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Business Opportunity
I thought I should share this with you all :

You can buy a small bag of pepper for #1500 in Azara market Kaduna road, and sold it's sold at the rate of #6500 in Lagos, a J5 bus can carry up-to 90 bags at one trip and they charge #110,000 per trip. Let's calculate.
#1500 * 90 = #135,000
#135,000 + #110,000 = #245,000

A bag to be sold for #6,500
#6,500 * 90 = #585,000

So.. #585,000 - #245,000 = #340,000.

Bro, # 300,000 is sure per trip.

There are many cheap stuffs you can buy from the north and resale in Lagos. E.g you can get matured goats for #4,000 each and resale for #12k or 11k.
The good thing is that you don't sell by yourself, dilaali (Hausa dealers) are readily available to sell for you while they charge a token from you.

You may think you're too big for these businesses but I bet the profit is cool


1.That's what I do,
2.Only risk is accident or breakdown of vehicle.(Godforbid)
3.You're not selling by yourself, or start looking for buyers,Dilaalis are there for you,they'd call you at most 48hrs after you handed over your goods to them.
4.Yes! you need to be available at the market to source for the goods(you may later not need to be there physically as you grow in business).

Quote:I'd feed you with full details on how the business is being done.
For easier, Go to the nearest foodstuffs market e.g mile 12 market request to see the Oga of the union of dilaalis (dealers). They are at least 80% honest, they would also be very happy to receive you. They may get you registered first,(we in particular didn't register till now). That one is sealed ,when your goods come they would help out.

secondly, In mile 12 market you'd see J5 buses from the north allover everywhere, communicate with a driver to know which market is currently booming, he'd tell you,you may follow him down there or you go yourself, but please don't you ever travel on the road with huge cash, don't trust no one.

There are risk in every business, but in this pepper stuff,you can't loose your money except for accident (Godforbid).

I know of two markets, Azara and Zaria market.

It's my fiancée's business, I followed him up to 4 times now.My elder bro already joined him in business now.Mind you my fiancée is MSC holder,

Take a step Sir, I may not be opportune to come whenever you need me.
Thanks all!

Courtesy : Darkchick ; nairaland.
Prophet Ebankole

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