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shed light
sometimes I get up in the midnight to pray 2 or 3times in a week.I usually get up around 1am and then do one hour or two hours of prayer before retiring back to bed.Howebeit,One thing I realized is that ,sometimes when I get up or see myself with sudden eyes opened and it's 1am or 2am and the feeling to pray erupts ,what follows is unexplained weakness and feeling so sleepy .Sometimes, I try to fight it go on my kneels to pray inspite of the weakness but I'm gone deep asleep again before I could say jack ,within twinkling of an eye and by the time I open my eyes again it's prolly past 3 or 4am and then strength is restored and the feeling of sleepiness is gone then I can now pray till whenever time I desire.
Sir,what could be responsible for this?Is it that I'm not having enough sleep or I can be doing the prayer from 3 or 4am downward?
The cause for this is simple :
The kingdom of darkness operates between the hour of 12am - 3 am.

Having found that you troubles them within this hour the overwhelm you with the spirit of weariness ' to prevent you and release you after they are done in that environment.

Power of praise and worship is a must to snap out of it.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Thank you sir.I'll adopt your recommendation.Before I forget,sir,I dream of my ex .Sometimes, about to make love to her or engage in foreplay and I'll wake up.We broke up mid last year although we still chat occasionally but I'm thinking I should delete her contact and never contact her again.I hope the dream has no spiritual implication?
It means, there is an unconscious or conscious bond/covenant between you two which is yet to be broken.

You must break it with aggressive prayer and fasting or go for deliverance.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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okay sir