John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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My dreams
Greetings to you Sir

I am new here!

1. An unknown person/gender locked me in a cupboard but before locking me up, he threw a knife at me. I was about to stab myself with the knife when I woke up

2. I had a mother other than my real mother and I had a baby sister too. I asked the dream mother whether I could carry my dream baby sister, she said if we enter bus she would give her to me. After we did she gave the baby to me. The car halted all of a sudden making the baby to almost fall off, she collected her back. Next I found myself on a street, some men behind me were shooting at me but the bullets couldn't penetrate. Next a man walking beside me. He asked me where my house was so he could rob it. I ignored him. A group of my classmates passed me on a bike. I found mysef in a compound I couldn't recognise, the dream mother was present but I didnt see the dream baby sister. Next I was held by some men,
one of my classmates was shouting that they must sacrifice me. I was shouting 'over my dead body!' struggling and crying to be free.

3. I saw myself sitting in a cart. I watched an Anaconda strangled someone before an ocean. I kept laughing as I watched the scene.

4. I was singing for my school mother while her classmate sat beside her. She has graduated from our school in the physical.

Thank you.
Welcome to the ministries ' The-light '

1. It's called " demon of suicide".
Yes! The enemies have succeeded in capturing you into the pit of suicide thoughts and imaginations so that you life become unnecessary frustrated and you end up committing suicide.

You need to be set free lest you have no reason to live more and your life become suicidal.

2. Even though the lord had preserved your life in the midst of unprecedented life threatening spiritual/physical attacks ( that could have cut off your existence or life short) the lord has kept you. But he consider you incapable to experience the joy of love and be of help,salvation to those in captivity because you are under heavy spiritual vulnerability and life threatening attacks. Therefore, before you go about helping others and those in captivity you must save your life first.

I can your life under great threat and in captivity of the enemies.

Again, you need deliverance because you are in captivity as we speak.

3. Your case is serious than I thought. This is like a parable : ' you rejoice and mock the ones in chain and under heavy load of their enemies forgetting that it's almost your turn or you are also a captive in the hand of your own enemy ".

Once again, you need deliverance.

4. Hmmm..
It's like serving or being a slave under somebody.

And again, you need deliverance.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Good evening Sir,

1. In my dream, I was looking at a man and the man pinned a toy to a wall and the toy was holding a hammer then the man left. As I watched, the hammer fell off the toy's hand then the toy came down, picked up the hammer and went back up. According to the dream the toy turns into a man and steals. So when I noticed I reported the man to the authorities and made sure he was arrested.

2. I found myself in a place that was unfamiliar picking charcoal that I could use to iron my clothes then a pregnant woman came and told me to pick some for her too but I told her that the charcoal was not enough for the both of us.

3. I saw myself along a corridor and everywhere was scattered I picked my bucket which was dirty already and my notes but I was looking for another of my property which I am not sure what but asked my classmate whether she saw it, she told me no then she passed me.

Thank you.

1. For so long, many years now your eyes have seen some strange things, encounter unusual experiences but I see reawakening in your spirit man to report(pray) the case to God so these mysteries and strange encounters may cease.
But note that the battle is yet to be over.

2. The background and environment depicts backwardness, poverty or limitation.
That is, the lord said : you are living way below your destiny, life expectations.

3. When you dwell or live within or in sin? The enemies of your blessing and spiritual/physical valuables robs you at will. You must come out of every sin and ungodliness lest the enemies continue to rob you academically, materially, financially,and especially spiritually.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Good Afternoon Sir,

1. I saw myself in a place which was unfamiliar and I was with a group of men so a girl came in then the men told me that the girl isn't what she seems to be. Unfortunately for the girl, I was at her back, so I stretched out my hand and the girl began to confess saying that a witch sent her to come and seduce one of the men, (I couldn't recognise any of the men). Then I decided to deliver her but she was strong, then when I placed my hand on her forehead, she shouted.

2. I was in the chapel that is in my school,and it was time for communion. I joined the line and went to receive communion, after I left the chapel, I went to the class block and went upstairs and joined some of my classmates that were talking. Suddenly, a teacher in my school came up with a cane and started flogging those upstairs. When he came to me I told him that I was sick, he told me that because of it, he would slap me instead. As he was preparing to slap me, I told him to remember that I was sick. He then told me to go.

3. My school were in something like a gathering, so a girl that was in my seat stood up and started talking to me. Because of it a teacher told us to kneel down, so I knelt down and I was kneeling in front of my school mother and I was some what ashamed so I couldn't look at her face. After we were dismissed,I stood up and left the building, so some of my classmates were telling me sorry because of the punishment. Then the person that made us serve the punishment gave me a balloon and a teddy bear and told me sorry for making me kneel down.
Then I entered the dormitory and I had a new neighbour. The next morning In that same dream, I woke up early to go and bath but I fell into the gutter, so one of my classmates told me that she would get a bathroom for me. I went back to the tap to fetch another water but when someone kept clothes under the tap and said that nobody should put her bucket there. Then I saw somebody with a bucket of water and asked whether she had already bath, she told me yes, so I asked her whether she could lend me her bucket of water she said yes, I took it and went to bath. I reached the bathroom and saw a bird, I pursued it out and started bathing after bathing I went back to the hostel. Then somebody asked me where my sister was and I told them that she is in ss3 and that ss3 were near the chapel, then somebody went to call her. Then suddenly came to my mind and I shouted to the person that ran to call her "Wait, come back, she has graduated, she is already married" (my sister is married in the physical).

