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Dream interpretation
Good day
Please can you interpret these dreams for me. Thank you.
1. I dreamt that a friend wanted to kill a rat but I advised her not to but she didn't listen. When she hit the rat the rat jumped on me.
2. I also dreamt that this same friend wanted to give me fish although I didn't collect it from her.
1. Your advise to this friend of yours will always and only bounce back or hit back at you. Meaning? It would be fruitless so it's use.

2. Hmmm.. Well, whatever is hiding shall come to light,soonest. But for now be wary of what you take or accept from any especially this friend in particular until the mystery is unraveled : - to be on the safe side.
In essence, I see marine attack, initiation targeted at you rebuked and aborted.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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I found the thread. Sorry for breaking your rule.

Please can you interpret these dreams. Thank you

1. I saw the same friend again. I took her diary but she snatched it from me she was hiding a letter from me. To distract me she was showing me her mum's picture and a picture of her wearing a glittering dress and bag. But I insisted that I wanted to see the letter so she ran away. In the dream I was suspecting that the letter was about the advice I told her that she didn't listen  to that finally happened. (I haven't spoken to this person for months now)

2. My secondary school teacher and some other people needed my big knife. They asked me to borrow them but I couldn't find it at first but when I found it I gave them. I also noticed that when I was looking for the knife my head band was tied to my scarf.

3. I was washing the Holy Book with soap. 

4. I wanted to buy furniture for one of my suitors (the one that gave me a rope chain that can be passed from one generation to another) but when I opened the box of what I bought for him to confirm what I bought I saw perfume instead. 

5. I dreamt that I was with my husband to be. He was wearing a ring and I was wearing a ring too. We were wearing the same ring. Then he was about to also put another ring in my finger on the same spot as the first one he gave me making two rings for me. The dream was very bright.
1. So many skeleton in this one cupboard. Daughter? You both have nothing in common.

2. I see self infliction, captivity but unconsciously, as a result of help render. Pray against it now!

3. I see you renewing your relationship with God, his words, heaven.

Keep it up!

4. Don't live/spend beyond your limit, financial capacity to please..

5. If he'd choose another woman? He will choose you again and again.
In essence, I see renewed covenant or love.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Thank you for taking your time to reply.
God bless
Good day.
Please can you interpret these dreams for me. Thank you

1. I dreamt that I wanted to make a life changing decision but I was really confused. So I went outside and I looked at the sky. I told God to show me a sign if the decision I'm about to make is a good one. It was in the night and the sky was dark. Few seconds later I saw that the sky was getting brighter. I also saw a white bird flying then a black bird followed it. I pulled the bird down and killed it. I also pulled another one down removed the feathers and threw it into the bin. When I looked up again I saw about 5 black birds moving close to the white bird but my intention was to kill all of them before I woke up.
2. I gave a small boy N50. I was in a hurry so it fell on the floor. The little boy didn't pick it he was even crying. Then I went back to give him and I also gave him corn. He collected it and smiled.
3. I also dreamt that I was holding a tray. Then I placed it on another tray and it fit perfectly.
1. You seem to always know what you want but there is a dark cloud (confusion) that often manipulates you mind and faith but surely, the power to crush it and see clearly lies within you.

2. Always finish what you started, and see to it that every help you render is done to the latter so that you may be rewarded or make somebody happy.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Thank you. God bless
Good day. Could you pease interpret these dreams for me. Thank you.

1. I dreamt that I saw pink color around me.
2. Someone was sitting on my seat but I made sure the person stood up.
3. I was in a car and my left and right was blocked by animals but I was able to escape.
4. I went to a store and I admired the place. But I didn't like what the owner did to the previous owner. She threw the person's things away. The person's things were not good again. Shoes were not good again. But I was looking for the good ones to give people that will appreciate it. It was hard to find a good one but I was determined to look for them.
1. Pink is every woman's color : I see a thing of joy.

2. An attempt to hijack what belongs to you or position shall be vehemently rebuked. Surely? This is victory over destiny robber.

3. I see an evil forces on a mission to stagnant and frustrate your life vehemently fought and conquered.
You are unstoppable.

4. You are a blessing to many.. hope to the hopeless, help to the helpless and strength to the weak..
You have a heart of GOLD.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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