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Dream interpretation
Good day! Please interpret these dreams for me. God bless
1. I saw these numbers in my dream 18/1000
2. About two times in my dream. I'm always about to fall but I will quickly stand straight.
3. In my dream, I was eating okra, one of my friends said okra was good and the other friend told me that if at all I want to eat it. I should make sure I don't finish it.
4. I dreamt that two insects were moving behind the furniture my friend rested her head on.
5. (In reality my sister and I had a prayer session) immediately I slept. I had a dream that my sister and I were somewhere we didn't know and someone was boiling pepper on the fire for us the aim was to thicken the pepper. My sister suggested we leave but I told her we have to finish what we started so we waited. Then I saw that the pepper was ready and it was inside a nylon bag my sister removed the nylon. During the process of removing the nylon. The pepper tilted to the side but she caught it immediately, so it didn't pour. I also saw that my sister and I were in the process of closing a zip and I was admiring how smooth the zip was.
6. I dreamt that I was at the back of the driver's seat. The person sitting on the driver's seat was controlling my door and I didn't like it after several attempts I was able to take control of the door.
7. I dreamt that it was about to rain and the cloud turned from black to white. And I started praying as I was praying the sky was bringing out white sparks. Then I saw that I was flying and praying. As I was praying I was destroying houses.
8. I dreamt that I posted someone's picture. The person got engaged and immediately people started congratulating me. Someone even said at last I got engaged but I was surprised because it wasn't my picture.
1. Biblical number :
EIGTEEN - Bondage,captivity
O yes! I see you in bondage but it's breakable.
Do not panic --what to do?
Aggressive night vigil prayer " breaking every yoke,bondage holding you down " and it source of powers. With Ps 65,51,8,24,91 and 10,19 and 42. Fast for a day or more too.

2. The powers that be want you fall but grace has been sustaining you. But for how Long? This is why the above instructions must be followed to the latter.

3. O they succeeded, finally.
You've been stagnated,drew aback. You must also break the yoke of night caterers, stagnation and evil deposit, and vomit that by faith. O yes! Your fasting must be two days or more now.

4. While men slept his enemies came. There are evil forces hovering her. This is a secret the lord had just revealed so that they can be destroy. Yes! War against prayers eaters, termites.

5. You two prayer have had no direction really. But the mercy of God intervened.
The word pepper (spiritually) means : pain, affliction et al ' as in " pepperish. But to God be the glory it was chained or the arrow of affliction caught.

6. I see a force again, trying so hard to hold your life, progress in captivity but you fought back, broke freed.

7. Truly, the prayers of the righteous is like mount Zion.
In essence, I see the power of God fall upon you and destroying every environmental, territorial and witchcraft powers troubling your heaven and life.

Thank you jesus!

8. Cry out : any woman, invisible force that's vow to take and shine on my marital settlement, glory and blessing you are a liar, vomit it and die!
Ps 8,24, 19 and Isia60

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Wow! Thank you so much.
I will do as instructed.
God bless.
Good day. Please can you interpret these dream for me.
My sister's dreams:
1. (In reality she's engaged) she dreamt that in the dream she was with her fiancé but in the dream he was her husband. And he was closing bottles and putting it in a basket. His aim was to pack all the bottles into a basket and close it. She said while he was doing that he told her that can she believe that after they got married girls were still calling him to have an affair with them.
2. She dreamt that she went to her fiancé' house. When she got to the compound she saw everyone wearing white except a person that wore black. When she also got inside she saw people wearing white. Then she started praying and all of them started bowing down.

My dream
I dreamt that I saw rubber bands.
1. I see him gathering so many bottles/woman round about him even in marriage but he will be a faithful man to you, and truthful as a husband.

2. There are household enemies and powers against his marital lie within his family circle, household but the lord will use you to bow them down--before you. Because he that's in you is greater..

