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Interprete please
Greetings sir!!

After the private messages, I have had series of dreams again.please help me interprete.

1. Saw myself washing and rinsing dishes in clean water. Later two of my neighbours little children came around and I took care of them.

2. Saw myself planting melon and cucumber seeds in a heap,as I was leaving I discovered the melon seeds were visible so I came and covered more earth.

3. I saw that my father was given lots of money and I was the one who delivered the news to him

4.My husband,myself and a family friend were to buy bags of ripe tomatoes,but when d family friend went to get hers she said mine was almost sold out so she had to stand in and secure mine in my absence.

Thanks and God bless you
Heaven and earth will pass away but none of God words will pass by unfulfilled..

Hmmm.. Amazing!

1. Congratulations! You've now embraced the kingdom of God therefore I see peace, fountain of hope, life, and children being drawn to you.

Sincerely? this is where you'd rather want to be because? Heaven is please with you now.

Congratulations as I see unprecedented peace, joy,hope and life overshadow you now.

2. The seed of life, hope, prosperity, joy, happiness, fruitfulness and glory has been planted.
Oh what a glorious and blessed day await you now.

3. Your once cured hand is now blessed. Ps 1.

4. This confirmed your number three ( 3). And the lord whispered to my ears just now ( taken from the book of Ps 1) :..and whatever you do shall prosper... " henceforth.

Thank you jesus!

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Thanks and God bless you
God bless you sir!

I forgot to add about two dreams

- Was rearranging my kitchen and saw more properties I didn't even know.Packed the dirts and proceeded to go throw in the nearby been bush when I saw a huge of dry garri.I just turned round and left.

- what does it mean to be pounding yam in a motar?

- thirdly a family jus called to say she dreamt of me and my dad carrying basin of garri on our head. That she prayed and took down the loads from our heads.please what does it mean.

Thanks and God bless
Don't post more than one dream without numbering them lest your thread/dreams are ignored.

1. It's called " spirit of wastage ".
You must, as a matter of urgency cry out against the spirit of wastage.

2. This is not far from the last dream you share,below : It's called " spiritual hard labor..

3.. as I see your spirit man ( in the realm of the spirit) being subjected to slavery and hard labor in the kingdom of darkness, at the altar of chronic household powers. If this has been on for some time you must have observed you work hard with little or not reward? You wake up weak,used and tired?
By the way, your inherit this from your father.

You, your favor need deliverance from the hard labor of darkness and evil work/load.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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OK sir


Thanks and God bless