John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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Pls help interpret
Good morning sir
Please I had these 5 dreams on different occassions about a man I am dating.

1. I went to visit him and when he stepped out I tiptoed to check his drawers and wardrobe. Then I found a red passport there showing he's a British citizen. I was surprised and happy to find out so I closed the drawer and returned to the sitting room

2. We were both standing at a balcony then he started to shake and shiver uncontrollably. So I started praying for him and anointed him with the sign of the cross on his forehead. He calmed down and became normal.

3. We were in a bus together sitting opposite each other. He kept looking at me pitifully and asking for help but I ignored him. When we got to our destination, he laid down on a bench in a passage while I picked a bucket to go and fetch water. He stretched out his hand again asking for help and food. I asked him where he expected me to get food from and ignored him.

4. It was our wedding day. We got to the venue then I tried making a joke with the best man. He angrily asked me to leave him alone. So I left him and proceeded to the venue. It was like a primary school and each intending couple and their well-wishers occupied a classroom each while the priest moved from one class to another to join the couple together.

I got to our class and saw many well-wishers but didn't see my parents. I asked my groom why he didn't invite my parents. He said he forgot. So I left the classroom feeling very unhappy. I refused to wear my wedding gown and opted for very light make-up. When the priest arrived in our classroom, I was called upon. I got there and saw my parents. My groom started laughing that he was only pulling my legs initially.

5. I was wearing a gold dress under a blue net lace and was walking happily to tell my best friend that I was pregnant for him. As I was going, the gold dress under turned to pure red. I looked at myself and the red dress but ignored it and continued walking. When I met my friend, I hugged her and was about to whisper in her ear that I'm pregnant. Something now asked me in my mind if I'm sure I'm pregnant. Because of the doubt, I didn't tell my friend anything again.

6. This dream is about me. I was going to an unknown destination. I noticed everywhere was flooded with no road. There were bridges where cars were passing but the bridges were high up and I didn't know how to get there. I now saw myself in a canoe crossing the water. As I was going, I saw apples, lots of apples floating on the water, I started to pick and eat until I got to dry land that looked like the former area I lived in. There I saw a guy who likes me but I don't like him. He now tried to hold my waist, I removed his hand angrily and kept walking on my own.

7. It was like I relocated to a new place but I didn't really understand why I was there. There was a man who was really nice to me giving me advice but I assumed he wanted to have sex with me so I did not listen to him. The woman I was supposed to be working for was very wicked to me. She was always shouting at me so I hated her.
The other man now advised me to not hate her but to be begging her whenever she shouts. So I started kneeling to beg her then she started getting soft with me.
One day she asked me to go to the store and soak garri for her to drink, I got there and noticed her daughter had put rat shit inside the garri. The children warned me not to tell her but that I should join them in the pranks because the woman is very wicked.
I refused to join them but instead warned the woman to be careful with her children. She now became very emotional telling me that's the reason I was brought to the house because everyone around her hates her. That she can now trust me.

8. This is about an old friend I met again recently. It looked like were married and living together. He was weak and sick and I tried to call for help to take him to the hospital. But no one responded. So I started helping him towards the door. When we got to the sitting room, I sat him on a shelf so I can go and open the door. But he was too weak to sit, as I was trying to balance him well, he hit his head on a nail in the shelf and died with blood gushing out.
I ran to the door shouting for help but the door did not open.

Thank you very much
Welcome to the Ministries, in jesus name

1. I won't say much here because it's quite a personal question you must ask yourself and find answer to :

The lord ask, ' are you not in love,or with him because of wealth or what's in his possession,materially?

The answer lies within you.

2...but despite and inspite of these,ofcourse you'd want him to live, ofcourse, you've been a spiritual help to him.

3. So many personal question in this dream -- such that I will not be able to ask you directly, but again, the lord asked ', what's exactly your condition for being with him, why are you with him, and what for,where is true love gone too?

4. The lord compared whatever love you have for him, or what's between you two to a JOKE : love that's unstable foundation.

