John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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I want to thank God and this ministry . There are so many things that happend to me since i started to join this ministry. I know now how to direct my prayers because of the directions the pastor gives me. After months of prayer we now moved to a better and bigger place. There was some money that government had to give me but i was doubting to apply for it because they can be funny sometimes. I think a week ago pastor interpreted a dream that was saying that there is a blessing but i can decide if i want to take it or not. So i went ahead to apply for it and glory be to God i received an email today that they have transfered the money. Can you imagine if it was not for the pastor i would have lost out of some money. I really thank and appreciate your life sir. May God bless you abundantly.
God is truly a wonder working God and i cant wait to see where He is bringing me. Thank you Jesus.
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If not for this ministry,i wouldnt have known my right from left.i join all the members here to glorify the name of the lord on ur behalf.God is good.
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Good morning,

I want to thank God for my daughter.
For almost 2 weeks my daughter will sometimes scream in her sleep and call me. My husband and I have been praying but no changes. I emailed prophet Ebankole and he gave me an assignment with prayers and bible verses.
My daughter now sleeps fine in the night.
God is truly in this ministry and I can't thank him enough.
More strenght and anointing prophet Ebankole

God bless
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Thank You, Lord, for this wonderful testimony. God bless Pastor abundantly.
I really want to thank God for my life.
Really I can't thank Him enough.

Prophet Ebankole was explaining a dream 2 days ago about how God has saved me from untimely dead that day.
I have to be honest because I did not really understand because I was not planning to go outside that day. I stayed home that whole weekend.
Even though I did not understand I still thanked God because I am alive and we can't see what God sees and knows.

Yesterday I went to take my daughter from nursery. I was with her buggy.
There is this street I always cross. If a car comes from the right the car on the left has to wait for the first car to pass. That's how narrow that road is. Yesterday a truck with trailer decided to turn on that small road. I waited for him to turn. I was waiting for the other car to pass so i cross the road only for that truck to come with a lot of speed that I had to run and jump on the sidewalk. It even looked as if he saw me and intentionally gave more speed. That truck almost hit me it was really close.

I really thank God for my life because I was with my buggy but what if my daughter was inside the buggy.? I would not be able jump on the sidewalk.

Thank you God for saving my life once again.

God bless
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