John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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Pls help interpret
Hallelujah! Thank you Father.

Thank you too sir
Good morning sir, please I just had this dream.

I was within a university warming vegetable soup. I turned off the gas and went elsewhere within the school. But the nice aroma of the vegetable got to where I was and people were even wishing to know the source.

I was wondering if I actually turned off the gas since the aroma from the vegetables was so strong. When I returned to the place, the gas was off but I saw one of my older professors from Edo State chatting with students. The students were sharing testimonies abt situations that convinced them that God is real. I sat down to listen and was going through my whatsapp in the process.

To my surprise, this old Prof sent me a love message on whatsapp as we sat there. He then started telling the group how his mother advised him to get married while he was younger but he decided to make money first. Now it's too late for him. He covered his face with both hands and repeated again that it's too late for him.

PS: I don't know anything about his personal life, I only met him once during a job interview.
I see aroma of grace, favor,and marital qualification, breakthrough. For henceforth, whatever you do shall please man so that you may find favor before all, maritally and otherwise.

Truly, the lord has had mercy on YOU!


Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Good afternoon sir
Please what does it mean to care for people's hair in a dream? I was washing and caring for people's hair like an expert and a particular woman even came to me from a far place so I can care for her Hair and show her how to care for her hair. She was then hailing me and calling me CEO to no one. I gave a mocking laugh and said I want to be CEO to people o.

Thank you sir
Millions of people round the world walk miles, pray for decades and seek counseling wherever they find it just to discover their destiny, their calling or their purpose in life but here you are, on platter of God the lord had just revealed to you : your destiny, career and what you are destined for : hair expert.

You'd become great and your name shall become a household name doing this, your destiny has chosen.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Wow...I have never thought of being a hair expert.

Thank you sir.
Good morning sir
Please I had this dream where I was sitting in a sitting room. It looked like a family house. A Fulani woman was hawking cow milk and guinea corn balls.
I bought some and kept in the fridge while she was mixing for another person to drink. I noticed she broke the balls easily in the milk and asked her about it. She said I should put a particular chemical, that the balls will pieces. I tried it with the one in the fridge and it worked well. I was so happy.

It is like someone in the house made fried chicken. I ate out of it and it was very sweet. I took some to an old couple upstairs who seemed to be quarreling. Neither of them ate the chicken. On my way downstairs I saw baked bread on the dining table. I took out of it, it was very sweet. Told my mum the bread some two guys baked is sweet. She requested to taste it but didn't enjoy it.

One of the guys that bbaked it was on his way out. Can't really remember what happened after that, I saw myself outside too, I stopped a bike and climbed. The bike then stopped at a petrol station. While waiting, I met a girl who was trying to be a friend. She then told me to look at my bike man, he has big privates. I looked and gave a deep sigh and faced my front. After a while, the man's private became small. The man was lying on his back in a corner with his private part out.

From there I saw myself in the girl's house. It's like she was having a party. One of the guys that baked the bread was also in the party. They were doing very terrible things so I wanted to move the TV to a quieter place to watch. Then the TV suddenly looked like a mirror and broke. The people at the party had taken themselves in twos and wanted to take turn to have sex. The girl and her partner were to go first. They had placed the mattress on a bathtub. When the girl saw it, she started crying that it's dangerous. All of them now started accusing her that is the entire party not dangerous? She said it's her father that asked her to play with her friends. Then they shouted at her that who are your friends?

Thank you sir
Overall manipulations of witchcraft,night caterers plus marine--attack.

Your prayer tonight,you prayer must focus on the above while you attack the attack,the messenger, the sender and their source of powers with holy anger ".
Ps 119,24,8,65 and 19, 51.

Don't forget to vomit these rubbish with faith, too.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Good morning sir
Please I had this dream though I can't remember all of it.
I was in my former area where I grew up. Can't remember what a man wanted to tell me but I ran from him with all my might and next I saw myself in the midst of some girls discussing. Can't remember the discussion but the place seemed like the backstage of a stadium and the president was in the stadium giving speech.

I stood up from there and proceeded to where the president and other dignitaries were sitting. I can't remember if I ate but I remember putting my head on the table and sleeping. While sleeping, something told me it was rude to sleep off at the president's table, I forced my eyes open and saw that the president had also put his head on the table and was sleeping.

I later got up and returned to the backstage with those girls. They were still discussing. While there, the president came to share takeaway food. He noticed my plate had only one chicken, he picked the chicken from someone else's plate and added it to mine. I now joked to the man standing beside me that both chicken parts are surprisingly the same.

I saw myself going out of the place, then rain began to fall so I ran back to the backstage. As I was running, I accidentally pulled the wrapper one of the girls used to cover her head from the rain. I looked back but the rain was so heavy, she couldn't see the person who pulled the wrapper so I just continued going.

Thank you sir.
I see the evil force, power inflicting you through night caterers and retrogression overcome.

That is, I see you vehemently fled from the grip of retrogression and night caterers stronghold over your life.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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