4. I was in school, and I saw people crossing the street and going to a three storey building. So I decided to go and saw that the people were students that had graduated from my school from the year 2015 to the year 2018. I went upstairs and came out to a place where they were sharing food so I asked for thr dotrmitory key, it was given to me and I ran downstairs. When I reached I saw some of my classmates and we decided to leave the premises and go back to school.

Thank you.
1. No wonder why the enemy fights you tooths and nails. That's because there is a great anointing upon you to cast out demons and wage war against the kingdom of darkness. But the question is have they not succeeded in bending that anointing upon your life? Hmmm..

2. This is embarrassing before the holy spirit. For, what's the use of going to church or one particular church when your life is not protected,your spiritual life is powerless and you're not under the shadow of the almighty ( according to Ps 91) ? And you are vulnerable,and at the mercy of your enemies so that you beg and dare not fight or look them in the eyes?

3. The lord say, ' for some time now ( few years) your life's been under affliction of shame, ridicules,limitations,and at the mercy of the enemies,struggle and retrogression so that you were powerless and helpless in spiritual fight and growth too.
But suddenly, of recent I see your spiritual consciousness awoken from it slumber ( you know what I am talking about.) and redemption and deliverance over all of the above took place ( the bathing). I must congratulate you.

4. This confirmed the message and deliverance that took place above : No more shame, no more retrogression, no more slumber and no more limitation, weariness and disgrace academically and otherwise.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Good Morning Sir,

I was in a gathering and I was among those who was chosen to cram bible verses. According to the dream I was supposed to cram the book of "Eli Eli". I cramed it but obviously I didn't get it correctly. Then suddenly somebody came to congratulate some people, I was among them but why I was being congratulated I didn't know. I went to my seat, then a man came and tried to seperate two brothers (my second cousins) and I was like that he should leave them alone. He left them and came to me and was threatening me and at the end we fought, after I have finished beating him, my hands were already bleeding I told the man to get out. My blood sister was siting beside me, so I turned and told her that I was sorry for behaving like that in public, she told me okay. She gave me a shoe and a type of turban that women tie on the head and said that it's my mom's own but my dad (deceased) was the one who sent it. I wore the shoe and the turban, she told me that I didn't know how to tie the turban but I will learn. Then I found myself alone in that place and many of my sister's sandals were around me so I picked all and left. Then I found myself in another place and that particular place was slippery, so I was playing and fell, the person I was with started laughing and I started laughing with her. I got up and decided to go back to my room, but before that, I went to tell my sister that I was with her sandals, she said ok. As I was going to my room I passed my school mother's room and she was preparing to sleep, I went to my room which was near her own. I started singing "Behold among men the dwelling place of God, they shall be His people and He shall be their Lord and God" and my school mother from her room joined me in singing. She has graduated in physical.

Thank you.
You need not be perfect at it but anyway, the word of God ( bible) is your greatest weapon and your weapon of victory. I see the power of God ( through the embracing of the word) fall upon you now and destroying every stronghold of the enemies over your life and family.

Yes, I see confrontation with the strong man and pulling down the stronghold of the enemy over your life and destiny.

Embrace and eat the word more as your victory and dominion over your enemies and the enemies of your household lies therein.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Good morning Sir,

While I was in school for extension, a girl begged me for my provisions, so I gave her some golden-morn and cadbury. I saw the set that graduated last year, so I started looking for my school mother, I was getting worried because I was missing her. I stopped looking and decided to go to the toilet, but someone told me not to go that it's not safe because it was facing the bush. I still went, and I saw the window open, my spirit told me to close it, I closed it but it opened again, then I closed it.

I was in school and the Rev.sister gathered us, I didn't want to listen to what she was telling us until she called my name and told me that I was not concerned about myself but I would be concerned about others. She told us to follow her but as we were following her we started running, but I found out that I was no longer following them. I reached a place and sat down to rest, I decided to go to the refertory since she said we were going to work there. As I was going a girl stopped me and asked whether to call me a good name or a bad name, I told her to call me my name, then she left but before I left I told her to call me Ife, meaning 'Light'. I left and went to the refertory. As I was going somebody flashed me torch but I didn't see the person's face. In the refertory they were sharing food. I saw my school mother, she was just sitting down. Then I sat down and decided not to talk to her. I later found myself talking to her and she told me that there was war between her and her best friend because her best friend hated me because she was my school mother and she stopped talking to her.

I saw myself in a place and I recognised a guy from my school parish, he took me into his house then some bad guys were chasing me and wanted to collect what I had in a sack. I was running and hiding, then I saw one put sleeping medicine for the other not knowing that the other did the same, soon enough both were sleeping.

I was standing beside a bush and a wolf ran past me and I was hoping that it wouldn't look back but it was looking so I started running towards its direction and ran past it. Somebody saw me and asked me why I was running I told her about the wolf then the wolf turned back towards the way it came.

I was in a car and it was driving to the gate. At the gate I came down and decided to go back, so a boy was beside me and I wanted to start a conversation but the boy ignored me so I left him. I saw myself playing cards with a group of people, then a woman said that anyone that wins sleeps with her brother,then I saw myself not playing the game again. I was ina place sitting down and somebody joined me telling me how wicked people in this world are. My last statement was "not all".

God bless you.
1. Why are being emotionally suicidal,why refused to get over your school mother? All for what? It's time to get a hold of yourself and think about your well being and life.

2. I can see you both had a very good relationship and common bond ( you and your school mother) but it's time to focus and move on with your life,get over her absence now.

3. Indeed you have the lord's assurance of protection but he warned to be wary of whom you trust, associate with within/without the school environment especially this one in particular.

4. I see you,by divine grace escaped spiritual attack.
The wolfs are( spiritually called) attackers.

5. Judge base on individual character and experience you have with them. Live again and don't be judgmental.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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