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Strange Vulture Dreams
1. I see a strange woman before you. She would want to manipulate,trick to lure you into her life but be warned ! Don't give in to her tricks and manipulation it's deadly and dangerous and it's nothing but deceit indeed.

•It's called " higher ground,ability to soar and possess....
Meaning, you've found favor with the lord and heaven.

2. I see great enmity, hatred towards your father and her sister. And this is so deep and strong that if you had the chance? You'll lead them into a pit of destruction or their downfall. But the lord warned, you can't continue this way for whatever evil,or downfall you wish or plot against those two might directly or indirectly affect you too ; Yes, you will all get soaked in the river of destruction or wastage.

3. Traveling or going overseas shouldn't be on your lists or plans now except the lord approve of it,or there is indeed an established or solid reason backed by divine instruction.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Good day Prophet Ebankole, greetings to you in the name of our lord Jesus… Please help translate this strange dream I had this morning.

What I remember about this dream is that I was with some guys and it was like we came together to become a group(seemed like a cult group) but we looked like regular people with black caps. A paper was given to me, like I opened a paper and what was clearly written on the paper was ‘Ire’… Then there was a list of us in the group totalling 8 in number written on a white piece of paper. I noticed that the name of the first person on the list (seemed to be our leader) was a neighbourhood friend that I grew up with where we lived before.

A bag of money was now passed to me to share in many bundles and I gave everybody the same amount, one bundle at a time. As I was sharing the money, I noticed there were two young boys among us then I initially thought I should give them a lesser amount but quickly changed my mind and gave me the same amount. That’s all I can remember sir… Please help interprete!

God bless sir.
Biblical number :

EIGHT - New beginnings.

The lord said, I shall make you the head,bless and count you among the blessed ones/group : this is the new beginning.

But he warned, be wary of greed.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Good afternoon sir, i have made several calls to you but it has just been ringing.. please help interprete these scary dreams below.

I had this dream yesterday

1. Dreamt I parked my car at a car-park think where we used to live, then I came out and pressed the remote control of my car to identify my car and go to it but it didn’t light up anywhere. I now started checking around for my car but didn’t find it anywhere. I woke up and prayed then slept back after which I saw the car.. cant remember the rest of the dream.

2. Dreamt I was in our former house where we used to live, in the sitting room with my mum as it was now flooded with water. I was fed up of all the wahala, so as I was folding my shirts that had been soaked in water, I was now upset and telling my mother that I am tired of all the suffering and problems that is full in our lives that if she ends up dying, that I will kill my father. She now said I should shut up and keep my mouth shut that in my life it will surely be joy overflow.

Had these dreams below this morning.

3. that there was a mudslide that was high above the ground, covering houses. Then there was a gigantic creature-like machine that was destroying & clearing the land where people were just falling to their death from on top of high buildings (it looked like where we used to live). I was watching from a distance and felt pity for the people involved (like it was endtime).
There was now chaos in the city as me and a small group were looking for an escape route then we got to one place where a lady I know that lives abroad with her family had to jump from a very tall height where it was crumbling into water below to save her life. She was terrified but still jumped and as she landed in water, she was helped out and we started making our way.

3.(ii) The scene now changed to where I was at a party with some old friends including one I left abroad then I saw that on my neck, I had 4 or 5 ties in different colors. One of the ties matched my shirt as it was the exact color and design but I settled for a black tie from the ties. At the party, I was checking out fine ladies and I could recognise some of them like I knew them from somewhere. When they were leaving, I was outside by my car close to the venue of the party and was watching them as they were passing. I then suddenly just took a few steps away from my car to check something as I stood at the back door while leaving the back door of the car where I was open..
as I turned to go back to my car, it was no where to be found (the car was gone). I now started looking for it all around and I went to meet two guys that were gisting close-by under a tree if they had seen my car. One of them now said I should go to the next street on the main road that there is a church compound there, that’s where they took my car to….
I was now asking why and who took it there while I now saw a sec school friend of mine that we went to the same uni together and I explained to him. Someone close to me now said I should use the remote control of the car to track it and as I pressed the remote, the car sounded from very closeby and I traced it to a mechanic standing not too far away from me but it was the horn of the car that he was holding.

