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in Christ alone
Good evening sir,
pls sir, I need interpretation to this dream of mine.

I saw my self at a junction with 2 other people arranging chairs for something like crusade. The other people were tired and hungry but I was singing the song "in Christ alone" in a cheerful mood. Not quite long, I saw water, which is crystal clear, as in super clear and clean forming like a cloud in d sky. Sometimes it will form like human shape, sometimes like cloud and I was telling the other person that can u see what I am seeing but she didn't answer me because she was weary and hungry. so o kept singing. then I saw myself at night in the congregation in the place we arranged listening to sermon.

that's how it went sir.

God bless you sir.
For, by doing the work of God with passion, love and smile on your face, and for refusing to grow weary you shall encounter God,experience his presence, power like no man has ever does.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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