stopping him while holding the gun that he shouldn't. He was now saying that I am a good person but my friend is too proud that he is doing big man, that I should allow him shoot him but I didn't agree. They sha now left him and I collected my change and left. As I was going back, I now saw a lady writing the exam and she said they have started the exam since that ladies will remove their top to write the exam while guys will wear only boxers. She now said I will need a pencil and she had two then threw me one although it was not sharpened, I now decided that i'll sharpen it in the exam hall that someone should have a sharpener. I now started running to the exam ground but I am not sure I got there but if I did, I think I was reading the exam papers when I woke up...
It's called " a test or trial ".
This will come but like a trial,test to, directly or indirectly rescue a friend or someone close to you through the power of wisdom and divine mercy upon you.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Good evening Prophet, pls help translate these dreams. God bless

1. Dreamt i was on a road inside a bus close to a neighborhood i know, thats how one guy now stood by the door and told me to pass him the ball in the bus. I didn’t think it was anything so i reluctantly passed it to him. He now stopped chasing the bus and went to the front of a phone shop and i think dropped it there. I now called a colleague of mine and told him that they had collected the newspapers from me infront of the phone shop and as i was on the call, the guy now started running my way but fortunately for me, a bike was just on time approaching me and i jumped on it and the light skinned bike rider took me pass.

2. Dreamt i was somewhere in a gathering then what i remember is that an owl was kind of tormenting people as i stood by a window watching the scene. Soon i had left the window and was in th mist of people, i saw that the owl had flown to the window exactly where i stood and was watching everyone as people still stood. It now flew away from there and i now said ‘Ugly bird, look how terrible it looks with its ugly beak’..... the bird was sha flying away in the other direction i watched

3. Dreamt i was looking inside water and i noticed the image of a head underwater then i now took some green algae from the water and threw it to the mouth area of the image of the head to see whether it will move and it did as soon as the algae go to its mouth, i think it swallowed it then someone else that was there now did same and it reacted the same way again. I was now sure that it was an image that is alive then the head rose out of the water and as i was climbing up, the water level was rising but i got to the top and jumped over the water level despite it increasing along with me climbing up.

4. Then dreamt that i saw a former neighbour of ours where we lived and he was dancing shaku shaku then i was now dancing like i knew how to do the dance even though i was getting it and he was excited to see me dancing like that.. then he was now wearing a shirt that he was really feeling cool about and i had the shirt also which i showed him and he was just surprised and weak, not sure why but like that how can i have or be able to afford the same exact type of shirt he cherishes so much.. i was just smiling..

5. Dreamt me and my female cousin were together as she drove me to the home of her customer ‘madam gold’ something like that, so it was lagos island i think and we had to be clean climbing gates and things till we got to the door of where the woman is/works. So i now sorted out the things that were for her from the pouch i was with when one small boy came and took one of the things inside the pouch but i collected it bk from him tru the ones that were ours back to My cousin and kept the madam’s own.
As i was about to jump inside, a big fat lady came and as she was entering her flat, she was now asking me to tell her the name and show her the guy that comes to steal at their place so she can cook for him (perhaps to eat and die). I think i now jumped in because the next thing i saw was that i sat down in a flat where a man was and a lady was sitted on a sofa and before i knew it i broke an egg on the rug, then i think another one then another small reddish one.
The man was now asking me why i am letting the eggs drop although he was not angry but they had to be cleaning the rug. Two guys now came in and i was apologising to them.

6. Dreamt i was somewhere with someone i think a lady and we were eating white swallow together, cant remember the soup. The thing is i didnt feel the food touch or entered my mouth neither did i feel it in my stomach.

7. Remember dreaming that i was speaking to i think a pastor over the phone and he was now telling me to be prayerful that but to support me, he will do something for me to protect me, as he said that i knew he was not a real pastor that he was adding other things to his ministry but i kept quiet and kept my cool as i let him speak..
1. I see implication before you. Pray against implication. As the lord also warned, ' think before you act ; don't give what isn't yours out behind or without the owners consent.

2. He that's in you is greater than environment witchcraft powers.

3. I see marine provocation but surely, the lord will raise you above them all.
Be he warned ' don't dig a mystery you know nothing about.

4. The lord will cause you to outshine your pairs even amidst those who used boast or look down on you.

5. I see an occultic business person, partner of your cousin or somebody this close to you, a relation but the lord shall use you to incapacitate and destroy her grip over your...

6. Just cancel it and wage war against fiction/manipulation of night caterers. Note : not attack but an attempt to weigh you down or make you feel you've being attacked.

7. You've grown in wisdom,and in knowledge of the true word and path of the lord,heaven hence you can no longer be manipulated or deceived by those false pastors, churches et al that's taken over our world of today.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Good morning Prophet Ebankole, please help interprete these dreams below as there has been no time to post time, God bless you as you do and increase the anointing upon your life.....

1. Dreamt that my boss at work (a man) whom i know deep within him, he does not like me said or did something to me in the dream and i was just looking at him then i do not know why but he just started kissing me to apologise to me and soaking my face with saliva but because i know that even in real life this man does not like me, i think i just kept telling him its ok...

