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A Successful Marriage for my brother.
Good Morning Brethren,

I want to use this opportunity to thank God almighty..... Prophet Ebankole and this great forum of great people of God for unleashing another marriage success for my immediate younger brother..Before it looked impossible but after discovering this great forum..God has been using me to break out my brother's and Sisters...just this year,we have had two major marriage...and I know God still has alot in stock for my family..
God took everyone out and brought out back in peace despite the enemy tried to strike through accident...but God only showed me the Signs,but never allowed anything to happen.
Thank you Prophet Ebankole and the entire members of this great forum for all the prayer points in this forum and the dream interpretations that has been guiding me Spiritually to get results..
May the name of our Lord Jesus Christ be praised for ever more for all the blessings,Protection and guidance(Amen).

When the Lord turn again the Captivity of Zion...We are like those who dreams!!!
 Then My Mouth Shall be filled with laughter,and My tongue with Singing...Then i shall say the Lord has done a great thing!!...Psalm 126.
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