5. Again, where is true love in you? Is your heart truly for him? Well, I am seeing uncertain love yet you choose to stay by, with, and for Him?

6. Journey of no destiny,uncertainty yet you still chose continue to embark on the journey, for what? The benefit, blessing therein,on the surface of the water? But this leads to no where,daughter!

7. The lord warned : get to know people, a person before you judge them,and seek the truth why they are who they are before you conclude they are no good or wicked like everyone else believes.

Thou shall not judge nor condemn without knowing the truth. Thou shall not judge by what you hear, see or made to believe but thou shall seek the truth first..
Thou shall not be judgmental like the world, others..

8. Quite unfortunate. The lord warned, he's a living corpse therefore be wary what you do with him, for him and how far you go for him lest you fall irredeemable implication.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Thank you sir.
I asked God for directions on what to do next and had this dream.

It seemed I had a Lebanese boss who gave a project to do at work. I did mine wrongly and saw myself in my school with my coursemates. I was redoing my assignment as I walked with them. In the course of redoing it with computer, I found out that there's a place for apology there. I used the computer to do the assignment and the apology and was happy.

The following morning on my way to go and submit, I saw an old classmate, a guy (secondary school) who was on his way to call a lady, a single mother to also go and submit her own assignment. Despite being taught by the guy, she couldn't do it well. The boss then began to make jest of her and started sending her on errands while I sat beside him. Later her son pooped on paper and it started smelling. The old classmate wanted to take the poop out but the son shot part of the poop at him and he had to run home to shower. The boss and I were both laughing over everything.

What does it mean please?
Repent, make amend, seek God, whoever is involved for forgiveness, turn a new leaf, and do what's right : the word 'apology' in this case means, ' to sober, repent, forgiveness, do things the way it should be done and not out of selfish or ungodly interest etc..

When you do? The lord shall take away your reproach, sin, blemishes and cause you to laugh. But..? You must correct the mistake now?

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Thank you sir.

Pls I just had this dream. It seemed I went to attend a programme/workshop. I was first in a classroom then I went to the hotel to get a room. The man i was supposed to share room with at the hotel kept searching for his cap. I went to an embassy where I was asked to call a newly wedded couple, the man said I should give him time to pick his cap and modem. When I returned to the workshop, great men in politics were giving speech. They all had caps on their head even those wearing jeans. So I said in my mind, no wonder the man in the hotel was so concerned about cap.

I then returned to the hotel room after the speech but the toilet in the room had disappeared, only bathroom left. I went in search of another room but all doors were locked. I then returned to the room without toilet.
What's the essence, the use of wealth, prosperity,power without salvation/deliverance of your soul,life,and without true righteousness,redemption?

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Thank you sir, took me a while to understand how it relates to my prayer point last night.

Please I had this dream a while ago when I prayed to understand my purpose/place in ministry and I'm yet to fully understand what it means.
I saw myself stirring a very large pot of eggs and I kept cracking more eggs and adding to the pot. I was smiling while doing it and was really happy. I looked into the pot and it was no where close to being full so I continued to crack and pour.

What does it mean sir?
◄ 1 Corinthians 6:13 ►
You say, "Food for the stomach and the stomach for food, and God will destroy them both."
The body, however, is not meant for sexual immorality but for the Lord, and the Lord for the body.

Until your love for your stomach is destroy you won't discover your purpose in his house nor in his kingdom.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Good morning sir
I just had a dream where I was walking with my father who was trying to talk to an influential person on my behalf. I then decided to enter the reception of an institution to sit and wait for him.
While there, they announced that UNILAG was interviewing for lecturing position. They thought that's what I came for so they asked me to drop my CV and they took everything inside to the interviewer.
I got interviewed and surprisingly it was for the exact course I studied.
Now that you are working hard to mend your ways, and turn a new leaf,life and live a true righteous,honest, godly life without depending on vanity things nor your own understanding nor manipulation but just,meekness and sincerity-- the lord said : I shall establish you and open a new door of opportunity through a connection that will favor,tall with your career desire,expectation.


Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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