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School Dream
Truly, God is here.

Thank you for this spirit led interpretation. This was given to me as a prayer point weeks ago. I prayed and forgot about it.

Thank you sir.
Good day sir,

I had a very confusing dream. I need the interpretation.

1)I saw myself with a celebrity musician. He was acting all nice like he really liked me but when he wanted to get intimate, I always pushed him away. I was thinking about the fact that he has a girlfriend he truly loves which everyone knows about besides I am older than him. I also thought of the fact that I have been celibate for years and his private part was so small, like a baby's own. He got a phone call and asked me to step aside quickly that he will call me back. He didn't want me to hear the details of the call because one of his guys was the one calling

I decided to leave and go to school (my secondary school I attended years ago). I got there and realised that I haven't been attending classes and my mates were asking me how I will cope for the chemistry exams and I said I will just show up and pass. Please note two things, all my mates were dressed in school uniforms but I wasn't. Also me not attending classes used to occur when I was in secondary school.

I decided to leave and go home (the house where we used to live). My colleague from my former place of work called me and said she was in my house. Meaning she has told my dad I wasn't in school. Also note that the time difference between when I was in secondary school and that office is about 8-10 years so she wasn't involved in the school setting but she knew I was supposed to be there

I decided to go home and faced my dad. I passed by the celebrity musician's house which ironically turned out to be an uncompleted building where some families live on my former street. The house is still there today. I got home and met my former neighbours who used to live there at the time when I was in secondary school. I got in and my dad started shouting and was crying. He was very disappointed saying that I used the current ongoing World Cup as an excuse for not coming home early from school meanwhile I was not even in school. I lied to him that I was in the library but he was still disappointed. He tried to beat me but for some reason he couldnt touch me no matter how hard he tried. I held his cheat so he won't have a heart attack and then I woke up.

I wonder if it has anything to do with young boy that lives on my street presently. I am at least 5 years older than him but he keeps suggesting we start off a relationship. I cut off from talking with him yesterday because I mentioned to GOD that I didn't want to do something that will offend him in the long run so no friendliness with the boy anymore even though I was being friends hoping to preach Jesus to him.

I had this dream after a short praise session.

2)My mum dreamt my brother was dressed in normal trouser and female blouse. What does it mean sir?

3)I also dreamt someone was supposed to stab me but a younger man took the cut on my behalf. The cut healed on his body quickly.
1. You were never a wayward child while you were young or in secondary school but a bit disobedient and never lived up to your father's academic expectations. This is a sin that's still hunting your life even as a speak because if not mercy you almost cut his life short. You should seek him for forgiveness over your past wrongs ( if he's still alive) or ask God for mercy over your past mistakes.

2. Homosexuality.
I see the spirit of marine / homosexuality hovering him he should be closely monitored, prayed for or encourage/force to deliverance ground before it's too late.

3. Is this love or obsession? For, I see someone, a male risk his life for you.
In essence, I see your escaped sudden death, attack.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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OK sir. We will act on it. Thank you.
My dreams sir.

1)I was seated with about 3/4 people at a table like we were having a press conference. I was dressed nicely. My title was Civic Head which is Equivalent to the position of a Mayor. The company was a natural hair related company. The man seated beside me dressed in a suit seemed to be the owner.

2)Concerning the choice of a life partner, I was praying about someone and I saw myself driving while he was at the passenger's side. It seemed like he was leaning on me. He later asked me to move in with him in an area far from where I and him live presently. He was dressed in white though. He is always dressed in white in the dreams I have about him.
1. Do you need to be told again that the bolded is your destiny, where your greatness,wealth and glory lies--both home and abroad? ;

Quote:1)I was seated with about 3/4 people at a table like we were having a press conference. I was dressed nicely. My title was Civic Head which is Equivalent to the position of a Mayor. The company was a natural hair related company. The man seated beside me dressed in a suit seemed to be the owner.

Even if you have to work under a profession company or start from the scratch alone it's your calling hence you must eventually get to that altitude anyway because the lord will help you.

