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Pls sir help me interprete
Good morning sir I had a dream last nite.prior to today I saw myself in the dream where I went for a prayer meeting getting there I saw some other members waiting for the prophetess she came later and apologized that the prayer meeting will be postponed to the next day ,every one was about leaving and she looked at me and told me to come ,she started a deliverance/prayers for me which I fell under anointing when I stood up I over heard telling someone that she has prayed for me before but the thing came back that was why she had to pray for me my dream for today I saw myself walk out of a gate with some girls and we lay down on the ground outside that gate we were about sleeping on the ground and it was night I wasn’t comfortable with where we are I wanted to really go back into that gate but it seems we were prohibited to go

in ,many people stood outside .a woman was dropped off by her husband with her children and was entering that gate going to church i and those girls stood up and walked to the gate ,it started drizzling (rain)I now noticed I was with a paper with my name on it ,but something drew my attention to check my name properly lo and behold it wasn’t my name that was in that paper I now walked with confidence to the gate because to my knowledge in that dream I can’t enter that gate and that paper was a query with my name on it when I noticed it wasn’t my name and I knew I wasn’t supposed to be out side and I walked towards the gate I don’t know what happened at the gate I saw my inside the vicinity of that gate and happened to be inside a room which happened to be where I was before I went outside the gate ,my clothes where scattered on the floor with my bag I had to pack my clothes inside the bag and woke up.
NB: Always separate and number your dream. I can see you are new year. So also be informed that posting on sundays is prohibited

1. I see you delivered from an infliction, affliction you were once delivered from.

It's called " second deliverance ".

2. Thank you jesus! I see a suppose ( another person's) misfortune,downfall befall you aborted, by you by. But the lord warned ', always look before you leap. That is,before you make decision always reason, think and look at the situation with deeper knowledge before you make any move.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Thank you Jesus!!!!
Good morning sir,sir I had a dream some days ago but am finding it hard to understand the exact that dream I was with my elder brother and a lady was beside him and it happened that an empty bottle of wine was there and very dirty, so I washed it clean and turned it upside down for it to drain out water.i saw my brother holding 3 bundles of money ,immediately my uncle came inside and Started saying oh God why did this man come in here .behind him I started binding and left the room,coming back to that room I saw in front of the door diced colanut and someoother thing placed at door and inside the door as foot mat ,i raised an alarm and was saying see what my uncle has done .i was contemplating packing the colanut etc to go and pour back into his house or calling him to out so that he will step on those things himself ,later I saw my self with a bottle of anointing oil and poured it on the substance at the door post .later I saw my self with my siblings and Mum inside a white car my elder brother gave us his atm to buy whatever we want so they gave me the atm to buy what everyone wanted,and I entered a place and that place was the next door to where my brother was before .entering there I saw stones being designed on the ground like before I looked inside and saw a man like a Chinese man short ,I then took the stones and started throwing it back to him telling him so he has come here to do another one , the man was wailing asking me what he did ,I continued stoning him people were around but nobody interfered after I ran into a room and lock the door and I woke up.
Don't take your anger, frustration on the innocent nor even on the household enemy ( your uncle) physically, but spiritually lest become a mad man before the world while you are sane.

But the lord warned strongly, your family (especially you and your brother/siblings) must keep the secret of your prosperity and life away from families such as your uncle..

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Good morning sir , I had these dream this morning .in my dream I was going some where with my elder sister,we entered the bus .as we alighting from the bus the conductor gave us a gift of wine and and a raffle draw ticket which my sister was not interested in so the man threw it away but I picked it in as much I don’t know how to go about it.walking out the place turns out to be someone,s compound with a gate .it started raining not heavily ,my sister was in front so she went out of the gate before me ,as I stepped out I saw many dogs running towards the gate but not close to me because of that I refused going out .i stood there but my sister has gone ,later some girls came there to join me they couldn’t move further because of the dogs in the street .so a woman in our midst she seemed married and the only married one in our midst. bravely took another short cut in the street we were surprised when we saw her leave ,not quite long she came back through the dreaded path of the road and stood in front of me amongst all the girls there and said we should go , so I followed her I noticed I was putting the same color of clothes with her (green) and she took me through the short cut and we passed the road , I didn’t see the dogs anymore . Initially when the woman left no body screamed or were happy for her but I when I crossed the den the ladies I left at the gate screamed for joy for me , I followed the lady and we started climbing stairs together.
That you may not be caught in the captivity of evil men/ones,self affliction? Learn the act of : all that glitters is not gold ;

Be wary of strange gift.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Good day sir ,I had these dream today but I don’t know if it’s a good or a bad dream . Me and my sisters were in my uncles house in that dream and and he opened a packet of sweet (pepper mint)we sat down in a cushion while he sat adjacent to us , i was first on the roll facing him , so he gave me two tab of the sweet and also gave my sisters too .immediately I told my sisters not to eat the sweet and I heard everything I said on the television like he has cctv in his house ,so I put the sweet in my mouth pretending to chew , so he sent me to bring a chair inside a room, immediately I entered I spat out what was in my mouth, later I saw myself outside the spitting out what was in my mouth, the more I spat out the more things were in my mouth I continued until there was nothing more in my mouth , my dad came there to meet us and the time in the dream was after 12midnight so he can’t go back home , but I and my siblings insisted we are going home . As we left my uncles place to get a bus it was dawn we saw a big bus like painted blue and filled with people my siblings entered through the back door I wanted to enter through the front cos but there was no door so a man brought out his hand from outside and carried me inside the bus , then I woke up.
The lord warned to be wary of your uncle as you are not safe with him neither is any of your household or family.

Be careful!

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Good afternoon sir,sir I had these dream this morning I just came back from a vigil.i saw myself in our house in the village as if a celebration wants to take place ,I saw myself carrying cake but there was no icing or decoration on it so I wanted to go bring a table to place the cake as I entered our sitting room in the village I saw a table painted green,I also saw my dads younger cousin trying to assist and anytime he comes around like that it’s either we are doing something in our family .i was perceiving the aroma of soup and I was arguing in my mind that hope the women have made rice cos ppl were cooking at the back of the house for that celebration in the dream .so my brother came in and jokingly said he can perceive the odor of rice hope it is ready and every body laughed .i saw my dad sitted like in a high table for celebration and I saw my dads brother standing we were sort of happy in the dream .