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Please interpret this dream for me.
1. I was in a dream and I went to fetch water with my two yr old daughter. I fetched the water with two kegs and my daughter was following me, suddenly she stopped and ask me to carry to her, I looked back and saw a wolf from a distance running towards my daughter, I dropped the kegs of water, rushed and carried my daughter, left the kegs and ran away shouting for help and the wolf changed direction, then I woke up.

2. The second dream is this, I was in our house in the village my late elder was outside carrying a tray of bees on his head. So, an unknown person ran inside the room where I was sitting with a bee on his back. I rushed out to know what was happening, to my surprise the swarm of bees from my brothers head flew towards me and were flying around me but out of fear I ran away and the bees chased me, with many of hanging on my back, yet none of them bite me and brother was laughing. Then I went back inside the room and forced the stranger out, then I wake up.

3. The third dream is that I was eating sugarcane in the dream.

Please is the meaning of this dreams.
1. Indeed, the devil, the roaring lion is looking for whom, your daughter to devour. But I see your prayer, spiritual consciousness over your daughter come to your daughter's rescue. What a glorious child hence the devil and it agents are out for her..destiny,soul. Indeed, the lord had deliver her this time but never cease prayer for your daughter.

2. I see a strong man, evil arrow fired from your father's house but surely, the lord came to your rescue.

3. It's called " sweetness : joy, blessing.".
Something wonderful, blessing, joy, cause for celebration is here!

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Thanks alot and God bless you