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Strange Vulture Dreams
Good day pastor,

This website shall continue to grow and may God give you power and grace, many need this to know what is going on in their lives! 

[color=rgba(0,0,0,0.701961)]Dreamt this morning of 6th and I slept off before praying yesterday..[/color]

[color=rgba(0,0,0,0.701961)]1.) Dreamt that i carried one of father's car somewhere with, i think with my younger sister and my cousin that lives with us. thats how i think the car now stopped somewhere then i parked it somewhere for mechanics to fix and they showed me that a plug under the car has been removed, which I saw when they showed me and I saw it as a minor problem meanwhile i put my ears on the car or the tire not sure and strangely i started hearing my mum's voice talking to my dad that people said they saw me driving pass anthony like they were looking for me, i just ignored. Oya put the plug to fix the car, these mechanics were taking forever until it was almost dark and the place was like a mountain side when i think i woke up expecting the car to be ready and asked what was going on, they didn't say nothing then i knew something terrible was up.[/color][color=rgba(0,0,0,0.701961)]Thats how i think i started leaving or so and they started chasing me suddenly i just thought to myself that one should just fly thats how it was now like it wasnt me they were chasing but one guy in dream wearing cream jalamia and it was like i was looking at the guy as he left the ground when those mechanics were chasing him and as they[/color]
[color=rgba(0,0,0,0.701961)]Saw that he had left the ground and was floating, one of them fired a force at him but in my mind i was thinking that wind will blow this power away and it did, like i think i helped to blow it away also![/color]

[color=rgba(0,0,0,0.701961)]2). Then something made me go to the top of a building and i was looking at one very very huge vulture like the size of a human being landing on a popular man's mosque in the area i grew up as a chil and i was wondering what the hell! all of a sudden the entire top of the mosque was full of vultures and  i was seeing from afar ontop of that building.[/color][color=rgba(0,0,0,0.701961)]I kind of now realised that the building i was ontop looked like ontop of our old house then i realised again that i was alone there...  i was now hearing animals that i couldnt figure what they were and firstly i saw little dead white ducklings or i think chicks as i think something was killing them where they were... I then looked to my side and it was a well that had water that was clean but u could see that many things were inside, like water bodies. I suspected there might be snakes inside based on what i saw, all of a sudden i looked to my side and saw a slightly big black bird and i held its back and lifted it a bit and threw it out to the sky saying that i dont want any bird around me jor...[/color][color=rgba(0,0,0,0.701961)]Then when i looked to my left inside the well, i saw a black snake that was coming up to the surface from inside the water and i was saying in my mind like 'hmm, o tin bor' (it is coming as I suspected) and i was thinking to myself like what is all this nonsense/wahala around me now...[/color]

[color=rgba(0,0,0,0.701961)]3). Then i dreamt again, dreamt i saw an old pry school friend that can draw, i think we were about to sit down for a competition and i was telling him how will they know who is attending and he said one will write a certain number then i was like i dont have that number then he said that i should write 60 that its the number for people that they dont have records for to do the exam or so...[/color]

[color=rgba(0,0,0,0.701961)]4). Again in the dream, dreamt that i was talKing to someone i know abroad and told him that i was in nigeria and he asked me why that why would i go back there, to do what? Although it was like we were both in nigeria but the guy didnt act like we were in nigeria... Then i was telling him that my parents wanted me to come back then he was now saying to do what! I just said all that to hear what he will say.. I was now thinking to myself like kai, i think i v made a very big mistake![/color]

Please pastor I need interpretation so I can direct my prayers, plsssssssss!!!!!
1. The lord said you are the cause of your problems and whatever you are passing through now.

Perhaps you are from a rich home/family or your parent are/were well to do.
In essence, before you found christ or repent you were rude,careless,love life and wayward so much that you didn't not only brought/caused trouble within the family ' as your parent were not pleased with ways,exposure or waywardness but around you and everyone around were conscious of your recklessness or waywardness.
The lord said, during this time(in the past) you offended somebody, perhaps a lady,woman et al.
These has brought about what u are battling with now as u were attacked and an arrow of retrogression and evil was shot at u to punish you.. here u are today. Hmmmm. Indeed, what goes around comes around as u are the major cause of what's become of your life now/today.

2. Biblical what does number sixty(60) stands for?
Indeed, this has justified the number dream.
Pride has brought these upon you,pride has caused u what u are battling and struggling with NOW!
Pride, pride and pride you must do away with it as it's the source of it all,where u are where u are today.
Truly pride go before a fall- thank you jesus for this revelation!!!
In essence 60 - Pride
Former class mate- retrogression.
This is your past,this is what pride has caused u and that?? Retrogression,disappointment and stagnancy.
What a life full of mystery!

