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Strange Vulture Dreams
Good morning pastor, pls help interprete this strange dream i had... There was alot that happened in the dream but this is what i can recollect

I was flying Wayyy up in the clouds and all of a sudden i was started falling and as i was falling although i think i could control myself, i now started seeing white men in parachutes that were also going down to earth It kind of looked like they couldnt control themselves not sure... Then i accelerated to one of the white men's parachute because i was not using a parachute then i started to touch the parachute asif to show that i dont need it to be in the sky.. Then two of the white men in the sky got entangled in their parachutes and then another 2 or three more then there was a little bit or panicking for them in the sky as it now appeared that we were soon going to reach the ground and they were all going to crash land in africa but in the sky i guided and saved them and was telling them what to do, i remember telling them to use their legs to walk on the walls of the houses so they dont crash into them then i guided them to a ladder in a village like setting where they landed safy although i didnt reach the ground with them it was now like they had become black men..
When i dropped them, i now continued flying somewhere as i was going, i saw three poor children playing on the ground from the sky but i jst flew pass, something made me to turn back from where i was flying to , not sure but i think i was now looking at all the roofs like they were all village like pan roofs and i was like why am i even flying pass all these places sef then when i encountered those children again as i went back, i asked them directions i think to street/house where i lived as a child and they told me how to fly to get there but in my mind i kind of knew how to get there already but just wanted to ask them, as i made to fly there, i noticed the children went inside their house and was telling what happened to a man whose voice i could hear from over the house as i was flying across in the sky repeating what the children told him (the instructions they gave me) but i said nothing... I think i now noticed that the children started running to where i was going.. But as i was flying there, i think i now stopped at one place on top of a roof to rest even thou i wasnt tired but as i made to leave, i saw a lady wearing a tee shirt that something was written on it, like those printed event tee shirt and we interacted briefly and i wanted to leave then think she said something which i cant remember then i tried to test her by firing something to her, before the thing reached her a small rectangle appeared infront of her and i realised even thou she looked normal she wasnt just an ordinary person.
As i made to fly away, it was now like more people were now there and i couldnt fly away and there was only now small space above me for me to fly out through then i was now getting angry and suspected it was a lady i think wearing white standing beside me that was preventing me and i think i said it to her afterwhich. i tried to rise from the ground to fly again i did but i couldnt fly, then i took a leap of fate and flew forward off the roof inside the place inside of out and above and began to fly, then a lady that looked exactly like my friend's younger sister who i think was plating someone's hair now called me and said i should come that she is behind it all, that how can i (like i did something to her) although i cant remember what she said i did but what came to my mind as i was writing this dream down was something silly that i said to her about their parents jokingly many years ago.. Then i think i now saw my mum there who Was now begging her but i think she didn't want to agree then two other ladies were now begging her and i think the three of them now climbed on her back, dont know why...

2. This second dream is very vaguely remembered, Cant remember clearly but i think i was at a place like trouble was going on and they had to deploy security personnels including police there. I cant remember what happened but i think i came out of somewhere alive and i think i was seen as a survivor and the security personnels were looking at me as it to say that is the guy. So as i came to where there was a police officer that i noticed was watching me but i didnt say anything. Then i turned to look the other way, someone or some people now called attention to a man that was passing by that area in fear with his family and they were being guarded by someone who was leading them as we all watched, as i turned back to the side of the police officer, he said i should come but he didnt say it with confidence then i was reluctant to go to him, i think i took a few steps and stopped.

3. I saw that i entered a flat then i think me and a friend were talking then another of my friend that i had not seen in a while now walked in and before i could say anything, my friend had started telling him what has been going on with me as if to ridicule me jokingly and they were smiling then in my mind i was now thinking like who asked you now. Me and the friend that came in now started chatting then i asked what he was doing on a particular day so he could take me somewhere to buy something.

Thank you pastor as u interprete!
1. You are about to be deliver from the powers of retrogression, stagnancy and or backwardness.

Indeed, you are meant to fly: living outside the shore of this country. You greatness, glory is attached to this as well.
Something is still holding you down,clipping your wings/altitude.

In essence, you are about to move into glory, fly,be free but someone,something is holding you down. Truly you offended a lady and u must apologise to be free forever.

2. You are still living amidst spiritual and physical fear and intimidation. Meaning, spiritual vulnerability.
You need to call the living God to come in and dwell in you, cast away all form/powers of fear,intimation,spiritual weakness and limitation.

3. There is an a mark/embargo within you,being inflicted on you : many shall mock you for no reason,friend shall want nothing to do with you, many/family will cease to have anything to do with you.
It's called 'the infliction of hate,irritation and detesting''

Bless you- I can see your victory is in between:close.

Bless u
Thank you for interpreting pastor. Can u pls give me some strong prayer points to destroy all these manipulations of the devil/enemies.. How will i know the exact lady i offended now because i know this is not a physical battle.. Or i start to call all the ladies i have known? Probably not!

This mark/embargo, what prayer points will destroy it permantly pastor because this physical manifestation is happening already!
Do i go for deliverance?

I need God to talk to me and guide me...

I had this another dream this afternoon, also cant remember all that happened even thou it was a short one!

I dreamt that i was in a place like a flat or living room, that how an old acquitance that we often talk on facebook barged in through the door and said you! You! You! And hit me! .This friend/acquiantance once said on facebook that i wasnt responding to his messages and i didnt want to help him travel and there was nothing i could do, besides i was always busy to chat and i later apologised to him, so i dont understand!
No its a spiritual battle and physical battle too.
As for all your questions do give me a call 12pm tomorrow and for prayer points: forum index visit > PRAYER REQUEST''' thread.

