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Dream and tongue
I'm a 32 year old man and single.I was baptised at the age of 12 and born into christiandom.I hardly dream it beats my imagination why I don't dream at all except sexual dream which I think it is as a result of practising celibacy so the body gets to emit waste sometimes.I have had sexual encounters in the past but i began to abstain from sex for over a year now in order to get closer to God till God will provide my missing rib for me.Whenever sexual dream occur, by the time I wake up I'm drenched in sperm.
I am a prayerful person but I don't dream and I really wish to be having dream I really want God to speak to me I want to hear from him I want him to unveil things to me plus I have tried to speak in tongues during prayers but it's not working for me I mean I'm always conscious of it and i stop amid speaking it.
please what can I do?
Welcome to the ministries

Let's start by seeking the source of these spiritual blindness :

Fasting and..

•. 51 Psalm, 7 times. Prayer for unconscious sin, inherited sin, foundational sin, sin of your father's, mother's house. And all your sin but known and unknown.

• Joel 2:28 Pray for spiritual insight, sight and consciousness.

• Do away with distraction both spiritual and physical, and learn to meditate over the word of God often.

• Above all
Removing spiritual blindness ;

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Thanks for the swift response.How do I go about the fasting sir?How many days?I really want to speak in tongues,hear from God and dream dreams. I want to know His purpose for my life as my life seem sketchy in spite of my consistent prayers every now and then it's getting tiring.
You are not suppose to post on sundays, it attracts suspension but you may be consider or spare this time because you are quite new!

As for your question? Do what you are asked to. And need I warn you that force or desperation can't do it as doing so makes God distance himself further which may be the source of his silence all this years anyway.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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