John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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Am worried pastor
Pls I want you to help me with the interpretation sir. The first dream came a week after my wedding
(1) I dreamt of seeing someone I knew( even though I could not recall the face when I woke up) using her head to hit my stomach twice . Just the way you see a goat using their head to fight physically. I saw in that dream that I stood up and gave the woman a serious warning never to try such rubbish with me again.
(2) Just last night , I dreamt that I went out and while going. I came in contact with my mum , who I greeted and while still expecting her to move alway from where she is, she told me she had come to get tomatoes and pepper from the mallam she usually buy from and since am now here, i should use the opportunity to meet the mallam , so that when ever I come around there, I can be buying from the man. So while still waiting for the man to show up. I saw a woman who I knew very well( she was my neighbour where I lived before I got married) coming towards our direction, so I greeted her by going on my knee which was my mum instruction any ways. As I stool up from greeting her, to walk gently to me and hit my stomach twice and said very soon, I shall become pregnant and I kept saying amen and woke up.
Be not be afraid.

1. Indeed, the household enemy came to hijack your womb but the God you serve rendered them useless and powerless over your fruitfulness : womb.

2. To God be the glory as your number one dream was confirmed here :

The lord say, ' I have blessed your womb so that you may be fruitful -- because you've humbled yourself before me and even before your mother despise her blemishes.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Thank you so much for the interpretation. Am relieve now.
Hapy weekend pastor .
Pls kindly help me with the interpretation.
(1) I was to prepare soup for my husband. So I bought all the ingredient and kept it , that there is still time . so I got beans and prepare every thing needed to make akara. I then went to give a lady that sale akara to make akara for me with my beans. I sat there waiting to collect my akara. While there a woman that occasstionally make my hair while still unmarried came there , so I asked if she stays around where I came to make my akara. I felt bad that someone that knows me before I got married knows where I stay and by so doing, will go about gossiping to those in my former house the kind of environment I now live. I collected my prepared akara and while about going, I asked if those people that grind soup things will still be able to attain to me by this old hours? Which i was told that they will not, because it already late.As I started going with a teenager girl that I came there with ( not my child), I saw an Hen with several of her kids walking behind her. So I was careful not to step on any of the chickens.
Improve on your cooking, be careful in your new environment, and always endeavor to put things in order against tomorrow's food preparation,plans for your family.

This message, warning is coming to avert some avoidable difficulties and problems in your new found home,marriage.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Good day pastor.pls kindly help me with the interpretation.

(1) Had a dream where my husband and I were going out. We got to a place ( railway) and we needed to cross the railway to other side. I sighted a train coming , so I asked my husband to wait for the train to pass. When the train pass I then told my husband that imagine the driver of the train oh, that he did not even horn while passing.

(2) My husband and I were walking through a busy place when we came across a man using crenches like begger. So this man begged my husband to help him picked the two hundred naira that fell to the ground.Which I shouted and said no dont. But he had already bend to pick the money , but my shout stopped him. So when he stoood up he could not use his hands properly again. The hand had become stive. All of a sudden a man from no where came to meet my husband , took his two hands and started hitting the hands with his own palm. After some time, my husband got his perfect hands back and while we were about leaving the place, i could see that that begger was still looking fpr who will picked the money for him. Which there was non willing to help him , not even those that were beside him selling goods.
You are a light to his path, life

I will come out straight because this is a revelation that has to do with " life and death " ;

The lord say, ' I brought you into his life so that you can be of help to him and be a light to his path so that he will not fall into the pit of destruction. But should he fail to heed to your guidance or consider your wise inputs? Then danger and destruction awaits him. This is a warning, message from the lord not from no man.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Thank you so much for taking your time to interpret sir. God continue to bless your ministry.