John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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On healing
Happy new year Pastor!

1....i was somewhere with a new perfume i bought in a small bottle.i sprayed it on my body and it gave out a good fragrance but dont really know what happened as if it got hit on the floor and got cracked,i had to refill it in another bottle which could not contain it.i brought another bottle since it hasnt finished yet it filled it again.someone came and brought big rubber container and poured all there,i was saying is that container not too big for my perfume yet it filled the bottles i brought to refill it.That got me thinking.

2...i was in a foodstuff shop observing how the woman make sells and the stuffs on display.i later attend to her customer when she is away.

3....i was in my fathers house and it appeared like it rained.i saw something like a star,whitish in colour swim and entered my body through my leg.i startd praying and nothing happened then i said i guess its a good spirit.

4....i was somewhere when a man made a sign of the cross on my fore head .He started moving up in to the sky as he became as tall as a mountain till he disappeared,but my problem was that the mark he made as a sign of the cross was black likewise the cloth he puts on.

5...i was in a compound that has a guava tree. It has fruit but not yet ripe.i continued to inspect on the fruit and saw on that is already ripe but something have eating a little part of it.i chased it away,plucked it and used knife to remove the little part the bird pecked and ate it.

6....i saw where my roomate and other woman had conspired against me and the woman brought the issue i will parkout,i ask her of my refund.

7....saw the man of God i usually go for deliverance in his ministry carry gun with other people,likewise me but his gun was big,the likes of Ak47 if am not mistaken but got a written word "woman" inscribed in it.
1. With God nothing shall be impossible if you have faith.

2. You are a fast learner and you'd do well in trade.

3. I see anointing and power over powers of your father's house.

4. ..that's because many or some church see that sign as a way of acknowledging God or godly practice but unknown to them it's idolatry and it's from the devil,the dark world.

5. There is a devouring power/termites consuming your harvest of blessing even before the manifest but I see your forcefully hijacked one from that termite/devourer. But a violence battle must be fought and the devourer destroyed so that you can have full possession of your blessing before and after harvest; manifestation.

6. I see evil conspiracy against you but the lord would expose them,their plot to you. You'd be ahead of them.

7. He's indeed spiritually equipped for spiritual battles and warfare and also he's empowered such like you in like manners but has has an hidden weakness ; "woman" and except he's yet to be married then the weakness means he needs a wife.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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