2. Dreamt i was with a sec school classmate of mine and a few friends and we wanted to pass a tunnel like place to get to where we were going and somehow miraculously a way appeared/came. Then we came out and still another blockage but something happened again that nature shifted the ground to favour us and we passed through and slid down ontopnof snow that appeared through the tunnel we wanted to pass.
3. Dreamt i was with i think my cousins from my mim’s side cant remember what happened but we were with a guy that we could stand with to take a picture with so him being in it will favour us, a guy was to snap us for visa processing and they wanted to leave me out but i didnt agree even thou i was thinking in my mind that this visa processing guy/place is a wuruwuru one.. then i remember i passed through someone’s kitchen in the dream as short cut because i wanted to go buy a drink outside and as the lady reluctantly allowed me, as i stepped outside, there were cages of wild big rottweilers and one overcharged against me even thou chain and flew towards me in its chain till it flew and cut its chain off but it missed me. The aggressiveness of the dog was what cut the chain but after it missed me, i woke up..

To be continues
1.Do not bother nor trouble yourself about him you God is bigger than him and he can do you nothing. Infact, he will lick your feet at last because he that's in you is bigger and mightier than his..

2. I see you come out of retrogression, shame into greatness, your promise land by divine mercy and hand of God.

3. ◄ Proverbs 14:12 ►
There is a way which seems right to a man, But its end is the way of death

You may success in maneuvering your way to possess these..through short cut but ahead of you lies destruction. The lord warned, don't join in nor embrace this short route.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Thank you for your response sir, very well appreciated.

1. I had this dream yesterday that i shaved part of my beards and then it was in my mouth but i brought the beards out of my mouth and was looking at where i shaved and how smooth it was. I was now considering whether i should shave it all off.

2. I dreamt about my boss that does not like me but he was later licking my face, that i saw myself driving another of my former boss at work’s car then i borrowed this my boss the car to drive and he refused to return it. I was now looking at him and saying in my mind that what is wrong with this guy! Thank God it is not my car.

3. Dreamt i was in the former neighbourhood we used to live and i was walking then one guy close to me just started looking for trouble that’s how i gave/threw at him the nylon i was holding and as he opened it, it was clothes not too good and he eventually reluctantly took one polo shirt out of it and was even throwing it at me and i was throwing it back at him.

4. Dreamt i was with a friend of mine somewhere in a building then as we were on the corridor at the balcony, a more muscular guy than him was now approaching as me i just stepped aside for the guy to pass. Something told me he would want to look for my friend’s trouble which he did by saying he wants to pass through where he was standing. But My friend shook hands with him in a certain way afterwhich the guy now kept going. Me and my friend now started going down the staircase and as i got down i saw that we were where some guys were licking women’s private parts as i think the women were prostitutes.. thats all i remember..

4. Dreamt that somebody was telling me i think over the phone that a friend and former sec school classmate of mine’s wife uses medication to calm down and not act inappropriately(mad) but she forgot to use it or they forgot to give her or something then she did something weird that i cant remember anymore..

5. Dreamt many things happened then at the end me and my younger sister in our former house saw that my elder sister had all sorts of sexually transmitted diseases.. gonorhea & halitosis were names i heard then i was now shouting and she said it to me and i rejected it immediately. I then asked for a woman that is our known enemy’s name and started cursing her on at the balcony of where we used to live. I think it was like a vision, dream or visual scene and after it ended i now saw an alfa and was telling him that the story that just finished here that if i tell him that he would be afraid, that he should take care of his son. I now said any religion one wants to do, he/she should be allowed do it diligently then the alfa said it has to only be islam then i walked away from him immediately.

6. Dreamt i was in my car and rain was falling, what i remember is that i saw plenty people under a shed waiting for rain to stop falling so they can continue their journey, as i was passing i spotted one or two people that i knew who i decided to help give a lift. As i reversed to pick them up that was how many other people also wanted to rush inside the car and i kept insisting and calling out the names of the people i know that only them should enter.

7. Dreamt there was something about a word that was said that kept coming to me in this dream. I sha noticed that a guy brought a plant or so for me to smell and one of the ladies from the just concluded big brother show stood not too far away from me but as i smelt it, i couldnt smell anything. I think it was a leaf to be smoked.

8. Dreamt i was in a house where circular music star davido and his boys stay then i was cooking indomie and then i went to get something. On my way back i saw two boys from my sec school and i shook one even if he didnt respond but when i got back to my cooking pot, the female cook in the house had poured more indomie inside my almost cooked food and claimed it while she continued cooking. I was soo pained because i was hungry then she threw my jeans and boxers short to me and guys there were now saying I should just leave her and let peace be...
1. Yes do. Go shaving.

2. Don't be inconsiderate ; don't give what you can not accept.

3. I see provocation. But if you give in its capable of drawing/setting you backward.

4. What are you doing, following a friend to an ungodly,sinful place? I am seeing a bouncer here. Be warned lest whatever your eye see? You bear it alone and at the same time sin against God.

5. Many, millions out there survives/lives on drugs but this isn't your own case--therefore, shouldn't you be grateful to God daily, for the live and health he gave you? Count your blessings..

6. Training up a child well has so much to do with religion (in Christ) but the role of parents can not be overemphasize lest the child brings sorrow into his life and his loved ones/parents.

7. Those (sudden celebrities) group of people are bound and lives ungodly lifestyle. Are you such followers? Then welcome to the arena of worldly ones : smokers.

8. When you wine, dine and lives or moves with ungodly people,such as those ones? Prepare to be robbed before your eyes and lost your self worth,pride.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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