I now pressed the remote close to him again and it beeped then the mechanic was now saying aloud that he shebi he told them the action will backfire to a court-case that shebi they can see it now. Suddenly, it now turned out that a bottle with water In it was where the horn was now beeping from and I collected it or I think snatched it from the mechanic while shouting that how can they do this… as I was running and leaving with the bottle with water in it that was sounding as if it was my car horn, a man/woman (not sure) who was wearing a white sutana (cele garment) now started chasing me with a bike he/she was riding and I ran without being tired while holding the bottle in my hand. There was heavy sand in the area that made the man/woman chasing me fall on the bike and I think he/she crashed. I didn’t even bother to look back at what happened but just kept running till I woke up.

I will call again sir. God increase your anointing in Jesus name, Amen.
I can reach me without appointment. The level of my busy schedule is immeasurable-but all for God, all for you

1. They are called " spiritual robber ". But to God be the glory, you recovered it...if not..?

Glory be to jesus!

2. Be mindful of your thoughts, words while overwhelmed with trouble, challenges or confronted with touch times. Learn to endure and mind what you say when you are under temptation, trial..

3..iiii,iii... As long you continue to live in your old self ; sin, lusting after women, partying et al? You'll never win in the court of heaven nor that of HELL. Meaning, you won't go with christ, and you will be caught in the perilous hours,season according to the book of ( refer to it) revelation. Simply put? You won't go with christ.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Thank you for your interpretation sir. May God increase the anointing upon you.

I have been calling you as I have had some weird and confusing dreams. Pls help interprete sir

1. Dreamt I was in our former compound where we used to live and a friend drove a jeep to come see me along with his cousin in the car. I was going out of the compound to go to the opposite compound where another guy just rented a flat. Someone was washing/cleaning his refrigerator by the gate of the opposite compound as I went inside the flat. Initially, the flat looked fine as a guy from my church was there and he was complaining that the other guy that paid for the flat does not like to spend even though even though he has a lot to sort out in the flat. He also said can I imagine that the guy gives his mother one thousand naira even with all the money he has.. suddenly I started noticing snakes almost everywhere although they were thin ones but black. I now reached for my phone so that I can start going but It was like the guy I was with who is from my church did not/could not see all the snakes I was seeing. All of a sudden, one thin small snake just focused it's gazed on me from a distance but I just woke up.

2. Dreamt this morning that it was like I was in a building where some ladies appeared to me in a room I was. In the dream, it was like the room was for dangerous men and I had looked through the window to see whether I can escape but it was high up and nothing to hold to escape then I was telling the ladies that I didn't come there to steal or to commit any crime as they looked like they were having pity on me. They didn't say anything to me but I was kind of uncomfortable with their presence there.

Pastor Ebankole, please kindly paste some strong prayer points for me with some scriptures to go with. I need prayers, this is how I feel.

Thank you as I wait for your interpretation.
Both dream means the same :

• Coven of serpentine, witchcraft powers.

• Captivity of jezebel spirit or marine dungeon.

Yes, I see the kingdom of darkness, marine/serpentine kingdom celebrating victory over your destiny, glory and soul. As I see you in their captivity through the fall and power of sexual intercourse, spirit of lust/jazebel.

I see you at the mercy.

Pray these prayers backed with forgiveness of sin, total repentance (don't go back to it lest you are mocked) and fasting, deliverance :

Here,make some/your choice :

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Your account has been suspended for breaking the rule ; posting, updating on sunday---
Suspension expires on Wednesday.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole, good day to you.

