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Power Of Praying Together As A Family
Quote:When I was younger I always found prayers to be boring because it just seemed like an endless stream of meaningless words. But later when I truly understood what prayer meant, my whole perspective about prayer changed, and I understood its meaning and reason. It’s simply the opening of one’s heart to the Almighty; it’s going to Him and telling Him everything in your heart.

The power of prayer in a family is the very foundation that keeps a family unit together. Most of you must have heard the phrase “A family that prays together stays together”. This concept is so true, as a family that has their focus on praying to the Almighty has a foundation that may be shaken at times, but it will withstand all that comes against them.

Majority of families rarely participate in activities together nowadays, and rather prefer to direct their attention to the television, computers or cell phones. They lack unity from God through prayers.

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