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Strange Vulture Dreams
Had this short sleep and woke up not too long ago.

Pls help intertrete pastor

I dreamt that something happened and people were after me, thats how i now saw myself in our flat that we lived from childhood, i ran on the staircase then went back to a floor below to get something then i ran up the stairs again holding something that i think will be useful for my escape upstairs and entered our flat that i used to live as a child till my tenage days then shut the door, i think my younger sister helped me lock it. As she was locking it, it was now as if i had a pouch with ties inside i noticed a red and blue tie inside that i wanted to use as rope to escape from the balcony as i was opening it to remove them i think people were now at the door the i climbed the balcony barrier to the other side and said to myself that i can escape tru here. As i was hanging on, it was now like there was well boiled meat (cooked meat but no pepper around it) in my mouth and like i was being monitored through it. So when i noticed, i now bit hard on the meat then an image was now showing to me like i was watching a tv and as i was biting hard it was like i was seeing the meat in my mouth on a screen that i was watching pretending like its eyes was closed but was trying to keep it unoticeably open like it was trying to keep something in view asif to monitor it. All of a sudden i now noticed that the meat had a little lump and anytime i bit the lump hardddd it will affect the meat a bit then as i was watching it was like someone held the meat in hand like the screen now went up and revealed a man's face to me that looked like he was in his 40s or maybe 50s holding the meat in his hand and was pointing it towards the people he was talking to. He was wearing transparent glasses and he was sitted talking to some people infront of him but they didnt know that the meat he held was like a recorder that was watching them and he was smiling while talking then i woke up... I dont recognise the man at all

Pastor i have been trying your number but it says busy
Someone is indeed, if not many behind the misery and mystery of your predicament,attacks,infliction and whatever it is that's been drawing you backward and into retrogression.

You are still battling with powers of retrogression hence while you were under locked or being chase about only to end up inside the room. Meaning there are some powers/individuals behind your attacks/retrogression and they /these powers are real.
Infact they are still monitoring your life and any time u are about to break free or make progress they hijack it- because they can see u,have control over you, remote control you et al.
But be thankful as the lord is now exposing them now one by one, especially the source of your predicament...the battle isn't over thou but the battle line has been drawn. Brace up and intensify on your war far. This lord is here.

Bless u
Thank you pastor. But i cannot recognise the man i saw, i have been trying to figure out who he looks like... Could he be that his man is a major part of what is happening to me?

The battle has already been won, i know this
Yes, with God all things are possible.
You don't /need not know the person- focus on the battle(war-fare prayers) and leave the rest unto God.

Bless u
Thank you pastor.

Pls help interprete this dream i had below

9th may morning

Dreamt i saw a lady that is an ex gf's very good friend in a room (this lady deleted me from her bbm some days ago) and she was looking tall and big, then we started talking then i think she was looking at me like she wants to sleep with me, she now removed her clothes and said i should come and that i should see her vagina then i noticed tattoos on her body and was like so this girl has tattoos because they were from her abdomen down to around her private part then i touched her private part briefly after which she went on the sofa with her ass facing me ready for sex. I remember going to her and holding her ass then i noticed again that she had tattoos all over her ass too but i didnt say anything but dont think i did anything with her then i think i didnt now see her again it was like she left the room or so...

The dream is longer than this but cant remember the other parts, this is just the part i remember. Maybe if it comes to mind later, i'll post it.
I see temptation,i see distraction, I see confusion- but I see you overcoming these.

The enemies/devil want to distract you and at the same time lust you,lure you into temptation, sin and fornication.

In essence, be thankful the lady left you as there is an mark/spirit operating in her.

Be on alert- the enemies are at work, they would do anything. This is because you are hitting them hard/this time you are on the right path: to victory.
Be on your guard as u will encounter more of these spiritually/physically.
You shall overcome in jesus name ' as u coast to victory in jesus name.
Bless u
In the migthy name of Jesus Christ, i shall overcome and be victorious, amen!

Thank you for this interpretation sir.

Pastor, please does this mean when i see this lady in the physical, i should not speak to her? Or just be diplomatic about interacting with her?
Does this mean my ex who is her friend is also aware of anything going on?
He's not as it takes spiritual consciousness to see what lies in the spirit realm.

Of course be diplomatic and learn from your past.
Bless u
Good morning pastor, thank you for your spirit led guidance.. May the Lord promote us all

i woke up this morning at mayowa's house i cant recollect the dream but what i remember that i was in a place like a school which was not familiar then as i was walking round the school, think in different sections of the room, people were dancing, there was a section where i saw kids like they had just finished school and preparing to leave but they were all dancing happily then i walked pass them again and saw a section were people that i could recognise (adults) but cant recollect any of them except for a particular guy that i have known since childhood and he was in the same pry school class as me and my younger sister plus i gave him some good advice about life when i was abroad because i figured he is going through alot. i spotted him in one of the section also dancing..
Slowly but surely the lord is delivering you from the powers of retrogression -but the battle isn't totally won yet.

Glory be to jesus.

Bless u