John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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God bless you sir.

I had the following dreams:
1. I was in a church and seems to be looking for my sandals. I did not know when i put them off. I went to the house which look like a house with several storeys. As i was entering the floor i saw a shadow of what look like a young Tiger on the stair case. I went to the other side of the buikding and i saw it again. People in the building seem to be afraid. I left the house to go to where i park my car and was searching for the place until i woke up.
2. The following day i was in a big hotel and was trying to look for the toilet to ease my self but dont seem to find it. A large number of white people were using the other available convenience.
1. Hmm..
May you not become another victim of demonic or wrong church.
In essence, the lord said, many, thousands are the so called house of God but where devil has established his kingdom and throne ; ' the devil it is the lion/tiger, ' roaring lion ". Therefore be wary of the king of church you work into without the guidance of the holy spirit lest you become a victim.

2. It's called " deliverance delayed or frustrated ".
This may and may not be connected to your number one dream. Therefore, take heed to the warning, message lest your day of deliverance or heaven's visitation postpone. In essence, you shall wage war against evil, invisible forces postponing the day of deliverance, heaven's visitation. You must dispose these things OUT.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Thank you sir.

I had the following dteams:

1. I saw a snake in our house or room and tried to kill it. I thought it was dead but we came back and my friend told me it seems the snake was still alive because it was raising up it head. He took a cutlas and cut off its head.

2. Last night i found myself in the river or a sea and i was in the water and water was carrying me. I had no control of it and i was not swimming but the wave and current was just carrying me far, my head was under the water my face looking up from under the water. We came to under a bridge or tunnel and it was dark and frightening and i was praying for us to come out of the dark place but i can now see that i am going close to where there is light , i was moving from the dark tunnel to the light it was close by, we eventually came out to the light and i tried to bring my head out and open my eyes and as i open my eyes i was on ny bed. I had woken up.
1. Thank you jesus!
I see a serpentine agent,power of darkness on a mission to inflict and attack you,your household caught and destroyed.

2. Your life and destiny had for some time now ( if not a decade or more ) being held captive : stagnated and on a stand still,wilderness and darkness but at last I see you set freed from that darkness and delivered. Surely, I see light at the end of that tunnel now.

Praise the lord!
You are free at last!

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Thank you man of God.
I had this dream two nights ago.
A Young man was crying and wailing bitterly lying on the floor and a man who appear to be holding a bible was telling him to go and cry on his forefathers' graves.
I woke up and i was feeling that what kind of advice is that. Is that not idolatrous?
It means : it's time to cry( wage war) against the powers of your father's house.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Thanks Pastor. Thats exactly what im doing now.
Good morning sir,
I had this dreams last night.

1. Immediately after i finished my midnight prayers and closed my eyes i started hearing dogs barking. A mother dog with puppies were barking and growling close to my head were i was lying down. I could feel the puppies touching me. There were not bitting me but barking around my head. Initially it was the puppies then the mother joined then and i seems to be afraid and opening my eyes gradually then i woke up.

2. I was holding to the railing in a big building and the railings detached from the building and carried me very high and it was moving very high and it is expected to crash me to the ground somewhere. It took me up and it was falling and passing through other buildings it then took another person so two of us were hanging on the railing and we did not know where it will crash us to. It was frightening. All of a sudden as it carried us close to a tree i touched a tip of something like a branch of the tree and our foot just stepped on the ground both of us like a miracle and we were rejoicing.
1. Congratulations as the lord has just revealed the secret/hiding agents ( spiritual wolfs) that's been troubling your life in the dark. You shall, therefore, cry out and call upon holy ghost fire to silence every spiritual, evil wolfs, their source of powers roaring against your life and peace to die ". Ps 24,19,91,119 and 8.

2. I see a break down, a terrible accident designed by the enemies to destroy or terminate your life aborted and turned to testimony. You've escaped the power, pit of death into the land of the living.


Bible ref : Ps 91.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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