3. Wow!
You've lost so much as you are not where you are suppose/ought to be, the enemies has robbed you a lot of blessing,opportunities and glory.
Infact you ought to have move abroad or be traveling around the world- the is the lords plan/will for your life but the enemies: powers of stagnancy,retrogression,disappointment et al has clipped your wings,robbed you. Of your glory,progress,Gods agenda for you life,honour,favour,opportunities,next level and what have u....
You've lost so much both unseen and visible opportunity that the lords destined/programmed for your life. Wow!
You are far below and this isn't the lords will for you.

Prayers must focus on:
1. Forgiveness of sin/past
2. Destroying the influence,dominance and powers of retrogression,stagnancy and disappointment
3. Ask the fire of God to destroy these powers and their source of powers troubling your life.
4. Ask the blood of jesus to run through your past into your presence and correct every error, say I want to be free.

5. Pray fire of God to destroy the spirit/power of pride and worldliness in you.

6. Lastly. Give your life to christ wholly,lead-christ-like life and work on yourself.

Bless u
Omg! Pastor u are spot on.. I have lost sooo much massively huge opportunities in life! Can i go and physically apologise to this lady?

I seriously neee guidance both physically and spiritually... I try as much as possible to be humble and i never thought i was proud. A few people have mentioned it but i have always strived to be humble!

Pastor pls is there any more advice you can give me pls! Life is getting unbearable for me!

Can i ask if this lady you are talking about is a recent lady or someone from waaaayy back! I have started praying harder because i have started noticing too much stagnancy! I will consciously improve on my humility! Sincerely i try, i try hard to be humble but i just dont like when people treat me like trash! Pastor pls advice and prayer points plssssss sir help a brother. Thanks

Pastor if i may add, i am not sure who this lady would be as i v known many of them but recently one has been raining curses on me and she said she will never forgive me. I am feeling completely lost, pls can i call you sir?

Also sir, pls what do the vultures stand for? And the snake?

I am a changed person now and i have drawn close to Jesus.

Thank you sir as you do the LORD's work sir... God bless u more
It's ok. We are sinners/worldly once and without christ-jesus.

Give me a call 1pm tomorrow.
Bless u.


I shall reply our last dream in no time.
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Thank you very much pastor,i will call u.

But i v been having many strange dreams lately, i had this one today and woke up 12noon.

after napping for a bit.. Dreamt that i think i was watching as something was plucking glories and throwing them inside a well. I was now wondering that so this is how they do it, then i think the thing now took from me and i was like lie-lie kojor(impossible no way) i think the first one went then i was determined that another one wont go.. Thats how as the thing came out shinning in gold and the well too inside it shinning gold i chased it and said i will not let this thing go, that how i chased it inside the well, i think i met it but i had entered inside the golden well which was super shinning in gold and i fell in to the other side.... Thats how i landed in a massive ocean like the atlantic where i saw pictures of different great people's head (in pictures) floating on the water i think i saw obasanjo's picture too, i was very surprised and in my mind in the dream i knew it was a bad dream esp with the water aspect. Then all of a sudden i saw that i was out but underneath like a bridge but on dry land on one side and i was running to dry land so as not to fall inside the water as it was splashing..
Then i got to one place where there was nobody but there was plenty of small speed boats a few were moving theirselves and i was wondering what this means then all of a sudden i saw one black man there trying to get a speed boat then i was wondering what this meant then noticed that he now had three legs and i began to wonder again what this meant in my dream and i looked closely to be sure that i was truly seeing three legs, all of a sudden he now had three hands then i think the hands were now multiplying but the man wasnt stable like he was trying to get a boat or something just didnt make him be at peace... I now looked closely at his skin and he was very black.. I now lifted off the ground and flew up, can remember the first image i saw on a staircase going up but the second image was a toylike boy making love to a toylike female on the staircAse and i went to them and shifted the boy to see what they were doing but they didnt even recognise my presence and the female toylike girl was giving oral pleasure to the male toyboy then i think i woke up!

Pastor i am starting to be disturbed even reading these dreams but i know it shall be well with my soul by His Grace! Pls interprete sir
You glory is at stake and also was your life.
As the ocean signifies : journey of no return.
The staircase mean: path that leads to death or. Destruction which you had/used to tread.

Indeed, you'd committed so many sin: lust,fornication et al and detestable acts before God and man and this path leads to death and destruction hence..
While you have to struggle,pray your way to be free again and restore back you lost glory.
As indeed your glory was buried,lost and NOW, the lord is settling your case,restoring back your glory slowly but sure you are winning but your victory isn't granted yet.
You'd better brace up as the battle line as just been drawn.
It's a battle,journey u must finish/embark to restore back your glory-you are winning.

It's time to put on your shield,brace up this a journey /battle that will require energy,violent prayers and you mustn't give in to weariness,fear and u must embrace endurance.
This is a battle to restore back your glory- such a conspicuous and shinning glory you have! Hmmmm
Bless u
Thank you for the revelation pastor all that u have said is true but that was in the time of ignorance! Sir, i need every single one of ny glory back, pls what is the most strongest prayer points and fastkng to strike the enemies dead including seek for forgiveness of sins. However sir, another i had below....

