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School Dream
Hello sir,

I dreamt that I, my sister, her friend that my family don't trust and thousands of students were released from our university. We graduated from University 11years ago. We were taken to a room in a building outside the school (some bus stops away) to be admitted then you wait there to be picked up by your family.

We were each given a piece of paper with a stamp upon leaving the school. When I got to the building, the lady in charge said I shouldn't have followed my sister and her friend because after I bought the birthday cake, I would have been given a different stamp. Incidentally, my birthday was last week. She wanted to send me back to school but I refused and decided that rather than go back or wait for my father who just left home, I will take a taxi.

I went to my sister so we can take the taxi together but she was content to wait for my father even with the plenty traffic congestion. I decided to leave her. When I got outside, I saw several taxis. There was small traffic but not so bad. I then saw things I liked to eat, I decided to be cautious with money and buy only one item as I was counting how much I have which surprisingly is the same amount in my account in the bank at the moment. It was at this point I woke up
Thank God for your life ; for your wisdom and for always doing the right thing,standing firm for what you believe often- making wise decisions but opposite it is your sister.

In essence, I see your life come out of retrogression,i see you making progress while your sister life remain stagnant and retrogressive as a result of wrong choices especially following that friend of hers. Truly, relationship with the said friend has stagnanted her life for..

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Hello sir,

Can I post questions and dreams together?

My dreams

*I locked the door to our living room early as 5am as my parents left for church. I lay down there to sleep. I was asleep but it looked like I was awake as 3 different scenarios happened in my sleep state
A---It was as if I got up to lock the door again meanwhile I was sleeping and the door was already locked.
B---It was like I went to put on the television
C---It was like I went to put on the light switch and I was struck by an electric surge

Finally, still asleep a force was trying to choke me. I was being submerged in darkness but I said JESUS and it ceased. It was then I became awake.

**I have been depressed for a while, deeply depressed because of my situation and a recent visit to a pastor exposed somethings. The funny thing is before the Pastor came, I was led to read a certain scripture which says vain is the help of man. I thought the devil was trying to discourage me from listening to the Pastor. It was in this depressed state, I had a dream as I was walking into the car park of my church, I heard a voice say Serve me, make me your priority, make me number one. The voice said other things I can't remember. The problem is I don't know what it means to serve God,make him my priority. These things are strange to me.
Quote:I was led to read a certain scripture which says vain is the help of man. I thought the devil was trying to discourage me from listening to the Pastor. It was in this depressed state, I had a dream as I was walking into the car park of my church, I heard a voice say Serve me, make me your priority, make me number one. The voice said other things I can't remember. The problem is I don't know what it means to serve God,make him my priority.

Here is the answer to these riddle or message :

◄ Matthew 6:33 ►
But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.

Indeed, the bible verse was absolutely right even about trusting in God alone and not men..of God.

Now, according to the book of Matthew 6 : 33 : the lord said, stop running about seeking men of God or solution to problems that are nothing before God. Therefore, serve me, make the kingdom of God your priority and place it above all your earthly needs and expectations in God, and the lord shall open his window of heaven,grant all your expectation,prayers according to his timing.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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OK sir but you didn't interpret the first dream/experience sir.

Early this morning I dreamt that my family and I were in our former place of residence. It was pitch black but I could see clearly. One of God's Generals in the Nigerian Pentecostal Movement came to visit with his wife. My dad said he was supposed to give somebody money but he will rather take care of his guests first then pay the person the balance.

I was sitting on a stool with a lady at the edge of the room like we were not allowed to sit with the elders. I think the lady is my sister. I was looking eagerly at the man of God as we talk often in my dreams but he wasn't looking up as he kept holding his head as if he was tired. His wife finished eating and called on me. I went to her, knelt down by her side then she asked me to bring tissue for her to clean her hands. I brought it and her husband called her attention to it and she collected it. I noticed he was looking very tired.

My relative's son who had been unable to walk since he clocked one started walking bit by bit in the dream. My dad and I were excited when he started walking.
You must have edited your dream or probably as a result of your failure to number your dream as often warned on this platform. Well, it quite unfortunate that it would be skipped as a result of this breaking of rules, and besides I have so much in my hands right now to go back or fix what I considered done. Take a cue and learn from this.

You break the rule again in this new post. Well I hope you don't break it again lest you get the wrong interpretation as I often seen such mixed dreams as one --as stipulated in the rule.

1. If serving a man of God,or men, or bowing before them,worshiping them doesn't improve your family or life a bit nor bring you out of accumulated debts,poverty or retrogression? Then try God alone and see if he'll fail as well. But and mind you the lord loves those who give sacrificially,and unto his anointed ones being a blessing.

2. Surely, there is hope for him : he may walk again,soon.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Okay Pastor. I will not make the mistake again. I am truly sorry.

1)I had a praise session yesterday and I slept off while at it. I dreamt I was on the bed with a sweaty man whom I was told was invited by my father to stay with us. He was lying straight but I knew he wanted to have sexual relations with me. I declined and a voice kept encouraging me to give in. I said I was scared of pregnancy but the voice said I have a business and can take care of the baby from my income.

My mum came to the door and that encouraged me to jump off the bed. I was breathing so hard like it was an effort to leave the bed. She was angry and said that's how my father invites people to the house without informing her. I followed her to the sitting room happy that I rejected the man. The clock was shown to me as 11:11pm. I told my mum that her prayer time had not started but I saw her with her prayer books.

My dad then came out of my brother's room and told the man that he didn't ask him to stay in his daughter's room but the guest room. The man apologized and stood up.

We don't have a guest room, I have a feeling that the time shown to me 11:11 is a message in itself. The sweaty man seems like a spirit husband from my foundation (father's side). These are my thoughts but I need your spirit guided interpretation.

2)My mummy's friend whose daughter is in Dubai called my mum advising me to apply for business grant. I kept saying I can't take grant from these companies that produce beer and cigarettes so my business will not rely on them to survive.

Thanks sir
1. I see that strong man that's been molesting you spiritually exposed, disgraced and disposed out of your life through the power of praise.


Biblical number :

ELEVEN - Incompleteness, disorder.

For so long the strong man had brought sorrow : disorderliness, failure and marital manipulation into your life.
Mind you, that's the hour the strong man visits.

It's over now!

2. And now that you've been set freed from the strong man I see doors of opportunity open for you but be wary as not all opportunity comes from God.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Amen. Thank you sir

My dream below

1) I was in a salon. I sat in the centre facing a mirror. There was another girl seated facing the mirror but she was sitting to my right and was someone was making her hair. She was looking into the mirror and seeing her image. There was no one making my hair but it seemed my side of the mirror where I sat was dark like a dark screen used to cover it and all the remaining part of the mirror even where I was not seated. I couldn't see myself in the mirror. Much later in the night, I had the same dream but the mirror was clear this time and I was seeing myself wearing a white top with red roses on it
I see an evil but strong force that's been hiding you, the glory of God in you and destiny from the world to see. But it's been rebuked now as I see you shine forth, come out of that force hiding you in the dark.

I see your beauty and the glory of God in you come forth now.
It's now time : you shall be remembered by all.

Thank you jesus!

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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