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A big Umbrella
Goodafternon to u sir,

Please kindly help with the interpretation to this dream;

In the dream I was at the topmost floor of the building in a room. From where I was in the room I looked at the sky and it became very dark, the clouds were also very thick and dark. Then it started to rain heavily from the sky a big dark like umbrella also came down and stayed over a certain place as the rain continued to pour down heavily which resulted into a flood. After sometime the umbrella was pushed aside and it entered into the ground. The rain continued for a while and then eventually stopped. From the top of the building where I was we began to get bothered about the flood entering into our compound.Then all of a sudden again I saw my pastor in church again and he asked us to start praying and he was giving us prayer points he asked us to point to the ground and pray some prayer points. Eventually, the flood came into the compound and the water came up all the way almost to the balcony where I was. I started getting scared and I slipped and fell into the flood but because I could swim (although am not such a good swimmer in life) I came out almost immediately and got back into the room where I fell from.. Then the flood went away and all of a sudden again I met Bukola saraki at the entrance of our room he wanted to come in and greet my mum so I let him in. He was greeting and prostrating then he sat with us for a while b4 he left. When he was leaving I decided to escort him downstairs and helped him carry some of his things like agbada and a coat. We spoke a little till we got to his car downstairs. He was later asking for directions to a place we asked some okada people nearby and he decided to take a bike instead. His driver followed him but he forgot his agbada with me and they left.. After they left I was looking for a way to trail them and drop their things with them. That was when I woke up. Pls I don't understand this...
The physical segment of the revelation was fulfilled today ; the rain".

But here is the message ;
I see a terrible storm,rages of poverty and affliction overpower and overwhelm your household round about. But surely, the lord is in the storm he would cease it and cause the storm to become a great,life changing visitation that will turn your life and that of your family around and change how you live forever.

Sorrow may last for the night but joy shall surely come with the morning.

Thank you Jesus !

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Thank u very much sir for this interpretation.
Truly speaking my family/household has been afflicted with lack and poverty in the midst of abundance. Only one person has it all in the whole family while the rest are lacking and begging. I have been believing God for a great turnaround and I know the God whom I serve, the God of Elijah will answer by fire in Jesus Name. Amen
To God be the glory but I will encourage you to visit or explore prayer points thread for more divine intervention and testimony.

Once again , congratulations.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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