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Working on the errors
Just yesterday it came to my observation that there's been some typographical errors,mispellings,and use of wrong words in my dream interpretations,messages on here. This is often due to having loads of task and work to accomplish at the same time and my failure to cross check before pressing the " post thread' button.

NB : please note that crossing can be very tedious and stressful hence it's always been a challenge right from the time we were on Nairaland.

This must be corrected, fixed and overcome ( but it's not going to be easy for me) by all means as such error poses a great threat to myself and the work of God.

But do all NOTE that I can only try my best because the loads of my work can be so overwhelming and stressful some times,if not often..

May the good lord continue to guide us aright and strengthen us. Amen!

Prophet Ebankole

[Image: 728x90.gif]
God guide you continually my pastor. It still amazes me how you do it all every day. This can only be God working through you. We appreciate you sir.
May God give you more empowerment to do his work daily.Amen!!!