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Bus and Jobs
Good morning sir,
I had a dream where rain was falling and beating us seriously I and my wife, I can't remember if there are other people with us. We then enter into our house and the rain was still falling on us inside the house even though the roof was not leaking.
It seems I woke up and dreamt again or it is in the same dream
, I was telling some people about the dream of the rain and my sister in law was saying that the dream of the rain is a bad dream and I was saying no it is a dream of good things.
Your revelation was interpreted at number two. Its indeed a dream or encounter one shouldn't pray to experience as it means ; financial storm,marital storm and all round storms.

I see financial breakdown and unprecedented breakdown ..all round and in your home ..

Solution ?

+ Aggressive night vigil prayers against all of the above mentioned storms.
+ War against arrow and affliction ..of poverty,your financial life,and against your home.
+ Sow covenant seed.

Fast and pray. You may as well go to the prayer point thread for more prayers and procedures. NB; delay might be dangerous.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Thank you sir I have been on a long prayer and fasting with night vigils.

I had this dream 2 nights ago:
I went to my former place of work and was sitting on a desk. The head of Hr came and said "you said you will come and you are here promptly." He then gave me an envelope which contain a cheque of N1.08million. I was very happy. Before I got to that office someone gave me another N250,000 (i cant remember if it was cash or cheque)which I added to the cheque.
Your heaven for uncommon/divine favor,blessing,destiny helpers and breakthrough has finally opened.
Yes! The lord has granted your request for uncommon breakthrough and favor.

Bible ref/ reading for full interpretation ; Isaiah 60.

Congratulations. Something big is coming your way so that strangers will remember for good,and happy you know not.

Thank you Jesus !

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Thank you sir.
Good evening sir,

I had this dream. I was standing under a tree with fruits that look like apples , the fruits were exactly like apples and green. I met a man under the tree and i saw him pluck and was eating one of the fruits. When i came and wanted to pluck the fruits he told me that it is not ripe yet. He was explaining something like if you pluck it now it will not be sweet as it will gum or have unpleasant taste. I was wandering why i cant pluck now when i woke up.
Don't walk under another man's shadow life is not a competition. Wait for your time.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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