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Thank you. God bless
1. I was with a group of women giving a speech. Some people wanted to disrupt the meeting but they weren't successful. While I was giving a speech a friend of mine wanted to celebrate her dad so she put 53 on the board and I was really dancing. (in reality the man his celebrating his 70th birthday soon). I wanted to call the names of different women that contributed to my event. A woman kept on telling me to call her first because she contributed more. It was getting disorganized. I was given a set of keys with numbers but the names on the key were not correct. Although it had number but didn't use the keys anymore because I wanted to right name. But at the end I put everything in order. On my way out of the place a girl wanted to do evil to me. I warned her but she didn't listen. I missed the first time but the second time she fell on the floor and she couldn't stand up. I was scared that people around were going to accuse me of doing that to her but no one seemed to care.

2. Then I saw that I was sitting and cooking rice and one other thing. Then the house not far from me was burning. I had to put the rice on the fire down and the other pot down. So I ran inside with my family. When we got inside I locked the door. Although I felt bad for locking the door but I didn't want anyone to come inside because they might not be good people. When I ran inside. I noticed that it was my boyfriend's house. His father accommodated my family and I. And I saw that my boyfriend was helping my family to settle down. I later heard that no one died. That the house got burnt due to high voltage. I saw that I ran to a room that belonged to my boyfriend and I was vomiting non stop. It even stained my teeth. Then I saw that my boyfriend came in to check up on me but I was angry with him for not coming to check me first. And I told him to leave me alone angrily. He refused and said the room was for both of us. But I told him no that his dad gave the room to me. That he should go to his own room but he didn't leave.

3. I dreamt that I was scrolling through files and I saw my boyfriend and I we wore our engagement outfit. In the dream I was telling my sister that if the Asooke for the outfit isn't enough that we are ready to buy more. The color of the Asooke was deep Olive green.

4. (In reality) My mum has a house help and she has a bad behavior. I scolded her because she did something bad. When I went to sleep I saw that she did something wrong so I corrected her but she was not ready to listen. When I went to meet her I saw a snake and I was scared. Then I saw the snake around her body. She was playing with the snake. Before I woke up I saw that the snake was her pet.

5. Someone was chasing me so I was reciting one of the psalms you told me to recite. The person didn't see where I was hiding. And the person left.

6. A boy in my secondary school wanted me to see his plate but I refused and he packed it and took it away from me.

7. I saw a screw that belonged to my boyfriend and I.

I have completed the fast and Prayer you told me to do. I completed the prayer this midnight.
1. I see that strong force, power against your shine defeated.

2. Flee from fornication or any act that leaves you vulnerable to it lest there be chaos, destruction and unforgettable regrets.

3. I see wedding before you with your..

4. Your mother must repent of this weakness in her as she has a weakness ; adopted a destructive, dangerous habit that's poses danger to her life and safety and everyone around her.

5. It worked!
For, the lord has lifted you up above your enemies so that you may prevail over them.

6. I see nothing common between your prosperity and retrogression.
That is, I see enmity between you and retrogression.

7. I see a ring, wedding ring, bond between you two.

The lord truly answered your prayers

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Thank you. God bless
Good morning. Please interpret these dreams for me. Thank you!

1. I was in the market with some group of people. I saw someone wearing a nice fabric. I asked for the price and the person said N1,000 per yard. I loved it and I decided to buy and sew it for my dad.
2. A white pig.
3. I wanted to buy pepper but I changed my order to onions.
4. I went to greet my boyfriend's mum. His cousins and family members were there. They welcomed me well and his mum wanted me to stay. After I saw candy in a basket.
5. My boyfriend and his mum were sitting and I saw that he needed money. Then a lady came she wanted to give him an envelope. I collected it and tore it. Then I gave him mine instead.
6. I was in a garden, flowers were all around the top of the place too. I was running fast. When I looked back I saw that I was far from a gate. Outside the gate there were flowers too. I was really scared. I was the only one there.
7. A religious group ranked me 8th in the world.