John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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Strange Vulture Dreams
Infact pastor, nobody calls me anymore. Friends and loved ones have disserted me, people that used to like and adore me avoid me like a plague now with no valid reason. This has been going on for sometime now.

I have fallen into so many wrong hands that instead of helping me, they rob me off something, i am getting suicidal as i have always tried to maintain good behaviour although i used to fall when it comes to worldliness and the female gender but all that is in the past! I need total restoration because all i hear about myself has almost never reflected in my life as i believe the few that is still happening is by the grace of God.

Please pastor i dont understand what u mean by my recent/today's revelation will show us where i stand and how far the battle has been won!
Also pastor i dont understand what you mean by i should number my dreams.

Everything that u have said is true but i have always tried to stay away from people and any form of trouble, i dont understand this life anymore!

I hear i neee deliverance but a true believing and genuine church can be sometimes hard to find, even if one does, one cant trust some of the worshippers.

Pastor pls i also had this dream on the 27th of april.

1. dreamt that a young guy that didnt look good and was running towards me entered me. I tried dodging but couldnt.

2. A lady i know abroad appeared to me as i was ontop of a staircase but i wasnt scared of her. Then she tried talking to me but i wont have it and told her to get away, i think she was looking at me like she knows i know something then she dragged my laptop from me and sat down on it then immediately i pulled my laptop and she fell on the ground angry and she it was like she was about to start changing into something then i started shouting jesus and she started vibrating like it was getting to her then she held my hand in pain as she was vibrating and buried her fingers in my hands, i felt it but it wasnt painful then another lady came from somewhere and appeared down the staircase and was coming up to me smiling but i was not scared, i think i just told her that 'look i know u and what are' better. Cant remember what happened but i think i pushed her away or something

3. Saw a friend of mine in my dream, he walked in and didnt say nothing to me. He just sat down and removed exactly the type of my phone and was checking his messages, i started calling him rich man (like teasing him) but he didnt even ans me.

Pls help interprete pastor. I need divine intervention sir. I am posting most of these so that others can learn. Thank you sir
Pastor pls you still have not sent me the prayer points as we discussed. Waiting sir, thank you
Prayer of forgiveness -
With psalm 51, cry out and ask the lord to;
Forgive your past/sins.
Foundational sins.
Inherited sins.
Sins of your father's, mother's house and that of your parents.

Now Joel 2:28, 7times and psalm 119.
Say these prayers:

Oh lord take me on a journey,to the source of my spiritual/physical problems.

Asking the lord what's behind the mystery of your life..

Tell him u want to know what's hiding while u've been having delay in your life
While your life has remained the same as it is

That I are ready to listen..u are ready to hear from him

Ask the blood of jesus to run true your life and unveil every hiding secrets.

Whatever u see or the lord review make sure u share it here first thing tomorrow or better still call me.

Bless u
Pastor pls shortly after speaking with you over he phone, i said a prayer and slept. I had the dream below pls help intepret sir:

1. at 2:12pm today I woke up as i dreamt that i entered a room where everybody there was praying, thats how i wanted to talk to someone and i said something but everyone was busy praying as i realised this, i said yes this is a good opportunity for me, thats how i now started firing prayers too till we finished. Then after the prayers, an old sec school acquaintance came to me amongst the crowd and tapped my head jokingly trying to get my attention then i was like, oh u are here and he said yes that he heard my voice. Then one of my ex gf's former bf that i know was there too and he now slapped something there on the back to get his attention then i realised that he was there too....

2. I saw my friends that i am still in touch with at a place that looked like we were living there. I was playing with my niece (little girl) in the dream and i told her to go and bring something for me but she hesitated and was kissing me and didnt want to let go but i wanted her to go and the way she was kissing me wasnt right. I looked at her hair style and didnt like it as it had purple color and some other colors but didnt say anything. Then the younger of my friends that were there took my phone and was admiring as he wanted to go tru everything in the phone then i was saying jn my mind that but i just sold a better one to this guy why is he like this (in real life, i recently did) after which i then dragged my fone off him.
Then he took my bag that i have right now and wanted to search inside as well and i dragged that from him too but i think he took something out that i dragged with him till i got it. Then someone, i think my younger sister put her finger in my mouth from behind and i bit it that it almost fell off, i was now like omg i hope this isnt my younger sis's hand that i just bit then i woke up!

