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Bus and Jobs
Thanks for the great work you are doing here and may God strengthen you and reward you bountifully.
kindly interpret my dreams below :

In real life I am out of job since last year and beleiving God for another one.

1. I wanted to travel and I went to the park to board the bus. I entered a brand new luxurious bus. It is equipped with world class equipments. We were told that it is the latest in the world. it has never being used in any part of the world before. It has communication equipments. when the bus fills another floor will open automatically above. I saw myself move from my floor to another floor. I was then explaining somethings to some passengers after the attendants explained to them and they did not understand.

2. I have being continuously seeing myself in the dream working with one or two of my former colleagues. One of my bosses some years back, I have seen myself working with him upto 3 times. For other colleagues I have not seen any of them in my dream working with me more than once but this boss keep reappearing as a colleague in another organisation.

3. There is a former schoolmate of mine, though we are friends on Facebook, I have not physically seen for over 25 years now but I keep encountering him in my dreams. He is either with me as a co candidate in search of job or as one of the people conducting interview or test or I will pass him on my way. I have encountered him in more than 3 or 4 different dreams.

kindly interpret.
1. The lord promised : I would do a great thing in your life such that no eyes have seen, no ears have heard, and no man have heard of.

2. I don't see any possibility of progress in your until the affliction and the chain of retrogression is broken in your life.

You are under a force and power of retrogression that's vowed not to see you prosper in life.

3. The lord said, ' you've been left behind among your pairs,and your life has remained stagnanted.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Thanks Pastor, this sound terrible.
Follow the link below, (your prayer there) for now. You'd be needing that for now :

Note : I will be following your progress to determine if your case requires stronger option.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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In may I was sleeping and just as I was struggling to wake up I heard a man tellng me " you will be blind for six months. What is the meaning ? Since then my dreans have been ordinary. Just like normal waking activities abd I could hardly remember any. But this week I had 2 that I remember vividly:

1. I was passing through a place and there was a lot of robbery. I got to a house and met some of the robbers there. I was concious of having some money in my pocket. They did not take my money. They asked everyone to lie down. As I was lying diwn one of the robbers cane to keep a loaded gun by my hand and I was saying she should take it away from me that it is loaded but the fenale robber left the gun with me and my hand touched sonething and a bullet went to struct a lady in the stomach. We started making arrangements with the robbers to take the lady to the hospital. I went to sit by the side of the road and was crying bitterly and asking God that where do I run to now with all these problems then I woke up.

2. In the second dream , I was living in a room where there was a tap in front of the house. I put a bucket to fetch water to bath. I came outside and colkect the water. When I got into the house I saw that there was a lot of faeces either human or animal excreta in the water. I poured the water away and started fetching another clean one inside the house and I woke up.
1. It's means, spiritually blind ". Meaning, all your heaven including your power to see vision or dream shall come to a naught. You ought to have plead for mercy and restoration of your heavens.

2. Indeed, I see a great trials before you just like some trials are meant to actually save you from destruction so is this one. Yes, it comes so unpleasant or badly but this is meant to save you from spiritual robber, and it did.

3. Never compromise your holy. Keep it up and victory, dominion shall always be yours in Christ Jesus and in the world.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Thank you Pastor,
I had these dreams two nights ago:
1. I was watching a telecast by pastor Kumuyi. On the corner of the screen was a logo of ican (institute of chartered accountants of Nigeria) . In his preaching or speech he was talking about Ican but I cant remember what he said. Note. I am an ican member.

2. I was travelling in a luxury bus. We came to a very narrow street where it seems it is impossible for a bus of that size to turn( the bus was to go to the left street ) .To the surprise of everyone the bus turned and enter the street without touching the side post. Both those inside the vehicle and those outside watching were surprised with mouth opened.
1. The lord have your back, he's with you on this one : you Ican.

2. God will open up your path, make a way for you where the world fails, thought there would never be way..even at the close of destructive path the lord shall expand your path to save you.

Bible ref : Ps 91.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Thank you sir,
I had this dream earlier in May.
I was in a village working and went to hunt for animals. I dugged a hole and killed a reptile that look like a monitor lizard but with colourful drsign. I cut the meat in pieces. My friend came and saw it and said the animal is called YEAR END. He said the villagers dont kill that animal and that it comes out once in a year and that it has not being coming out. I did not beleive him so we went to see another person in the village who confirmed the same story. My friend now said that since i have killed it, the solution is to bury it like a human being.
Give unto Caesar what is Caesar's ' therefore, when you are in Rome act or conduct yourself in an Romanian manner. But do not bend to the law of idolatry nor idol.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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