Please sir, you are yet to interprete my last posted dream. I have some below that needs interpretation also.

1. Dreamt of seeing my ex girlfriend as I was begging her not to hurt herself and she continued inflicting injury on herself till she killed herself under the gutter of the gate where my family lived before. There she suffocated herself with dirty gutter water and she became dry as bone because she hurt herself till she bled to death.

2. Dreamt I was with one of my cousin in one shabby Wood house. Then I now held her just to see how I would react as a man but a boy and another girl were coming (we heard their footsteps) and she was like it won't be right for them to see us in that position then I ejaculated. She was now Like 'ha' as if to say, that's bad because it's not like we had sex and I just ejaculated like that. Then I ran out and entered another shabby Wood house where I saw a guy that was like a brother-friend and I told him what happened and he was like maybe because I had not been with a woman in a while. Then the place/flat I was was shabby like a shanty, windows and the door was a broken unattached wood covering the front door. I now saw a friend of mine that just stopped communicating with me in real life fetching water outside and carrying the bucket on his head (the guy has a good job and is doing ok). He now saw me and was shocked like he wanted to be sure it was me then he came in to visit. I was ashamed but kept my cool. One other guy was there in the shabby unpainted flat with me sitting on the sofa and he was now telling my friend that there is usually no light, I was looking at the TV there and it was a small one that I even think it was a black&white TV.

3. Dreamt I was somewhere with some people and the place was like a poor neighbourhood and one man now appeared to us. The man needed help and I encourage others that we should all help him, I don't know what now happened but as we helped him something now happened to the man like Palm-Oil poured on him or so and I now said that i must not come in contact with this guy and everybody heard and we started running from the guy not to come in contact with us. later the guy now focused on me as I was the one that was like the leader that made others help him and he started chasing me around to please help him and he was stark naked. The guy just wanted to touch me or so then In my mind I was now like 'I should have not helped this guy o' till I woke up...

Sir, please i'll appreciate your interpretation of these dreams. God bless

I always post my dreams the way I remember them.
Good morning sir.... Please I just had these two strange dreams these morning before I woke up...

4. Dreamt of many other scenes but the last part was that I was with an older woman like in her 40s or early 50s telling me that I should 4plan to travel abroad and further my education that it will give 'us'/me time to settle many other things in my life because of the length of time i'll be given on my visa. I was just pondering over what she was saying in my dream when I woke up.

5. Dreamt me and my younger sister were in a white speed boat with black edges, as we were going on water with some oyinbo's in another speed boat, my sister turned the antenna of the boat we were in after which the white man in the other both told her the functionality of the antenna has been affected. Then something happened and I didn't see her and the boat again then I became worried. I now looked forward and saw that there was large water body connecting to the sea. I noticed a moving bus got swallowed inside the water and a man on a bike too. I just stood where I was thinking of what to do. I think I left the phone I was supposed to use to call her at home so no communication. A guy that went to my secondary school but we are/were not friends now passed and I explained things to him, he now stopped at a closely kiosk I think to buy N100 recharge card as I saw the N100 in his hand, I think so I could call. I saw a car with 4 people wearing white garment (sutana) like people that go to cele church inside a car that an Arabic inscription was written on it but they were just going on their own. I am not sure who I complained to about the car that got swallowed in the water and the bike but they said they will surface further infront that they are still moving inside/under the water. The scene now changed to me wearing a fine blue Agbada and my dark glasses that I have in real life. I now saw one of the daughters from a rich family that we used to live together even though she is older and behind her were her siblings, they all wore blue traditional attire similar to mine but not the same and she said 'fine boy' . soon as I looked at her, she now said something like 'maybe because of the glasses'. I looked forward and saw their brother who was my close friend but maybe he didn't see me as he just kept going infront (he was also wearing a blue agbada).. it was like they were having a ceremony but clearly in was in our former house/neighbourhood where we used to live. I now purposely started walking slowly towards there....