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Pls sir help me interprete
Good morning sir I had a dream last nite.prior to today I saw myself in the dream where I went for a prayer meeting getting there I saw some other members waiting for the prophetess she came later and apologized that the prayer meeting will be postponed to the next day ,every one was about leaving and she looked at me and told me to come ,she started a deliverance/prayers for me which I fell under anointing when I stood up I over heard telling someone that she has prayed for me before but the thing came back that was why she had to pray for me my dream for today I saw myself walk out of a gate with some girls and we lay down on the ground outside that gate we were about sleeping on the ground and it was night I wasn’t comfortable with where we are I wanted to really go back into that gate but it seems we were prohibited to go

in ,many people stood outside .a woman was dropped off by her husband with her children and was entering that gate going to church i and those girls stood up and walked to the gate ,it started drizzling (rain)I now noticed I was with a paper with my name on it ,but something drew my attention to check my name properly lo and behold it wasn’t my name that was in that paper I now walked with confidence to the gate because to my knowledge in that dream I can’t enter that gate and that paper was a query with my name on it when I noticed it wasn’t my name and I knew I wasn’t supposed to be out side and I walked towards the gate I don’t know what happened at the gate I saw my inside the vicinity of that gate and happened to be inside a room which happened to be where I was before I went outside the gate ,my clothes where scattered on the floor with my bag I had to pack my clothes inside the bag and woke up.
NB: Always separate and number your dream. I can see you are new year. So also be informed that posting on sundays is prohibited

1. I see you delivered from an infliction, affliction you were once delivered from.

It's called " second deliverance ".

2. Thank you jesus! I see a suppose ( another person's) misfortune,downfall befall you aborted, by you by. But the lord warned ', always look before you leap. That is,before you make decision always reason, think and look at the situation with deeper knowledge before you make any move.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Thank you Jesus!!!!