And need I remember you that millions of people around the world are not so priviledge to discover or identify their God given talent like you do now?

Such a rare priviledge.

2. God has answered your prayer but I am seeing an honest, pure at heart, righteous man before you. Yes! Very humble, honorable, down to earth and pure. But you may be above him,be the one to be in control of the relationship financially and otherwise but your future with him would be peaceful,joyful and full of grace but I am seeing you ahead in terms of finances from the beginning.
You'd be the driver of this relationship before you finally moved or be under him,maritally.

Hmm.. What a loving and righteous man I am seeing. So pure at heart and humble.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Thank you sir
Hello Pastor,

I am currently praying some foundation deliverance prayers. I dreamt the following dreams

1)This is a real life scenario that happened. Someone was supposed to help me do something for my dad but didn't do it. He kept lying to me and giving different excuses. My dad had to show up there and get it done same day to his shame. In this dream, this scenario played out but I later went to report his action to some security service group. They asked for my name and number, I gave them believing I won't see them again. I later visited there and the security service man slapped me for reporting the guy.

2)This is a scenario from a book I read a long time ago but played out differently. A rich man who was being hunted to be killed by his son thought it was his illegitimate daughter was trying to kill him. He was assured that he was safe and knew who the killer was. As he stepped into the lower part of his ship to hide from his daughter, his son was hidden there and killed him.

3) I was going into my church and saw black oil stains running out of the door of the church. I assumed it was generator oil even though we don't put the generator at that side. I tried to find a logic for it even though I knew I was wrong that the oil wasn't supposed to be there.

4)I saw some young guys wearing pants alone, rubbing cream on thier legs. Meanwhile, I was using tissue to wipe away cream from my legs and it turned out to be sperm. I kept cleaning it off.

5)A parent I know sent thier daughter outside the country for 1st degree and Msc without ensuring she got admission. They just bundled her and told her to go to school. She got there and was stranded, she started living a wayward life to take care of herself. I don't know if this really happened or is just a message for me.

6)I saw one of my pastors as young man. He was so spiritual. I also saw his wife dressed skimpily as if coming to check on his neighbor. He was shocked at the way she was dressed. I was now thinking to myself that this is the same person he got married to later. Maybe that's how they met. But I know they were both spiritual and good Christians when they met so I don't understand the dream.

7)I found myself in a dirty building. I was waiting for someone but ran into my ex-boyfriend and decided to wait in his apartment. I picked up his phone by mistake and saw a girl's number and realized he still hasn't stopped cheating as usual. He came in and saw me with his phone and gave an excuse for the number on the phone. I knew I had to leave the building. Someone stopped me saying it was 1am but the sky was clear like 8am.i was determined to leave
I was trying to locate my way back to the room to locate my phone and leave when I woke up
1. Don't fight him. For if you had? You would be disgrace. The battle is the lord's therefore let the person go both within/without you.

2. ◄ Psalm 127:1 ►
Unless the LORD builds the house, the builders labor in vain. Unless the LORD watches over the city, the guards stand watch in vain.

Trust in the lord for safety, do not trust in your own wisdom, and trust nobody for a man's enemy is within his household.

3. The signs are there to know whether this church or branch is healthy for you or not but you fail to make up your mind or leave? At your own peril! Whatever befalls you be your lot.

4. Masturbation or masturbator,addicted to sex?.
If you are a victim or addict PM me.
In essence, I see a filthy sin being committed in the privacy, behind closed door but the lord sees. Repentance and confession is needed.

5. If you must travel abroad or anything you want to do? You must have a purpose, plan well and put things in order or, even if it's someone within your household that you want to help.

6. Don't judge yourself and learn to put your past behind if you've repented of a sin or weakness for we are all once a sinner, even pastors or their wives.

7. What a chronic sinner he is.
But thank God you called him " your boyfriend " and he's not yet your husband.

Decide now,make up your mind.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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You did all these overnight?

God bless you and strengthen you sir.

All points have been noted.