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Beaten by serpent
Family, I'd like to thank God, in one of my dreams Our baby girl was beaten by a snake that was following me but by the mercy of God I outrun it, so it bit her. I posted this dream for interpretation &I received it, also advice from Pastor to use prayer points on one of Our threads against serpent spirit. I used those prayer points&believed God. The next day our daughter wasn't herself she slept the entire day&I believed God, she couldn't eat that day she vomited the little bit I wanted to feed her, so I let her continue in her sleep because She wanted to sleep, the next day she slept long again during the day when She woke up, she poo poo a substance that looks like snake venom & it was a lot with a little bit if normal poo there. After that she became herself & started playing, active again, I monitored Her to check if She is really OK, indeed since that poo poo, she is normal again, God delivered Us..Take all the Glory Jesus, I thank You
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God our Healer and Deliverer! May His name be praised now and always. Amen
@Gracemohau. God is indeed great!...Thank You, Lord Jesus for this baby's life.
Amen! Praise the Lord
I thank God....