Pastor pls i am still waiting on the prayer points, called your phone but it just rang through. Thank u sir
1. Indeed, the lord heard, was listening to our last discussion.
Mind you he warned that your deliverance will come through self, violent, war fare prayer and not through any man of God or church.
As it's confirmed that none shall give u that full attention and infact u shall be distracted.
Also, the lord said that you are heading on the right path now but your past shall come knocking to distract u,frustrate you and or confuse - watch it.

2. The devil/enemies are/is about to shake you.
They have seen that you are about to be deliver,heading the right path.

This second isn't much of a different from the first as both signifies : distraction, confusion,intimidation of the enemies- and this shall manifest in the physical realm.
But watch it this is to hijack your deliverance and freedom. Something is about to surface that want to distract u,confuse u and torment u with unbelievable events.
Most importantly the enemies are already at work as your connection,link to God was about to be robbed so also to rob you in such a way that u won't know what to do and eventual find yourself in the world of confusion physically.
But I see u overcoming this as u were able to take back what was taken from u.
Watch it the enemies are at the door to frustrate u,oppress u, hijack and frustrate your deliverance.

This is expected when one is on the right track and about to be free from bondage/oppression of the enemies.

Watch it, distraction is here to oppress u.

Bless u
Look above you, your prayer points is there.

Bless u
Thank you pastor, i have already started seeing signs of frustration and oppression from all angles by people and daily occurrences but i will strive to focus my heart and soul for my total freedom and salvation. I will use the prayer point tonight and every night from now on before i sleep until i see the revelation as you have advised.

This is an already won battle, i shall smile in the end and have wealth of experience of life to pass on to my blessed generations to come by the special grace of almighty Jesus Christ.... Amen!

Thanks once again

Pastor i forgot to ask that a lady from my past will not let me be, she sent me a message today but i didnt reply, i dont know what to do, do you think she is part of the distractions to come?

It is well..
This dream is already manifesting.

Yes and yes.
Bless u
Good day pastor, thank you for your support. I cant really remember everything in the dream i had, there wasnt much details and it was in different parts but below is what i can recollect, pls help interprete:

prayed for revelation with the prayer points before i slept!

I cant really recollect all i dreamt but this is what i remember. me and a lady were going somewhere i think to her house on a street i used to know, we didn't live in that area but i have an aunt that is now late and friends that lived there infact i still v a friend that still presently lives on that street since childhood. This aunt separated from her husband, lost her only son after which she died. So as me and the lady almost got to her house, she stopped a few houses away to get something and i proceeded but as i was going i spotted my dad walking into the street so i quickly looked right and ran into this my late aunty's house to dodge him but my mind told me he probably spotted me. I was there till he was walking pass the house and i was looking out at that time to see whether he had walked pass when he too looked my way and started walking into the compound then i decided to keep busy by washing his old car 504 that he had long ago which was now in the compound so he doesnt think im not doing anything then he came with a little boy which i think was my step brother but was looking younger and i said to him that i am washing this one first that i will wash the newer one after this one and he was now like ahan Since and said something like ahan why am i doing this!

Before i entered the compound, i noticed some exotic cars parked tightly in the compound!

Pls intereprete sir
There is a strong force,power, could it also be sin?
That's vow to frustrate you and hijack you deliverance. Hence, to keep drawing you and keep u at a stand-still position spiritually/physically.
Seeing yourself at your former signifies: retrogression,stagnancy et al.
..and yes something drew u/took you back there, meaning there are powers battling/dragging your spiritual/physical progress or deliverance with you.

Are u ready for this battle?
I waits your call.
Bless u