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School Dream
Good afternoon sir,

Please I need your help with these dream interpretation .

1) I was holding a plate of watery Togolese beans to eat. I don't like beans so I ate small. I have a sister who likes beans, she was begging me with her eyes so I gave her the big portion. She ate it and didn't give my dad though he was hungry. She now came back dividing roasted corn cobs. She gave my dad a big one then gave me a small one, very ugly. I didn't collect it.

2)A scenario with two colleagues. I don't know anyone of them but it seems the one that was a single mother was me. I will call her A. A was sad about her relationship with the father of the child as they were not married. Her colleague B now mentioned that she is getting married to A's boyfriend. A was very sad.

3)My father was turning up the glass of the car. It was only my own he left down but turned up everyone's glass.

4)My mum wandered into a neighbour's house and was admiring the house wishing it was ours. She wore a particular house dress she usually wears. Some people having a party on the street now started accusing my mum of being a thief. One little boy was taking her pictures and she cursed the boy. The boy's mother was begging her not to be angry. The neighbour arrived and was having a conversation with my mum.

What's the cure for suicidal thoughts? I have been having such thoughts lately because nothing has ever worked out. It may work for a few weeks but will be truncated a few weeks later, work, relationships, business, practically everything. It has been like that for years despite deliverance, prayer, fasting etc. It had made me become a subject of mockery and evil labels as a Pastor once said. I am afraid to try any new business or job.
1. I see the agenda of the enemy to turn your joy into sorrow,your blessing into curse but it's averted,rebuked.


2. There is no spiritual,physical nor heavenly bound between a man and a woman that are not married,even with a kid. Surely, nor the woman nor the man owe each other nothing out of wedlock even if there is a child between them.

3. Where is love for you in your father,is there any at all?

4. The lord warned your mother to be content and find joy in what she have in life no matter what,and stop longing for that of others lest it lands her into trouble or public disgrace.

5. Deliverance even under this ministries? If no! Pm me. If yes? Still pm me or go down to your foundation (in prayers) to unravel the source of these repeated and stubborn problems,strong man in your life. Something is fundamental wrong, son! Stop chasing shadow it's time to stop going for deliverance but to seek the source and origin of this failures. Surely, you can't conquer these until the source of these is unraveled.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Good evening sir,

Please help me with these dreams

1)I can't remember the details of this dream but it involved my dad, mum and me. An elderly churchy lady wanted to give me something or help me but my mum kept blocking me or frustrating it. It was then I knew that my mum doesn't love me. My dad said he wants to give our pictures to someone to refurbish. As we were driving by the main road, I saw the man working on the pictures. I saw my sister's baby picture, it was at the fore front of the pictures but in truth that picture is not really her picture as the baby there doesn't look like her but I was told she is the one.

2)I met with a young pastor who was my senior in school. He asked me to come and work for him on a project. He was a project manager. He sat in the front seat with his driver. I sat behind him. He had a white colleague who was reporting to him. He asked me if I had a relationship and I said no. He later said three statements that seemed like the main message of the dream. He asked me if I can wear the same cloth with my boyfriend, I said No that I cannot wear the same. Cloth with him until we are married. He said the second one which is for me to pray and ask God for my husband to show up. The third one, he said me and him are going to alter the course of destiny. As we were leaving, I met one of his junior colleagues who is a flirt, likes women and talks anyhow. He asked me what job I do, I didn't answer because I was sort of ashamed of my business as people don't usually understand it. I pretended as if I didn't hear him and he left. I later saw him pulling off his trousers in his house. I was thinking that since I hate this business so much, I should leave the business as I didn't enjoy doing it.

This scenario has happened before with someone I know about this person's character, love for women and him asking me about my job.
1. It's not yet time to mention names but your consequent dreams will do justice to that.
In essence, there is indeed an household enemy who seems to contends and stand against any positive or good things that come across your life.

In that case, it's time to unravel the face of the household enemy through the power of prayer, night vigils.

2. Hmmm.. I fear for you! This is a very dangerous and strong message, I must confess.

The lord warned strongly, ' all that glitters is not gold. Therefore, stop being ashamed of your personality, job or career be content as failure to do so I see the devil on the way to tempt you and exchange your soul for wealth. You must be content and never get carried away by friends and neighbors whose source of wealth are blood and evil lest you fall for it and exchange or alter your destiny and sell your soul to the devil.

Take this with you ' the road to heaven is very small but the road to hell is broad and widely open '.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Thank you sir.
Good morning,

1)Please what is the meaning and solution to false dreams? During deliverance, a pastor told me false dreams have made me take wrong decisions, like the dreams were manipulated.

