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Baby Delivery
Good morning pst. please I want you to help me with the interpretation of this dream.
I was in a waiting room with family/friends. A lots of guys were being congratulated for their wife's safe delivery. When it came to my turn, the congratulations were likewise overwhelming as I was escorted to the delivery room. I saw the baby was doing well.
I then proceed to this particular man's house to show appreciation for his assistance. The man's place was like that of Osun worshipper's place. I went with lots of token gift among which was a broom. The man simply say for me not to worry as my case was not the only one neither could my case be different from others I saw celebrating. He then instructed me to sit on a bench as he collected and dip the broom into a basin of water and started sprinkling water all over my head.
As he does, he was praying and blessing me fervently just as l chorus, "Amen in Jesus name.
Now time to go. The Man seem to wrap the token gifts to a door post with a tape; and as I was driving past the post, the tape loosen over my head(the gift didn't fall though) and I could see a light spark like a star coming off my head.
Then there was this woman screaming, " There is sands on your head!"
That's when I wake up.
Either consciously or unconsciously, the day you or anyone step his or her foot at the door of idolaters,at the feet of an idol and/or seek help therein would be the day you exchange your glory and destiny for such. Yes, your head is the symbol of your glory/ destiny.

This is a deep secret that's no known to many nor the world or idolaters.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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