Indeed, the lord insisted that someone is attacking you, someone you know is angry at you and has been inflicting these attacks/stagancy on you.
Why not ask the lord how to go about this and or who this person?

Bless u
Thank you pastor.

But is the attack from just one person or men & women?

So i have an understanding about the spiritual approach, does this mean physically i have to figure out who the person or people are and go beg them for forgiveness?

I will call you tomorrow, thank you sir.
Good morning pastor, thank you for the continous support. God's continous blessings. Pls help interprete sir

Dreamt i saw my last gf that we planned to settle down together, i offended her and we had issues so the relationship ended by itself. Last i spoke with her, She has been cursing and swearing that she will never forgive me and that i will suffer for wasting her time. I have been begging her for forgiveness but she wont have it at all... Back to the dream, i saw her and then i think she had reported me to her people as it was like i saw her aunties and some elderly ones from her home town coming my way and in the dream that was what came to my mind.
I was now in a place and i think she was there with her friends because i saw her face clearly, not sure but i think she was on one side and her friends were on another side in the same space but her friends lay on each other on a sofa and i think i thought in my mind that maybe i shouldnt be rigid and play with them to ease the girl's mind (because in real life she still called my mum some days ago saying she is no more angry but she lied that i havent be calling her but i have but she ignores me or cuts the call), so i now playfully layed on them, all of a sudden i think they all just turned to plenty of snakes with many in small sizes and as i fell on the snakes, i was now wondering why did this girl do this, but it was like i wasnt scared of the snakes, i was just irritated because in real life i dont like snakes at all. Thats all i can recollect..
What could this mean pastor?

2. Dreamt i was somewhere with a friend, thats how he now saw some other guys and davido and said told me he was coming back now and went with them but didnt come back.. It was like i was now going somewhere then i met a guy and we were talking, i was trying to figure out the kind of person he is as he was well dressed and calm but i think he had tribal marks.. So we now started trying to figure out where to go and eat but me i was thinking in my mind that i had just N500 that i'll rather go and eat at home because i had to transport myself... Then he was talking about one last canteen at the extreme of where we were that he had eaten there before and their food is tasty then i was like yes i know so we were walking through a not too busy market lane and things were being sold left and right and i particularly noticed a woman frying fish and was packing it out of hot oil on fire they looked enticing and well fried. i was reluctant to go to the canteen the guy was talking about as we were approaching the place and we wanted to cross the last road, it now looked like the house where i grew up as a child then i told the guy that i am not going then i stopped and woke up!
1. You offended this lady greatness as a result of promiscuous and wayward life.
Truly, you brought this upon yourself and not this lady.
The snakes are serpent that you gave your self to: had sexual intercourse with, playingfully or deliberately. It means, promiscuous, path of death/destruction. You've slept with quite numbers of wrong/possess ladies and as a result succeeded in taken away your virtues,glory and blessing through sexual intercourse. You loved everything under skirt so much that you've been robbed a lot during these period.

2. Halleluyah!!! Slowly,tenderly and surely you are coasting to your victory.
Refusing to go back to your former house/location signifies: the grace,power, authority resist/reject every form of retrogression and stagnancy.
Indeed, the lord is here and fighting for you.

Pray points with psalm 119
Oh my past,serpentine powers holding me to ransom, that's taken away my glory,virtues release me and die.

Oh power of resurrection,holy ghost fire,blood of jesus run thru my past/sins and separate us forever.

Any person,curse, powers,spirit holding me to ransom- I neutralise u all by the power in the blood of jesus.

Who ever i've offended that I need to seek his/her forgiveness, oh lord show me their face and tell me how to go about it-in jesus name.

Bless u

Heart the lord is here indeed.
Good morning pastor... Thank u for your support, may the good Lord bless u

Pls help interprete

Dreamt that i was with two men and i think they wanted me to do something but i refused, one of them now removed his shoe and behold i saw the strangest wound under his toe, he now started trying to put it in my mouth but i struggled until the disgustingly wounded toe touched under my lower lip but my mouth was closed...

2. Dreamt i went into a very dirty bathroom to have my bath, like those dirty university bathrooms, there was dirty water on the floor and i was very disgusted but i removed my clothes, hung them and started bathing very very slowly. So i think a particular guy knew when i entered then when he came back naked holding his private part, he said ahan that i am still here and i replied him saying i have to take my time and take it slow because of this dirty environment.. I think he now gave me money, cant remember where he got it from. Im not sure but i think i now started getting ready to leave.

3. Dreamt i entered like a hall and as i walked in, i saw some two ladies, i cant remember what they were saying but they were talking about me as they walked pass...
1. The enemies are angry, wanted to inflict you with some desease and or attack your voice.
This is so because you are coasting to victory hence while they'd do anything to shut u up.
You must intensify on these prayers, seems to be hitting them hard. But pray against powers/infliction on your voice/mouth.

2. Even amidst sin and disaster the lord is paving way for your deliverance.
The lord is slowing and surely restoring you back and returning every virtues,blessing and glory the enemies had stolen from you- I must say congrats
Bathing signifies: deliverance
The money means: restoration of blessing/virtue.
The dirty environment means:being living/sourrounded by sins et al.
Your victory is here, the lord is restoring u back now..slowing but sure. Pray more on forgiveness now.

3. Wow! Restoration of identify,presence and honour.
Soon, very soon many shall talk about u, those that have neglected u,hated u shall now talk about u- but cease from lust,sin and fornication,learn from your past/mistakes.

Bless u
Thank you pastor. Your reply made me remember when i was praying in the middle of the night some weeks back. As i intensified the prayers and was sweating profusely, i felt like some presence and my voice siezed for a few secs..... Hmmm

Thank you for everything pastor.