2)People keep having dreams about marriage for me. I had even lost hope as regards marriage. I only planned to work and serve God. There has been someone disturbing me though he is quite younger than me. Everytime he goes away and I am praying and fasting for something else,he shows up. I decided to pray about him but I keep seeing myself with someone(not this young man) else in an unhappy marriage or the man having another wife but just keeping me for deceit. I also see myself falling from high buildings. I don't know if these dreams are false
1. Here ;

2. I see some evil forces troubling your marital heaven, settlement. Here embark on self deliverance as no one can help you but God :



1. Thank the Lord because your miracle has come.

2. Confess these scriptures out loud: Philippians 2:9; Colossians 2:13; Rev. 12:12; Luke 1:37.

3. Lord, make known to me the secrets of my inner life.

4. Help me Lord, to discover my real self.

5. Let every imagination of the enemy against my marital life be rendered impotent in the name Jesus.

6. I refuse to co-operate with any anti-marriage spells and curses in the name of Jesus.

7. I cancel every bewitchment fashioned against my settling down in marriage in the name of Jesus.

8. Let every force magnetizing the wrong people to me be paralyzed in the name of Jesus.

9. I break every covenant of marital failure and late marriage in the name of Jesus.

10. I cancel every spiritual wedding conducted consciously or unconsciously on my behalf in Jesus name.

11. I remove the hand of household wickedness from my marital life in the name of Jesus.

12. Let every incantation, incisions, hexes and other spiritually harmful activities working against me, be completely neutralized in the name of Jesus.

13. I command all forces of evil manipulating, delaying or hindering my marriage to be completely paralyzed in the name of Jesus.

14. Let all evil anti-marriage marks be removed in Jesus name.

15. Lord, restore me to the perfect way in which you created me if I have been altered in the name of Jesus.

16. Father, let your fire destroy every satanic weapon fashioned against my marriage in the name of Jesus.

17. Lord, expose all the schemes and plans of satan ever devised against me through any source and at any time.

18. I forsake any personal sin that has given ground to the enemy in the name of Jesus.

19. I reclaim all the ground I have lost to the enemy in Jesus name.

20. I apply the power in the name and blood of Jesus to my marital situation in the name of Jesus.

21. I apply the blood of Jesus to remove all consequences of evil operations and oppression in Jesus name.

22. I break the binding effect of anything of evil ever put upon me from any source in the name of Jesus.

23. Let all the enemies of Jesus Christ operating against my life be exposed in the name of Jesus.

24. I sever myself from any satanic linkage and any strange power in the name of Jesus.

25. I remove the right of the enemy to afflict my plan to get married in the name of Jesus.

26. I break every bondage of inherited marital confusion in the name of Jesus.

27. I bind and plunder the goods of every strongman's plans attached to my marriage in the name of Jesus.

28. Let the angels of the living God roll away the stone blocking my marital breakthrough in the name of Jesus.

29. I remove my name from the book of seers of goodness without appropriation in the name of Jesus.

30. Let God arise and let all the enemies of my marital breakthrough be scattered in the name of Jesus.

31. Let the fire of God melt away the stones hindering my marital blessings in the mighty name of Jesus.

32. Let the cloud blocking the sunlight of my glory and breakthrough be dispersed in Jesus name.

33. Let all evil spirits masquerading to trouble my marital life, be bound in the name of Jesus.

34. The pregnancy of good things within me will not be aborted by any contrary power in Jesus name.

35. Lord, let wonderful changes begin to be my lot from this week.

36. I reject every spirit of the tail in all areas of my life in the name of Jesus.

37. I receive my right match in the name of Jesus.

39. Lord, turn away all that would jilt, disappoint or fail me in the name of Jesus.

40. Thank God for the victory.
Prophet Ebankole

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Thank you sir
Good evening,

I run a business but I get offers for employment though they are below my level of experience. I got another job offer and I am considering it because I am not making any income from the business. It was during this period I had this dream.

Dream: I keep having dreams about serving people, washing their underwear and it seemed to be a business for me. I later sighted an office with a white leather executive chair and new office furniture. It was dark as the light was off in the office. I knew the office was mine but the people I was washing for dragged me away to continue working for them. I have been having doubts about my business and want to start off a new one.
You were destined to be your own boss and/or have people working under you but..

I see you struggling with your destiny, fate and glory as a result of financial setback ( not spiritual this time) or limitation.

To God be the glory as there are two way out of this struggle, failure :

• You must wage war against invisible forces that don't want you to live up to your destiny and be your own boss.

• The lord, your destiny permits : You may work under people/somebody for some time, for now (but not for too long)while gather enough to establish yourself, your business. And do be warned ' the lord say ' when you find one or work under people/somebody there come a period especially when you want to resign you may be frustrated, force or even shower with goodies so keep,hold you down.. but you must not give in lest you trade your destiny for temporary goodies.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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