I had a dream prior to this that i really cant remember. However, i dreamt that there was a lady in the house where i was, everybody was interacting with her normally and i saw my younger sister's feet go close to her feets that were swollen and diseased. My sister was collecting her child from her to carry for sometime but all this while, i was looking just focused looking down at the lady's diseased feet that was swollen and badly diseased but no one seemed to notice her legs. It was even slightly dripping of blood as it was fresh. When i saw my sister's feet go close to her, i was wondering if she didnt notice ni then shortly after i woke up.

Pastor pls most of the time i always wake up with saliva in my mouth but thank God i dont eat in my dream. Pls help interprete sir.

I want to be firing direct prayer points with holy ghost fire. Sir life has to be better for me, i need JESUS CHRIST THE SAVIOUR in my life now!!!!!!!
Exactly you need jesus: must give your life to him in all ramification and wholeheartedly if u want to be FREE forever and for real this time .


There is a blood, someone's blood crying against you as I'd indeed offended someone or more greatly.
The blood also signifies witchcraft influence manipulating and operating in your life!!

As for the rest of your question et al? We shall discuss all that and a way out on the phone.
Make sure u don't miss the time else? Someone else might take advantage of that as my lines (i'm always)are often busy.

Bless u

Bible meditation tonight: psalm 119 and 91
Bless u
(07-05-2015, 12:16 AM)ebankole Wrote: Exactly you need jesus: must give your life to him in all ramification and wholeheartedly if u want to be FREE forever and for real this time .


There is a blood, someone's blood crying against you as I'd indeed offended someone or more greatly.
The blood also signifies witchcraft influence manipulating and operating in your life!!

As for the rest of your question et al? We shall discuss all that and a way out on the phone.
Make sure u don't miss the time else? Someone else might take advantage of that as my lines (i'm always)are often busy.

Bless u

Bible meditation tonight: psalm 119 and 91
Bless u

[color=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.701961)]Thank you pastor.[/color]

[color=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.701961)]I had these dreams some days ago. dreamt  i saw different men whose heads were walking on the ground without bodies.  When i woke up in the morning and slept back, i dreamt i was given a course work (assignment) that i found and as i was searching for journals for the work thats how i found a topic and as i told my supervisor which later turned out to be my dad, he said u see like he was in the psychology department and he peeped from the door of mum's room downstairs sweating and said thats okay that i should do the topic for him as my own research and i said ok.... [/color]

[color=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.701961)]In between, i dreamt i saw my elder sis and our family friend walking towards my side in a house people were living as they were talking and i met them and we were talking while walking, i saw a friend that we have each other's contact but dont communicate walk pass and entered a room as it was his, i was going to talk to him but he took his face away and i also did. then i wanted to tell My sis that i know him but i didnt as i was thinking in my mind that i could even introduce him and my family friend (a female)[/color]

[color=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.701961)]After that, i saw that i went to a toilet to eAse myself and i was passing out very clean urine in the toilet then woke up and had to rush to the toilet[/color]
[color=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.701961)]-------------------------------------------------------[/color]
[color=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.701961)]When i slept the second time and woke up around 10:57 i dreamt i was abroad and we had a house there where we were living, i was in some kind of authority and i was taken to a popcorn store where a black lady was using adulterated popcorn to make expensive ones that she was selling as we caught her and she was trying to defend herself to me but i wont have it, then i took her to a room where the door was open i told her to kneel down, then i collected all her belongings including her money by myself, deeping my hand in her pockets and i think her body too. Then as she was kneeling, i was counting all the money i took from her and was thinking of what to do whether to take it, report it or give her back but i was also thinking of the repercusions that may arise.  Then after sometime when i called her in, it was now like it was a small boy i called and i was looking at the big notes that he had although i couldnt tell what currency but it was the money we use in the country. Then i asked him to tell me the truth about the money as he now laid down on the bed and was facing me and was saying its his money but i didnt say anything, i was just thinking what if this bounces back at me... Before i could make a decision, i woke up from sleep to life and my mother's younger sis knocked at the gate then i moved... The night before i had prayed to god to show me the evil faces behind my problems... [/color]

Pastor pls help with this dream
1. Witchcraft manipulation,spirit and power of death.
You are not save( this is why I don't encourage digging old/past dreams), I see power of death,i see u in bondage, amidst the evil world.

2. Retrogression and powers of slavery.
Your glory has been manipulated so much that whoever join hand with you or venture into something with u shall labour in vain- your dad inclusive.

3. Help has been denied u, none want to have anything to do with u et al. This is a serious manipulation and attack.

4. Disposition of evil deposits: deliverance.

5. You ought/should be outside the shore of this country. But it's unfortunate that you brought yourself to where u are right now. You offended quite lot of people, most female and few male in gender.

You recent/todays revelation will show us where u stands, how far this battle is settling or not.
Stop digging old dreams- and yes remember to always number your dream.

God bless u