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Please help interprete
Good afternoon Mr ebankole.. Pls what does it mean to have a dream in a dream.. I dreamt I was amist my former church members greeting them, then I realised I was packing some clothes it fell and wanted to pack it then I woke up realizing I closed my eyes and packed them and started praying that I receive all my blessing
an d property back Ijn I tried waking my mum in d dream then I woke into reality
I have also been going for deliverance sessions i know God is in charge.
Welcome to the Ministries, Abby.
Do take note of the forum rules, read them.. i.e, it spamming when you fail to maintain a thread for yourself, dreams, and when you post on sundays among others..Therefore delete the other thread and maintain one.

Your dream :

I can see you've been on prayer/spiritual battles for recovery and extermination of struggle or retrogression. Well, the lord is granting your requests as I see your prayers being shown mercy, granted.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Thank you sir for the interpretation. God bless you more sir and increase you.