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in Christ alone
Good evening sir,
pls sir, I need interpretation to this dream of mine.

I saw my self at a junction with 2 other people arranging chairs for something like crusade. The other people were tired and hungry but I was singing the song "in Christ alone" in a cheerful mood. Not quite long, I saw water, which is crystal clear, as in super clear and clean forming like a cloud in d sky. Sometimes it will form like human shape, sometimes like cloud and I was telling the other person that can u see what I am seeing but she didn't answer me because she was weary and hungry. so o kept singing. then I saw myself at night in the congregation in the place we arranged listening to sermon.

that's how it went sir.

God bless you sir.
For, by doing the work of God with passion, love and smile on your face, and for refusing to grow weary you shall encounter God,experience his presence, power like no man has ever does.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Good morning sir, how was your night?

I had a dream and it goes thus

I saw myself with my other two brothers wandering in the forest and suddenly we heard of a War and started running yet, we couldn't go out.

Bringing it to reality, my elder brother is just wandering around and years after finishing schooling, he is just like a wanderer. My second brothet too, from marital problem to another. And i guess with this dream, maybe i have joined their league ( God forbid) pls help me sir. What is the interpretation and what is the necessary steps and prayer point to pray.

Thanks, God bless you.
Quite unfornate you were right as I see all of the above in the wilderness wandering about without direction or purpose in the world... Hmmmm.

Mind you, this is not just about you and your brothers alone its foundstional and there is a strong man behind it in your family. You and all of family members , your brothers are in the wilderness of life ..wandering. You all need deliberance.

Here, since you are previledge to have first hand information in the presence of God ..let's start from here ;

I will be following your revelation keenly henceforth to see if we must go further than these.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Thanks so much sir, may the Good Lord continue to be and strengthen you.

I started the praying yesterday and i also prayed during the midnight. After the prayer, i had a dream and it goes thus

A friend of mine whon i met on social media some years back but we have not met in person came visiting in my sister's house and i welcomed her. When it was time for her to leave, i gavr her #500 for tfare and my sister said i should see her off and she gave her somethings from her her shop to take home but i was feeling reluctant to see her off feeling that she's just a friend with no value to me since i won't marry her(she has a boyfriend) and normally this is what is happening in reality though i have not met her in person but i like her truly. But my sister ws telling me to see her off that if she leaves me that i am the cause of it. Immediately, i went inside to dress up but before i got dressed up, she had gone. So i went after her. But my surprise is that as i was running to find her, i found myself in Barracks (where all of us in the family spent our childhood) and i was attacked by a long black snake. On seeing me, it went back and later on, it faced me again and i ran back. It got past me and went it way. Again, i saw another one and a dead one. I was afraid and i ran back. But when i turned back, i never saw them again, then i started looking for my friend again but i couldn't find her. Then i went went home heartbroken and another friend of mine came and encouraged me to go and find her together. Then i woke up.

I am still in confusion how this girl whom i have not met before got connected to this, the snakes, my formal environment, and my new friend in my dream.

Pls help me,

God bless you.
She might not be a bad or evil person (may not,maybe yes)after all but don't go further than being a normal or distance friend with her as there are powers and serpentine forces behind or within her following her life about hence should you dare go further ? Then prepare for war with and against serpentine powers.

Intact , she's better afar and away from you for your own good and safety.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Thank you sir