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Dream Interpretation......
Good Morning Pastor, Hope you night was great Sir.

There is dream that I had last night, My Mom was rearing cows in the dream or so, I think they were two, a big one(calf) and a small one.

It seems the big one(calf) was hitted by a vehicle or had a sickness and was slowly dying, my mom was trying to save it, while saving the cow, she willing cut off the small cow(thr toddler) leg as it seems she wanted to use the toddler leg to save the big one or so, I just don't understand. but she changed her mind and tried to slaughter the dying calf in order not to die an uneatable death, and while doing the slaughtering, I was hearing the sound of the knife scratching on the neck of the calf.

God Bless You Sir.
This is more like a parable that ; wisdom is scarce but can be found among and within few. I see your mother display the power of wisdom with a very complex and complicated issue before her.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Thank you Sir..God bless you
Good Morning Pastor, , I had this dream few minutes ago.
1.In real life, my brother had a counter with someone last year in which the man threatened that he will kill my brother with the help of his deadly cultist group but my brother told him he can't do anything until when I interfered into the case and beg the man to forgive him and sort everything out before the case die down and everything is fine..
In my dream, it seems the scenario replay again as it happened earlier or I witnessed how the man described my brother to one of his deadly group members how my brother look like and it seems the member of the group told the man that they can't strike my brother as if the member knows my brother(cos my brother is not living in the city where the man lives and he described my brother to one of thier member at the city where my brother lives), he told the guy that if they knw they can't strike him, he will inform some of thier other members or so with his voice so loud and angrily.. he said my brother is so rude and abuse him wrongly due to what happened between them.. it was as if the hidden incident that happen earlier was cleared to me AND I DON'T KNW WHY IT RESURFACED AGAIN THROUGH DREAM.

2. My pregy sister visited me day before yesterday live.. In my dream, I was sitting somewhere and she came to where I was sitting and looked older than how she's in real life, I jokenly told her she looks like our grandma, we were discussing something before I woke up.

God Bless You Sir.
1. He couldn't have had his way over your brother as the lord would've frustrated his effort but surely, he's indeed a cultist. But the lord also used you to frustrate his effort.

2. You must encourage your sister or pray on her behalf against delay over her pregnancy,her day of delivery.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Thank you. God bless you sir.
Good afternoon Pastor! There is this drean I had few mins ago..

It seems I went to a place where I met my family, I saw my junior brother and I called him in order to inform him about a business opportunity that I want me and him to engage into cos he can raise the capital, while I moved close to me in order to explain this, I could see there were small pox on his hand and face, neck and around his body and I asked him what's this, he told me he didn't knw how he got infected with it and there was tears in his eyes coming out while saying this..

God bless You Sir
I will make this simple for you ;
When a man is sick(either spiritually or physically or both ??) whatever lay his hand upon or any business collaboration with him? Falls sick or fails totally.

Meaning, your brother is spiritually sick, financially and otherwise though he may appear healthy-health wise, business wise and otherwise, physically? But don't be deceived, not in the realm of spirit.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Thank you Sir.. What's the way out Sir?

God bless you
He needs deliverance or self deliverance.

Would you or him, for him? Then embark on fasting and prayers on his behalf against spiritual sickness and deliverance from spiritual infliction.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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