John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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Glory be to the Most High God
Everybody join me in Thanksgiving to God almighty for His amazing grace upon my life and family.
About two weeks ago I had a dream where I saw I was running with full speed and there was storm, thunder, lightning,... So strong that it was cutting down trees from the roots, I couldn't remember the dream clearly, hence I didn't relate it well to our prophet Ebankole, I also told my mom about the dream, after that I forgot about it completely. Two days ago, which was Sunday, during service, our pastor said he could see thunderstorm sent to kill someone, that if you are here and you saw thunderstorm in your dream and it struck, please come out for prayers, that God showed the person the dream so as to pray to avert it, but the person didn't pray well, I had completely forgotten that dream, three people cane out, but the pastor didn't seem satisfied, he says well, Holyspirit will help the person and family, that the whole church should pray against this evil thunderstorm, we did, I prayed seriously for myself and family.
Lo and behold yesterday afternoon I was studying bible and was moved to sing praises and worship, I couldn't even, instead I was praying in tongues, the moment I finished praying my younger sister called me from portharcourt where she schools and said we all should leave whatever we were doing and start praising God for her life, that they were about writing exams when the weather changed, their lecturer then said they should move to another hall, immediately everywhere became dark and a very strong wind started, before they knew it was thunders and lightning everywhere, people were screaming in confusion, fans were pulling off ceilings, water tanks and scaffold uprooted, trees uprooted, the hall they just moved out from, mtn mast was uprooted from the ground and fell on the hall, which is a storey building and the building collapsed to the ground, cars where destroyed. Even those huge public TVs was uprooted too, uncountable destruction of properties and buildings, mainly inside the school and just a few in the environs , but in all, no single casualty. I'm so grateful to God our father and Jesus Christ our Lord, for saving my sister, for saving His children and not allowing any life to be lost, for His mercies even when I am weak, words are not just enough to thank God for what he has done. When I saw the videos and photos I was dumbfounded, it's was while looking at photos and videos my sister sent that mom reminded me of the dream. God is good to me. I attached photos

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God is good, we are thankful for His divine protection. Indeed our lives are nothing without Him.
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(09-05-2018, 09:10 AM)nonop Wrote: God is good, we are thankful for His divine protection. Indeed our lives are nothing without Him.

Thank God..
Father you are very good,you watches over your very own,may your name be are amazing.
God is indeed faithful to His children
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Indeed His banner over us is Love!
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God is great. We give thanks to him and glory be unto the name of God for your life and that of your families.
I'm happy to announce that I have started going from house to house for evangelism yesterday, I am happy that I have finally shed the fear, shame and lack of confidence to do what I have been directed to do for some years now, it was so relieving and people really listened to me. I am so happy because I did this in my home town where I was very afraid and shy to start because I'm well known there, two years ago I was shown in the Dream that I must start there, to God be the glory.
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I rejoice with you. May these seeds you're sowing bear abundant fruits and may your reward be great. Amen