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School Dream
Good Morning pastor,

Please help interpret my dreams.

1) I was in a house with my mother and elder sister. My mum said she was going out. One strange woman whom I didn't like decided to follow her and went promptly to the front seat. I decided to follow my mum but went to put of some lights outside so I can follow her. As I was going outside to turn off the light, I saw about 10 small dogs and one rabbit. The dogs were smaller than rats and running around confused. I almost fell on them. I went inside the house and I saw a housegirl(we do not have a house girl in reality) opened the main door down for these tiny dogs and rabbit to enter. I entered to pick up something before leaving and the dogs seeing me were confused and ran helter-skelter. Because they were so small, I couldn't didn't want to trample them. They were scared and trying to avoid me and because of that I stepped on them by mistake but they didn't bite me. I was then wondering if I will be able to go out when these tiny rat dogs fall me down. When I woke up, my feet fell like they felt in the dream like somethings brushed my legs. I prayed and anointed it and they felt normal again.

2)I was in a church I attend from time to time. I saw a man and his wife and daughter. The parents came to me and put the small girl in my custody. They asked me to train her and guide her in becoming a good woman.I was wondering if I could do what they asked.

3) I was in a room, water was on the floor and the place looked wretched. I saw many people there looking poor, deformed and wretched. I was dressed okay and stayed away from them as much as I could. I saw my sister and her baby. She tied a wrapper and covered her head and her baby's head. My church officials came and started arranging the people(mostly children) by age. I sat at the first row and none of the children were brought close to me. They kept them on the other rows. My sister sat behind me. I was watching what was going on but I was clearly disgusted. I decided to go to the back and way h from behind. I saw a young teenager a girl with half of her foot eaten off like attacked my a disease. I was mummuring to myself half heartedly that if God has blessed me with money, I would have helped them.
1. ◄ Matthew 15:14 ►
....,and if one blind person guides another, they will both fall into a ditch."

How can you lead your mother out of captivity and rescue her from the household enemy if yourself is blind or can't see nor know the enemy (you are ketting in)-within?
These tiny rats are spiritual termites and devourer that you let in,and you want to rescue your mother from enemy without ? You need some growth on spiritual understanding,knowledge and vision according to the book of Joel 2; 28.
No blind can lead a blind one without falling into ditch together.

2. You see yourself unworthy,unqualify for favor,calling and divine mercy but the lord said , you are worthy of it and for divine favor. .. I see it upon you now.

3. You can't help the poor nor the needy if you fear their condition and detest where they dwell. He therefore called , love is the first and most precious gift you can give the poor and the needy before any other thing.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Thank you pastor
Good Morning Pastor,

I posted a dream a while ago about a job I applied for in a church and the Go's wife trying to edge me out of the job. I received a call from the HR recently confirming my details. I assumed they were typing my letter. Then I had this dream.

Dream: Someone approached me and said I am number one on the list of staff to be employed but the woman in charge(GO's wife, I think) brought someone from behind and put in my place. I was confused in the dream and walked away.

I got a call later yesterday that I didn't make it even after my name was on the top 10 of the list. I am so sad and bitter because this is contrary to what GOD told me concerning this job.
And I quote one of your interpretations few days ago ;

Quote:Posted by ebankole - 08-09-2018, 06:20 PM
1. You truly deserve that job and have all it takes but I see somebody within the household of the employer frustrating your appointment letter or you. You shall cry out to the lord to unseat whoever it is and cause you to find favor before all in his household and around him,the employer.

Can you recall the above interpretation? The point here is, no pain,no gain. And yes! God won't say a thing and twist or fail like you said at all.

The truth is , there is more to your case, the woman in question than the job itself. You must fight for the recovery of your glory,and until your virtue is recovered and that spirit of snail that's been monitoring and following your life as long as you've lived cease? No amount of job or opportunity you avail yourself for would be yours.

For now, focus on your total deliverance then you can apply or avail yourself for as many opportunity or job as you find. I repeat , no pain , no gain but I can assure you one thing once your deliverance is whole? You breakthrough must come. But note that , salvation,deliverance don't come to the weary hearted,faith nor those who just want breakthrough.

Your time will come soon and if it pleases God? They will call you back for that job.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Thank you sir.
After praying I went back to sleep and had the following dreams

1)I was in the previous house we lived and saw many demons and weird creatures running helter skelter. I was watching them but they didn't attack me. I then decided to fight. I collected the belt from one and used it to fight and destroy them except one I was told cannot be destroyed no matter what I do. Though I didnt destroy it, he turned to jelly and was looking dead. I left the house and two friendly dogs followed me like they used to when I was younger. They were not attacking, more like guarding me.

2)I was washing some clothes in the house I lived when I was about 3months old. I don't know how I recogized the house. I washed the clothes and put them in a drum filled with water to rinse. I then went in and saw my immediate elder sister. I asked her if she didn't want to use the water again as the water in the drum belonged to her. She said No as she forgot to use it the way our pastor advised her to so he told her instead to take hot water to her husband's family house in ikoyi. As I was going outside to get my clothes, my clothes changed to a dress I wear normally and I started speaking in tongues like a force overpowered me and I passed out. I woke up in the last house we lived before we moved to our present place of habitation. People including my family were gathered around me in a circle praising GOD. As soon as I opened my eyes, my elder sister (older than the one in the first dream) ran to me and lifted me up grudgingly. My other sisters joined her.
1. You've killed and destroyed thousands of your enemies,demons and powers from your past afflicting you with retrogression----For the lord has given you dominion and power over them all. But..the last man,demon standing,the strong hold of the enemies must be destroyed lest these wolfs/monitoring spirits (that seems friendly) continue to monitor your life and destiny. Can't you see? The dogs,monitoring spirit is the same demon that metamorphosed into these dogs ? Hmmmm.. What a devilish and tricky strong man,demon.

But mind you, you don't have the spiritual capacity and power to destroy this trickish and wise demons monitoring your life,destiny.. No! You don't as you are....

2. ..yet to attain the spiritual growth,warfare or rank to destroy it.

Yes, I see just graduated from primary to secondary altitude in your spiritual life,warfare hence the power to speak in tongues has been received. This is good news but you can do better with time and dedication for your spiritual life and warfare growth.

So, how do you conquer the wise and trickish demon monitoring your life and destiny now?
¶ Spiritual growth through daily night prayers for power and fire.
¶ Fasting and prayers.
¶ Self but special deliverance and war against monitoring spirit and it source of powers...must be destroyed.
¶ Or call upon the lord to arise to fight this strong man that seem impossible for you to fight or destroy.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Noted sir