John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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Dream Interpretation......
Thank You Pastor. God bless You Sir.
Good evening Pastor. Here are the dreams I had during the previous days...

1. I found myself at unknown white church in my area and the pastor in charge was doing a deliverance to a man in a strange way.. while watching them and about to go away, I lost my slipper sander and kept thinking where I dropped it., I just moved away..

2. I went to somewhere and I found myself with group of people, I went to a football viewing center, (I don't understand this dream) In front of the row, I saw a former friend and he kept not to talk to me and I don't talk to him as well.. he kept feeling pompous and forming............. I moved out of the place......

3...... I was with a little member of my family (I can only recognised my junior sister) we were in a car and it was very tight... my phone was on the pedestrian floor, I kept waiting till the car is about to move before taking the phone.. suddenly, the car moved and I told the driver to stop that I want to pick my phone but he did not answer, then he stopped after moving far a little bit and I dropped to picked the phone,I noticed the phone has been matched and scattered on the ground by unknown pedestrian or something else, I packed it together and I noticed only the battery had a little crack. (Not my current phone, it was an old blackberry torch), but after I have gone and picked up the phone, the car has gone.

God bless U Sir..
1. Do not go near or smell what you wouldn't eat. That is, flee from where the holy spirit, the lord warned you off lest you are lost or lose your spiritual,physical valuables or path.
In essence, you shall cry out : ' I recover my path, progress in the hand of the enemies ".

2. You dine, wine and visit a worldly place or where location then expect anything, don't complain whatever befalls you.

3. Do what you have to and now without delay as delay might be dangerous or come with regret. Do not wait before you do the right thing as delay might cost you a whole lot..of regrets.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Thank you pastor Bankole, God bless You Sir.

To that no1.. I found a new church and I hope it's not that way.. I hope everything is fine in the church sir.

God bless you Sir..
Leave that church for now, asap until you hear or receive,or except you receive a contrary message.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Thank you Sir..

God bless U
Good afternoon Pastor..Here are the dreams I had last night:

1. Two or more group of people spread something that looked like a dynamite bomb on a road to wound/kill someone/people and I happened to be in the scene, I moved away from place., the dynamite bomb was passed on by some people and nothing happen....... I was stranded and nothing to eat, I saw a woman getting down from a jeep and she was arguing/talking with a man.. I did/talked something to them that's not clear to me, i aproached the woman to help me while she was going into her vehicle and she gave me #500.
when I was moving away, I saw a girl and she asked me to give her money, I told her to follow me to where I will buy something from the #500 and have changed to give her, we went together to a woman shop and I asked the woman to give me #100 bread and the woman added butter to it, I was doing this just to have a change from the #500 to give the girl something, while buying the bread, the girl showed me #100 that someone gave her that already.........I woke up or unclear or moved to another scene... This dream is not fully clear.

2. I went to an unknown house that happened to be my sister's house in the dream, she closed her door but I moved in, I was starving and went to thier kitchen, I saw a cooked rice and beans in a pot and I ate part of it without stew.. While I was eating, my Mom came in with a bag of rice that had been opened and little amount of the rice had been used.......
My sister and one lady that i don't knw in real life that seems to be working with my Mom in her shop in the dream were talking, I interrupted them and took the discussion to the lady, the discussion led to where me and the lady held ourselves on hand but I didn't release her hand fully while playing with her finger and by this time, she was having discussion with my sister. . and all seemed as if we are dating while quickly developing feelings for this lady already(Note: Am single without a child) then I woke up... this dreams are not clear.

God Bless You Sir...
1. Indeed, ' to whom much is given? Much is required/expected. You must continue to be a believer and doer of the message. Meaning, whatever you receive in whatever form you must embrace the act or mind set of given back, out of it. For by so doing? Your next reward would be greater and the lord will take away your reproach financially and otherwise.

2. The day you lose your self from the grip of your/these weakness in your life and/or learn to control your emotion over sexual or ungodly relationship ? Dominion over night caterers and spiritual vulnerable will come at ease.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Thank You pastor. God bless You Sir.
Good Evening sir.. This is the dreams I had last night sir;

1. IN REAL LIFE; My landlady's daughter bought her mom a bag of beans from kano and I was at home yesterday when the items get delivered and I helped her to carry it in, later the day, the old woman knocked my door, I opened and she gave me part of the beans like a congo, I collected it and put it somewhere till now and I dont touch it again coz I don't trust the woman.

In the dream, My mom came to visit me and I saw her doing what I don't expect, I brought the beans for my mom to cook while the beans turned from white beans to the reddish species while my mom was preparing fire wood to cook the beans at the back of the house which me and her don't normally use in real life, (the wood fire cooking) then I woke up or forgot the rest.

2. Someone was doing something like marriage and most members of mom's family was thr, none of them gave me face or even talked to me, a music was played and I was dancing beautifully and nicely without sending anyone.

God bless You Sir!