John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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Pls, interpret sir
Good day sir, please I need your help interpreting this dream

In the dream I was getting dressed to go out for an important function, can't say the kind of program but it seemed important that I wanted to dress to impress, I made the dress myself with the aim that people will love my dress and I will be able to get important clients from their because some important dignitaries were going to be present at the program.
As I was getting dressed, I had trouble zipping my dress so my husband was helping me out, then all of a sudden the zip got spoilt and I was already running late.
I looked back and I saw that someone, that was also going for the program was looking and was not so impressed with the dress and she said she ll rather buy her dress from a store. And I also realised that the dress didn't really have much fitting at the back.
Always be yourself,never dress to impress,never do anything or strive to please or impress mortal man lest you fail.

For it is written ; " the race isn't to swift neither to the wise but time and chances(grace) determines every man's success/fate.
Yes, it's not by power neither by might but his grace through which you can do all things or taste success.


Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Thanks so much sir. God bless
Good morning sir,

I had a dream early this morning. It was my birthday, my mother and my sister decided to celebrate it for me so they bought a lot of things to cook but they went far to like another town to do the cooking and and came back with the cooked food late in the evening. By that time everybody we were suppose to invite for the birthday had already eaten and the food was much, I was now asking them why did they had to go that far to cook why not just cook it here, who is going to eat the food when everyone had already eaten. in my mind I was just thinking of what to do with the food, I thought maybe we should keep till the following morning or just distribute to everyone in their homes so that the food doesn't go bad.

In the same dream sir, before I went to meet my mother and sister to see the food they made, there were these two men they were sitting on a chair or maybe bed (not sure) I think it was my own, so I just removed the sit from them and they stood up and walked away. These two men in real life has been bones in my neck, they and their carcus members, they re my church members but they re bent on frustrating me and have been spreading gossip and hatred about me in the church.

Thanks sir.
I can see your spirit downcasted and overwhelmed by these trouble round about you but don't be,the lord said. Be happy,refuse to give in to those enemies of your happiness and joy within the household of God. Do not let them infiltrate your life happiness,joy,cause for celebration and peace take charge of your mind now and dispose them out.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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It is well, thank you sir.
Good morning sir, how are you and family? And ministry too?

1) I had a dream early this morning, In the dream I saw myself sorting out shoes, many shoes both old and new.
2) I had another one. I was running like exercising, I saw some people running too and doing some exercise and they said I could join them, they told me they have an instructor and they have a meeting point. When i got their, I saw the instructor training some people I tried to move close but he told me to move back, I did, he looked at me again and shouted on me to move back back. I felt embarrassed and left.

I had other dreams but can't remember them. That has been happening alot lately, I struggle to remember my dreams once I wake up.
1. It's called " orderliness ".
I see you gathering your pieces and putting your life and heart in order. Keep it up this way and as you do life will become more meaningful and in order emotionally,spiritually,psychologically,physically,progressively and otherwise.

2. Stop trying and striving so hard to please mortal man and or fit into the crowd. Crowd mentality is not meant for someone with a divine grace and personality like you. Be yourself ,stand your ground and believe in yourself.

In essence, you shall pray and wage war against arrow of disgrace and shame.

¶ Of course , that's because your mind has been unsettled and or troubled for sometime now.

Here this should help ;

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Thanks so much sir
Good afternoon sir, how are you and Family? God ll continue to bless you so that you can become blessings to others in Jesus name ( amen)

1) In a dream, I saw myself and my cousin we entered a house on visit, I noticed that the house was kind of upside down, not well arranged, I peeped inside one of the rooms I think it should be the dinning room, I saw that the middle of the room was sinking,it has really gone down,. We entered the kitchen and sat down, the woman of the house was cooking vegetable, but there were still some fresh ones around, it looked as if she was preparing the vegetable soup specially for me. My cousin kept talking about how hard it is to get husband and get married she turned to me and said 'even you that has been dating your boyfriend for how many years now, how come you people have not gotten married? That's because it's not easy to get married'.

2) I went for an exam, a lot of people were writing the the same exam. I prepared but not well prepared, I felt I could answer the questions but it will take me time because I ll have to think and work my brain and there's no enough time for that. One of the examiner gave the me my questions, he looked at me as if he knew my thoughts so he gave me a phone and opened a site with all the answers to the questions, all I just needed to do was to copy them in the exam hall. But As I was about to enter the exam hall, I saw that there were other examiners at the entrance, in fear I put off the phone and and hid it, after I have entered and sat down ready to write, I brought out the phone and put it on, but I couldn't locate the site anymore, I tried and tried but couldn't and time was running out, I tried doing the exam on my own but it was slow and people were already finishing submitting. After a while, the man that gave me the phone came back and he was trying to help me but at this time I was already nervous thinking about the time I had wasted. It seemed like a pretty tough exam.